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t14205.142020-06-19Are Tsundere unusually over-rated ?Look dude, there are tsunderes that aren't psycho, just a little rude or cold (and they generally have a reason for it). Those are like the best kind
t13714.42020-03-23Another one bites the dust.....Well, i like it Bunny black 1 and 2... Really was hoping for being able to play the 3rd title as well other games of the company, don't know why the
t12905.32019-10-04SSG for new releaselink There you can find a table for cheat engine (you will need the last version)
t11792.142019-01-12Washi Translation's voting pollJust the One-San that i wanted translated.
t9801.162019-01-09Partial English H-patch released!Dude, Surferdude, you are right, maybe we dont show all the appreciation that you deserve, but you must know that a great deal of people were
t10743.162018-06-02HentaiHaven removes the loli tagI dont really like lolis, but i hate the censorship of this type, so you have my support.
t10402.22018-03-27Should I translate it to English?I really like to support all translators, so if you have time and will, please do it.
t9835.52017-11-02Should I translate this?If you can and want, then please do it, i support any fan translation.
t9801.42017-10-27Partial English H-patch released!surferdude you are today hero.
t9609.12017-09-05Seinarukana Help!Naya´s route and Nozomi route happen in the magic world?
t7775.32017-09-05Routes possible spoilersNaya´s route and Nozomi route happen in the magic world?
t9187.42017-05-13Any walkthrough available?I see, thats the only one i know, sorry.
t9187.22017-05-12Any walkthrough available?link