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t4962.12014-01-08/r/ CreditsVNDB is a great resource, but I feel it's lacking compared to something like MAL or ANN, loath I am to admit that I sometimes use those sites
t1368.222011-05-20VNDB 2.20: DATABASE $ELLOUT!@gabezhul, people are tagging characters by their generic FOOTWEAR, your "requesters" are only looking for a vehicle to vent their OCD. @yorhel
t1368.152011-05-03VNDB 2.20: DATABASE $ELLOUT!We could do without character sections, honestly. This isn't a social networking slum like MAL, it's a resource and a reference tool. Duplicating
t1195.252011-05-03VNDB 2.18: Calm Before the StormIgnore this, it's in the wrong place anyway.