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t8242.12352022-09-01The how to edit threaddoes it count as a release if a trial edition is only available (for now at least) thru the developers booth in an event? context link
t18997.22022-08-27Regarding c113839.5 and sorryno its ok actually! i reverted it back just for the traits otherwise i wont! but i appreciate your feelings
t18854.422022-08-18VN development statushow about VN with master up status?
t2108.46702022-04-08Candidates for deletionMayuri dupe shouldve toggled spoiler on first
t2108.46672022-04-04Candidates for deletionr89009 its a video gameplay but with translation
t8242.10462022-04-04The how to edit threadthank you
t8242.10432022-04-04The how to edit threadDo fan translations that is uploaded in format of video (like gameplay but with translation) counts as release?
t2108.46062022-03-11Candidates for deletioni dont see differences between r60585 and r87290
t17537.22021-12-24Regarding r85576.1oh i was about to do that when release date for each games is released. thanks for doing the job tho
t2520.6162021-11-29Minor error/sMuteness should be They can't speak because of speech disorder, hearing loss, surgery, mutations, or inability to speak from the beginning due to
t17386.12021-11-21???Thanks for the revision but your edit note is uncalled
t2108.40532021-09-16Candidates for deletionYes, I didn't see the "primal2" in url. Help r44497 is totally the same thing. Afaik, it's not a pre-order bonus. It comes with all first edition
t2108.40512021-09-16Candidates for deletionSince Primal x Hearts: Kuragano Sera Love Love After is a bonus that comes with r32990 and no standalone version until now, I think it's better to
t2520.5822021-07-10Minor error/s"This app store link breaks when put into external links. It removes the 'jp' part and makes it unusable. That's why I put it in the notes instead."
t2108.38732021-07-01Candidates for deletion> lol at tamashii kaitorimasu being deleted
t16507.12021-06-30Regarding v25913.23Hello, I wanna ask about your edit in Tokeijikake no Apocalypse, where you deleted notes in Unka's voice actor. The official website stated that
t16334.22021-06-27Regarding c98179.4no problem!
t2108.38582021-06-26Candidates for deletionI mean you can always add notes to the release, stating when a new language is added :\ and while we're at the topic, maybe you can delete r59649
t2108.38492021-06-26Candidates for deletionare we deleting same releases of app with multiple languages? Tamashii, Kaitorimasu r80130 r80133 r80134 r80135 r80137 r80139
t8242.5912021-06-13The how to edit threadThe plus edition of Doki Doki Literature Club! has 3 rates: 17+ by ESRB and 18+ by USK and PEGI. So normally, I would go with 18+ But in the game's
t2108.37352021-04-20Candidates for deletionPujia8 Limited duplicate
t2108.37292021-04-15Candidates for deletionTobiichi Origami needed?
t12755.1022021-04-04Linking Databases, part 2Sorry if this has been discussed but is there any plan to add Nintendo eShop and PlayStation links?
t2108.37012021-03-26Candidates for deletion^ I had feelings about it, since they mention nothing about the story
t2108.36852021-03-10Candidates for deletionGrimms Notes i dont think this is a vn...
t13727.3622021-03-10Flagging ImagesIs there any way to flag an image we didn't upload directly? (not through link) Someone uploaded a new cover for Petrichor but tagged it as explicit
t2108.36322021-02-22Candidates for deletionMetarugiasoriddo: Dejitarugurafikkunoberu wth with the romaji title omg
t2108.35922021-01-29Candidates for deletion^ those guys are actually one same entry
t2108.35772021-01-22Candidates for deletioneither delete r77233 or /Jingse Xiaoran and Yingse Lingluo
t8242.3902021-01-09The how to edit threadSince Yingse Lingluo and Jingse Xiaoran are both DLC of Christmas Tina -Paomo Dong Jing‐ that "require base game to play" should the VN entry be
t2108.34672020-12-25Candidates for deletionAbout Parfait Remake from link -Art update and newly designed private clothes for characters -Graphic HD -Program updated to the latest one No info
t15227.12020-12-21Merged entriesHi, may I know why you merged Bustafellows release entries? Apple and android version has different age rating (even though it's the same content, I
t2108.34252020-11-18Candidates for deletionSo I just created Tenmei no Conquista -Mazoku Seiatsu Hen-, it stated that it's "new contents that continue right after the previous story" so I
t14930.22020-10-30Character name inconsistency - Kasumiit sometimes happen with getchu. both openings stated her name as nishino, so
t2108.33882020-10-20Candidates for deletionr75143 r75160 r75161 they are linked to same page and basically says "the psv ver also has other languages" so better to merge it to one release page
t2108.33272020-09-04Candidates for deletionSimon Creative duplicates of SimonCreative ?
t2108.33092020-08-12Candidates for deletionr73617 isn't this just a resale with lower price from dmm?
t8242.2792020-07-19The how to edit threadwell from what i get, they are all same characters, just the game plots are the alternative versions of the original source. they're not directly
t8242.2772020-07-19The how to edit threadBecause Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu -Death or Kiss- and Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Itsuwari no Ousen Kouho are both official
t2108.32812020-07-18Candidates for deletion@3278 thanks
t2520.4592020-07-18Minor error/sThe search function does not ignore the space. When you look up for a staff name with a no-space name, no result showed up.
t2108.32772020-07-18Candidates for deletionSuzushiro Sayumi accidental duplicate. I let my guard down. vndb don't give you result anymore when you searched a no-space name (鈴代紗弓), why...
t3617.23482020-07-11Tags suggestions/fixesI see. Thanks for clearing that up
t3617.23462020-07-11Tags suggestions/fixesCan someone explain why Enkou Heroine is in the same tag page as Prostitute Heroine? I thought the latter is a professional or, well, adults and
t2108.31822020-05-20Candidates for deletionwhile we're on it, is it the same for r61452 and r65041?
t2108.31802020-05-20Candidates for deletionis r67119 redundant release? the Chinese trial is included in the Japanese version and the release itself is titled under Japanese so we can just
t14006.42020-05-17Regarding r70933.2Well, I'm just following the rules in VNDB? (although I do like seeing uppercase titles stays uppercase etc). Honestly I'm not against the no-space
t14006.22020-05-16Regarding r70933.2That's because it's title and subtitle separation like Loca Love - Densha x Doukyuusei And some older titles like Honey Coming separates English so I
t7442.6222020-05-01Game inclusion in the DBA3! (Act! Addict! Actors!) this doesn't look like a visual novel for me
t2108.28852019-09-06Candidates for deletionare the releases in Last Day of Spring necessary? they just added another language along with previously released language in every updates. i think