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v4501.62016-11-25 at 09:22josephsImouto Daisakusen ~Project i-mote~voices
s11384.12016-11-25 at 09:22josephsMOMOKAEGS profile at link I need to credit her for Imouto Daisakusen, this is all they give for her name at link too
c54764.22016-11-25 at 09:17josephsMakimura Hinanotrait
c54769.12016-11-25 at 09:16josephsYuuki Makotolast
c54767.12016-11-25 at 09:15josephsShinjo Akira4th
c54765.12016-11-25 at 09:12josephsShirai Mikiif you skip to 35s in link video you can see yellow eyes but link looks red or brown or something so I'm not sure if maybe they change during the game
c54764.12016-11-25 at 09:10josephsMakimura Hinano2nd
c54763.12016-11-25 at 09:08josephsSumeragi Aifirst listed at link I couldn't find a getchu and thought romanization would be a bitch until I noticed the commercial for it at link actually
c54762.12016-11-25 at 09:05josephsIjuuin Tadanoriname mentioned at link
c54761.12016-11-25 at 09:00josephsYousei 1speaker in link it's probably the blonde since her mouth is open, but including both in pic until we can be sure, only using traits common to both