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t12124.12019-03-31Campus moved Akabei Soft2 Co.Can anyone tell why Campus became a subsidiary of Akabei Soft2?
t11934.102019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesOkay. Thanks.
t11934.82019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesHowever, you half to help add and edit the descriptions and alias of the heroines in the game, which is a lot. You find the basic info on the
t11934.72019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesWait, I get what are you saying now. Yeah, I can do that.
t11934.52019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesI'll just use the English name. I feel I have no reason using names in their kanji form.
t11934.32019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesHow you want me to do that? Do you want to say something like "Kuon is the main heroine of Sengoku † Koihime and the head of the Oda Clan"?
t11934.12019-02-16Sengoku † Koihime Heroines' AliasesSorry, they are suppose to be identified by how they are usually called when putting in the alias and keeping it simple. I should giving a better
t11733.12018-12-28CharactersCan anyone add characters for this title? I may be able to access certain site for the information.
t11249.52018-10-04Aliases of Monster Girls and Other FemalesNevermind, forget about the Japanese text you showed me.
t11249.42018-10-04Aliases of Monster Girls and Other FemalesSo in the other games, it's not their nicknames but their species/classes? Also, can you translate those text you gave me?
t11270.12018-09-24Kaguya's DescriptionHere did this info came from exactly?
t11249.22018-09-18Aliases of Monster Girls and Other FemalesI asked about this because I can't access sites like dlsite.
t11249.12018-09-18Aliases of Monster Girls and Other FemalesI found out that seemly all of the monster girls have a nickname or title, not abbreviations of their names. Not just in this game, all have them in
t11236.12018-09-16Other Monster GirlsI have a question. Do you rest of the monster girls appear in this game?
t11228.32018-09-14Adding character descriptions and traits.I guess you have a point. It does not have to be super detailed, but basic stuff that is important, if there's anything.
t11228.12018-09-14Adding character descriptions and traits.I've been thinking since all the games in this series have translated into English by patches, this should easy and straightforward to write the
t10361.32018-03-16Cast and CharactersOkay, but the translations need to be accurate. I want make sure the names are right.
t10361.12018-03-16Cast and CharactersThere's no list of characters for this VN. Can anyone find the names and images of them?
t9124.12017-04-26Ripped SpritesI'm curious. Where can I go get to get ripped sprites? I'm looking one of each for Suzune and Yukiko.
t9122.12017-04-25Adding InfoThanks for adding missing information from Platinum like the characters. I was a wondering if you could do same for Puchi Cherry ~Anata to Iru
t9115.112017-04-25Identifying Heroines or Sub-heroines"yes, current distinction boils down to screen time and number of spoken lines, and i don't see how it's a bad thing, to the contrary, it's sort of
t9115.102017-04-25Identifying Heroines or Sub-heroinesI was thinking of a solution beyond the character hierarchy or tag. Like a new system or feature. I not sure what it be like, but there's a thought
t9115.12017-04-24Identifying Heroines or Sub-heroinesI want to talk about something that's been bothering me for awhile know on this site. I feel that female characters that fall under main characters
t9113.22017-04-23Names and SpritesMaybe I said have rephrased my request. Can anyone find a source for ripped sprites of the characters and their names?
t9113.12017-04-23Names and SpritesIf any can find the names of the characters and their ripped sprites like for Puchi Cherry ~Anata to Iru Kisetsu~, let me know, please.
t8979.252017-03-26Why people delete my name from descriptions ?@24 Wouldn't be using tags require playing the visual novels than writing descriptions for them since there just summaries for the games' plots?
t8979.182017-03-25Why people delete my name from descriptions ?@16 I notice this issue, too. It's not just that there are no summaries for many untranslated VNs, but there are no descriptions for their characters
t8824.402017-03-25Bankrupt VN CompaniesIt sucks that a notable (well, at least I assume Lass is well known) commercial VN company went into bankruptcy.
t8984.12017-03-24Image of Kiriya Rui NeededI made a screenshot of Shino Yuuki from the archive, but I can't get one one for Kiriya Rui because I can't get a good image to use. I need help.
t8977.12017-03-23ThanksI thank you for correcting the names for me. I wouldn't know if they're right or not.
t8976.12017-03-23Two Heroines MissingThere are two characters not listed here Suzune Komachi and Yukiko Kujou.
t8975.12017-03-23Voice Actor for Koharu OonishiDoes anyone know the name of Koharu Oonishi's seiyuu? Let me know.
t8905.52017-03-03Assistance for ImagesI can't seem to find the type of image of Yuuki Shino like others in the archive like the others.
t8905.42017-03-03Assistance for ImagesThank, you!
t8905.22017-03-03Assistance for ImagesAlso, can any help get the kanji names? I don't think I can do it by myself.
t8905.12017-03-03Assistance for ImagesHey, I'm going to add the two missing heroines from this game. Can anyone help me find to images of those characters?
t8890.12017-02-26Images from Puchi Cherry ~Anata to Iru Kisetsu~Hey, I was wondering where did you get the pictures from 3 of the heroines from Puchi Cherry ~Anata to Iru Kisetsu~. I'm trying to add the other two.
t8876.32017-02-24Finding names of the voice actorsThank you.
t8876.12017-02-24Finding names of the voice actorsHey, can help me find names of seiyuu in the cast of this game or point me to a good source?
t8794.32017-02-06Edits on "Otome Renshin Prister"Are you sure they are main characters just for the fandisc?
t8794.12017-02-06Edits on "Otome Renshin Prister"What are you doing? Do you even you some of those female characters are side-characters? The trailer for this game and the description of its fandisc
t8770.12017-02-01Suggestions for the To-do listHey, I like what you had in mind for improvements for this site, but I have a few. How about something to identify female characters as heroines or
t8677.42017-01-12Character MissingThanks. It helped.
t8677.12017-01-11Character MissingThe elf heroine from this game is missing. She has to be added. Also, I'm new and don't know how to add voice actors.
t8568.12016-12-18Adding Descriptions for CharactersHey I've been thinking. I want the descriptions for the cast for this game but need help how to translate the text. I've found the descriptions from
t8566.52016-12-18Adding VA for AngolmoisFine, but it seems kinda pointless because it's too obvious.
t8566.32016-12-18Adding VA for AngolmoisOkay. How about we can make the one for the doll visible while the other girl hidden under spoilers?
t8567.12016-12-18Reverting editsHey, why are you reverting my edits?
t8566.12016-12-18Adding VA for AngolmoisHey, I'm trying to add the voice actresses for one of the heroines for this game and I don't know how. I'm new here on this site. Can someone help me
t8557.12016-12-14ThanksHey, thank for adding the cast of Okitsune Summer ~Natsu Gasshuku Onnanoko tsuki~. How did you find their names and their voice actors, anyway?