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t15587.12021-02-22Any VNs where a swordswoman gets captured?Are there any VNs where a female sword wielder gets captured and placed in modern/futuristic-looking handcuffs ? (nothing Clock-up level extreme)
t14862.282020-11-27General discussion.Oh come now Alicesoft's games are tamer compared to Clockup's games.
t15088.12020-11-27So what's the gameplay like?Is it something Alicesoft already done or something new?
t15082.12020-11-27Can't seem to find the original Japanese cover.Yeah I can't seem to find the original Japanese cover for it. Weird considering this got officially released in the US.
t14020.62020-05-20Why Karen isn't a main heroine?Because she's a Karen.
t13389.12020-01-05How can I exit out of VN Reader?I want to exit out of it completely with my mouse cursor being normal. How do I do this and if I turn my computer off. Will something bad happen?
t12899.12019-09-22Very surprised it wasn't delayed.Since the game's parts is about kidnapped victims being sexually tortured and it was released the same year that the Junko Furuta incident took place
t12855.12019-09-13VNs with dubs other than Snatcher and Sonicomi?I was wondering if there are any other English dubbed VNs since officially translated VNs don't usually get dubbed.
t11316.12018-09-30How old is Saya?I wonder how old she is because people say she's a child. Is she actually a child or an adult that looks like one?
t11266.12018-09-22Some moron is bashing this site!There's a Youtube video called The Dark Side Of VNDB and the uploader keeps whining about the NSFW content of this site despite having NSFW warnings
t10269.12018-02-19It takes place in the year 2299?It doesn't even look 2299. It looks more like 2019 or 2020. The towns and cities look 1990's and it doesn't look too futuristic at all.
t9879.12017-11-10Raidy series: Protagonist Morality (Spoilers)Is Raidy an anti hero because she can be sadistic to her enemies and commits rape at sometimes?
t9867.72017-11-10Why is there an AR tag trait(spoilers)@nyarly Tsukihime which you've played had worse rape scenes(still much tamer than Euphoria) and you gave Tsukihime a 9/10.
t9867.12017-11-09Why is there an AR tag trait(spoilers)I see that it says on vndb that Riki engages in avoidable rape and Komari Kamikita is the subject of it. Does It actually happen in the Visual Novel?
t9825.92017-11-03Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?What VNs have infant rape and child pornography?
t9825.12017-10-31Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?Is Euphoria the most disturbing and messed Visual Novel and does it have the most fucked up things like Infant rape and child pornography or is there
t6089.172017-03-28Chances of getting a translation?Wonder what the ESRB would give it?
t8990.12017-03-26It seems to be similar to Seto no HanayomeBoth have brides in a mafia family and they want the protagonist to marry the bride and both also have humor and they don't take themselves seriously.
t8827.32017-02-17Eroge?You can watch some walkthroughs on NicoNico on this NicoNico video uploader and this is his list(link). you must sign in to watch videos on NicoNico
t8103.142016-09-05Most fucked up VN?There would be no way they could create a Mai Chan's Daily Life Visual Novel