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c50691.172019-03-23 at 17:37krykryWatanuki KarenFixing. These two aren't aliases.
c50691.152019-03-23 at 17:36krykryWatanuki KarenPronounciation Also that honorific reminds me of Hatena nightmares.
c72917.232019-03-22 at 16:50krykryIchijou Kazuki"princess" isn't a correct term here, it's unknown whether she's actually a princess. Hime is a much more down-to-earth title when not used in
c72917.222019-03-22 at 16:48krykryIchijou Kazukiasd
c72917.212019-03-22 at 16:46krykryIchijou Kazukiphrased better to avoid misunderstanding
c72917.202019-03-22 at 16:45krykryIchijou KazukiChanged, it didn't make sense. Apparently the memory of his previous life (that's presumed to be Takamine...whatever his name was) and Haru-hime's
c72919.182019-03-22 at 16:41krykryMikagari Mashiroasd
c64955.112019-03-22 at 16:39krykryKokonoe FuukoShe hides the fact she is not a magican.
c72919.172019-03-22 at 16:38krykryMikagari Mashiroasd
c72918.102019-03-22 at 16:37krykryIchijou Mizukiasd
c72917.192019-03-22 at 16:37krykryIchijou KazukiHe is thought to be a reincarnation of Takamine... (forgot first name), the creator of the "curse". They aren't completely sure if that really is the
c72918.92019-03-22 at 16:35krykryIchijou MizukiShe's one of the two heroines that are main for the True End route (harem) route. It's unknown for sure whether she really is a reincarnation of
c72919.162019-03-22 at 16:34krykryMikagari MashiroShe's one of the two heroines that are main for the True End route (harem) route.
c21987.102019-03-21 at 12:36krykryInaho Gi Hikari1. Chuunibyou. She's treated as a chuuni and acts like a chuuni. Thus she's a chuuni. It doesn't matter that she's actually a vampire. Vide: c13821 2
c16128.52019-03-19 at 06:29krykryCharlles Faltesiaasd
c72919.152019-03-17 at 03:42krykryMikagari Mashiroreverting, was wrong.
c72919.142019-03-17 at 00:21krykryMikagari Mashiroasd
c33830.62019-03-16 at 22:17krykrySasayama Yuiasd
v6996.162019-03-16 at 22:15krykrySis Koiasd
c11513.62019-03-14 at 22:23krykryTsukigase Annaasd
c11513.52019-03-14 at 22:22krykryTsukigase AnnaAdded description because her "position" is hard to describe with traits.
c11513.42019-03-14 at 21:09krykryTsukigase Annaasd
c10383.132019-03-14 at 06:08krykryKamisaka Haruhiasd
c10386.82019-03-14 at 05:53krykryShikimori IbukiSuzuri was given the treasure by the previous head of shikimori.
c81481.22019-03-14 at 03:14krykryPochiasd
c55055.32019-03-06 at 04:29krykrySaeno Motoasd
c32683.32019-03-04 at 03:40krykryNishikido Yumeasd
c17340.112019-02-28 at 05:31krykryElvira Riefenstahlasd
v22705.142019-02-26 at 01:33krykryKanojo to Ore no Koisome DouseiThis is kinda important because they aren't actually a new developer. Willplus took their existing employees to form a new team.
c74419.62019-02-25 at 23:33krykryTsukihoshi Mashiroasd
c74417.52019-02-25 at 23:30krykryKujou Himenoasd
c74417.42019-02-25 at 23:28krykryKujou Himenoasd
v7656.192019-02-25 at 14:53krykryAne wa Kanojo de Senzoku MaidThe debt is not big, just about 12000usd (inflation included), protagonist and his family have nothing to do with taking care of the debt either.
c9118.92019-02-21 at 08:21krykrySuzuka Ibukiasd
c15172.112019-02-21 at 02:45krykryShindou Sanaeasd
c75146.42019-01-28 at 06:25krykryFuyutsuki Kanameasd
c79398.12019-01-24 at 15:26krykryIjuuin Akiraagain, replace image when there's a better one
c79397.22019-01-24 at 15:24krykryMiyamae Erikazxc
c79397.12019-01-24 at 15:24krykryMiyamae Erikaasd
c79396.32019-01-24 at 15:23krykrySumeragi Hifumiasd
c79396.22019-01-24 at 15:23krykrySumeragi Hifumiax
c79396.12019-01-24 at 15:23krykrySumeragi Hifumiasd
c79395.22019-01-24 at 15:22krykryTsubaki Kaoruasd
c79395.12019-01-24 at 15:22krykryTsubaki KaoruReplace image when a better one is available.
c79394.22019-01-24 at 15:21krykryAbe PiroshiAaand I forgot all about it: Image to be replaced when a better quality one is available.
c79394.12019-01-24 at 15:20krykryAbe PiroshiThey finally went and named a character "Piroshi"... Image to be replaced when a better quality one is available.
c17019.32019-01-06 at 16:27krykryYashiro Mikanot a main character
c17018.42019-01-06 at 16:27krykryYashiro Matsurinot a main character
c56244.102018-12-30 at 05:42krykryTakesaka Wakanaasd
c28843.142018-12-27 at 21:02krykrySeto Shuujinot really a kouhai of any significant character And I'll use this edit to say this: WAY TOO LONG. Two paragraphs is max. Edit these things back