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c70110.22018-04-28 at 22:10fujonekoCassandraI added one more trait to Cass - the "dropout" one.
c70111.12018-04-28 at 22:09fujonekoTimI added the main character, Tim.
c70110.12018-04-28 at 22:00fujonekoCassandraI added one of the characters of the game - Cassandra.
v22798.22018-04-28 at 20:51fujonekoHer Lie I Tried to BelieveI added its length - I'm not sure if it's very short or just short, but I finished it in 1~2 hours.
r49283.32018-01-07 at 14:06fujonekoBlood Idol Wakabayashi-kun!Added the current website with the fan translation
c65202.12017-11-05 at 10:19fujoneko"Voice"Added a side character
c65201.12017-11-05 at 10:14fujonekoEnAdded another main character
c65200.12017-11-05 at 10:04fujonekoViryseAdded another main character.
c65199.12017-11-05 at 09:55fujonekoEchoAdded another main character
c65198.12017-11-05 at 09:45fujonekoYuuadded one of the main characters
c65197.22017-11-05 at 09:30fujonekoProtagonistuploaded protag's picture
c65197.12017-11-05 at 09:28fujonekoProtagonistadded the protagonist
r54388.22017-11-04 at 22:53fujonekoLove or Dieadd another platform
r54388.12017-11-04 at 22:52fujonekoLove or Dieadded the official release
v22116.12017-11-04 at 22:46fujonekoLove or DieAdded the visual novel along with everything I know about it.
c61849.62017-06-02 at 22:06fujonekoYin Hsiao-FengFixed the protagonist's gender and added a trait.
c61853.22017-06-02 at 21:33fujonekoSun Yi-FangAdded one more character trait.
c61853.12017-06-02 at 21:31fujonekoSun Yi-FangAdded the things I remember about this character.
c61849.52017-06-02 at 21:21fujonekoYin Hsiao-FengFixed the character's position in the story.
c61852.12017-06-02 at 21:17fujonekoTeng LinAdded this character's main traits: the ones I know the best;
v19772.22017-06-02 at 19:33fujonekoBlue Blood Lagoon -Ta He Ta He Ta De Penghu Wan-Added screenshots of the game;
c61849.32017-06-02 at 19:28fujonekoYin, Hsiao-FengFixed the description's grammatical error.
c61849.22017-06-02 at 19:26fujonekoYin, Hsiao-FengUpdated the character's traits.
c61849.12017-06-02 at 19:23fujonekoYin, Hsiao-FengAdded the main character; it's kind of incomplete, but I'll be updating it soon.
v18705.92017-04-30 at 23:07fujonekoSakura SantaAdded screenshot of the game.
r49283.12016-12-01 at 00:03fujonekoBlood Idol Wakabayashi-kun!We just added this translation, we hope you like it! :)
r49182.22016-11-25 at 20:47fujonekoLiar Liar 2We hope you like it!
r49182.12016-11-25 at 20:44fujonekoLiar Liar 2We hope you enjoy this game and our translation!
r49181.12016-11-25 at 20:42fujonekoLiar LiarWe hope you enjoy our translation!
r49180.12016-11-25 at 20:38fujonekoPink CarnationsThis is a really short game, but I hope you like!
p6541.12016-11-25 at 20:35fujonekoMoon TranslationsWe created an equal one once, but this will last!
r49115.22016-11-20 at 21:02fujonekoBlood Idol Wakabayashi-kun!I deleted the website link, but i'll update it soon!
r49099.32016-11-20 at 21:00fujonekoLiar Liar 2I deleted the website link, but i'll update it soon!
r49098.22016-11-20 at 20:54fujonekoLiar LiarI deleted the website link, but i'll update it soon!
r49115.12016-11-20 at 19:24fujonekoBlood Idol Wakabayashi-kun!Hope you like it!
p6525.22016-11-20 at 12:58fujonekoMoon TranslationsWe hope you like our translations! <3
r49099.12016-11-20 at 12:57fujonekoLiar Liar 2I hope you enjoy it! ^^ It's really short but it's great for a good laugh! haha
r49098.12016-11-20 at 12:33fujonekoLiar LiarThis is a really fun game, even if it's short! haha I hope you like it! :3
r49090.12016-11-19 at 23:51fujonekoPink CarnationsIt's a really short game but we hope you like it or at least you laugh at it haha
p6525.12016-11-19 at 23:49fujonekoMoon TranslationsWe are still working, but we'll be better, I can promisse that! ;)