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t12329.22019-05-14I cannot undertand the protagonist businessHe works for a company that offers stationery. Questionnaires are for learning students preferences.
t12257.52019-05-01Suggestion: Character voting system.While I think it would be nice, it would also be a total nightmare to manage for the moderators, plus it would swell the database and traffic.
t12224.32019-04-21Does this re-cap the prequel at all?Honestly speaking, original Majikoi isn't anywhere as good as Majikoi S). I recommend only playing original Majikoi for character introduction.
t11539.112019-04-18How to remove mosaic censorship1. Uncensored art is illegal in Japan. 2. Thus there is no uncensored art in games (unless they went out of their way to create a version of CGs that
t12128.22019-03-31is there an append?There should be an append scenario with its own .exe file that doesn't require the main game.
t12124.32019-03-31Campus moved Akabei Soft2 Co."In regards to "Campus" brand, it shall continue being sold under "AKABEiSOFT2 Ltd.". The title "Koioto Se Piace" which goes on sale on 26th April
t12118.192019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyThe pattern is fairly simple, he's downvoting all pure nukiges.
t9412.192019-03-23Wagahai OC is an expansion rather than a sequal?#18 By your logic all fandiscs are sequels, but we have separate categories for fandiscs and sequels. This is how sequel looks like: Tsuki ni
t9412.162019-03-23Wagahai OC is an expansion rather than a sequal?#14 It's not a sequel. It's a fandisc. Fandiscs are a medium that contains additional stories or afterstories, as well as route for additional
t9412.132019-03-22Wagahai OC is an expansion rather than a sequal?Wagamama High Spec 2 was a TENTATIVE TITLE during production, not an official name. Wagahai OC is a fandisc through and through. Some people are
t12076.102019-03-22Main Heroine vs Side Heroine#9 They are sexually involved, they even got an afterstory scene (in addition to a scene in the true end route) for themselves that happens after the
t12076.62019-03-21Main Heroine vs Side HeroineThis isn't an issue that can be clearly categorized. I've been pondering myself over Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration recently, wondering how to
t10999.122019-03-14Not a VNHonestly speaking, there should be another minimal requirement for stuff to be added - a certain amount of story. Putting 100 lines of text doesn't
t11971.22019-02-25Vote distributionOver profile, below search.
t10017.42019-02-25How to solve システムデータのロードに失敗しましたThe last one is correct in this case. Install.inf was pointing at wrong directory so game.exe couldnt find game files. It clearly says "System data's
t11947.22019-02-19Two Protagonists?There is only one protagonist.
t11939.22019-02-17Append Vol 1-3?Extra mini stories with a H-scene in each (6 scenes total cuz x2 heroines).
t10852.572019-02-13Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.Or they overestimated sales of goods. They got a good product so it got to their head and they produced more goods than they could sell.
t11680.42018-12-30How is this site still up?Power of pure undistilled autism.
t11560.32018-11-26Oregairu?This looks like a heavily-based (parodized) oregairu. I'm not even a big fan but I can see several almost copy-pasted into this game.
t11535.22018-11-19Last HCGJust go to link for walkthrough
t11525.72018-11-17this is not a visual novel#6 Honestly, you could compare it with anime-like video trailers for games and other media. They are anime-like, but they aren't anime, they're still
t11525.52018-11-17this is not a visual novel#4, unfortunately it is not a visual novel. The link leads to fujimishoubo which is a light novel publisher. The novel has 9 volumes of light novel
t11514.22018-11-14Multiple routes?Two routes, no harem route.
t11477.22018-11-06Favorite NukigeI'll recommend you and rpg then: ゼヴェンの孕姫, matches your tastes perfectly
t11449.22018-10-30No 16:9?Something's wrong on your side. It is 16:9 and you can drag the edge of the window to increase the size. I have no problems at 2560x1440, so there's
t11422.112018-10-28HomophobiaEven now Japan is a much more conservative country than some of the West, despite all the samesex content that you can find as entertainment in manga
t11400.22018-10-19Thank you Lune.Japs were always crazy about elves.
t11369.32018-10-12What is the most confusing VN ``relation``Honestly I found Tsuyokiss, Tsuyokiss 2gakki and Tsuyokiss 3gakki pretty confusing. Candy Soft revamped the story TWO times, with 2gakki and 3gakki
t10837.102018-10-10Piko to Chiko tech helplink
t10520.42018-10-07sequel or rmBasically, Tsuyokiss and Tsuyokiss 2gakki prologues are valid, then you go Tsuyokiss 3gakki. I would say tsuyokiss 3gakki is a complete alternative
t10520.22018-10-06sequel or rmMore like alternative story, that's how it should be labeled since all three games cover the same period of time but things happening are slightly
t10908.102018-10-04Sawatari Misaki#8 From an ambidexterious person's perspective, both lefthanded and righthanded people are similarily lower tier beings anyway.
t11133.82018-09-30About NTR VNs, does "revenge" exist for Protag. ?Like #2 mentioned, Blue series looks like what you're looking for.
t11280.12018-09-26Wasted potentialActually playing this made me want to rant a little, so a quick review: This visual novel, despite having quite cliched school battle setting had a
t11276.22018-09-25Is Lune running out of ideas?Lune has multiple development teams under their main banner, which is why their more "advanced" nukige titles mix up with the bottom-tier nukiges
t11232.22018-09-14Why Shirogane falls shortActually Giga doesn't really do FDs. None of the Kiss series got an FD, same for the "series" Shirogane X Spirits is part of (Harvest Overray, Ren'ai
t11150.222018-09-01Why rename Shoujo-AI to Female Romance?Might as well have used proper terms, something like Lesbian Romance.
t11120.62018-08-26Want spoiler about tagThere's this one character who turns into a girl at times, but also has sex with protagonist as his male self. His very much of a trap looks-wise
t9825.152018-08-18Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?Well, there are stuff like Maggot Baits which includes shitton of disturbing scenes while being a high quality high budget product.
t11066.152018-08-17H-content#11 Epilogues aren't just H-scenes, they're just story continuation that just happens to have a H-scene in it.
t11066.102018-08-16H-content#8 Majikoi isn't anywhere near being a nukige. And it does not have unlokacble sexual content either. All of the scenes are during the story.
t10537.62018-08-13question re Mihiro's voiceIt sounds all right, I've played games with ten times more displaced voices. #5 Play 40 games with Ogura Yui, and you'll mute her even outside of H
t3314.13812018-08-12Traits#1378 Otokonoko mainly means "boy" and is only a slang for a "trap". It's meaningless to use the romanization because you lack kanji distinction
t11041.32018-08-10Translation QualityThis is the average translation made by Japs, perfectly normal. Blame Sayori for starting the trend to milk gaijins from money.
t950.4822018-08-08VNDB Suggestions!On the topic of Traditional vs Modern Chinese... if it's not an actual problem, don't fix it. Adding a change only to add more work for moderators
t11013.32018-08-03Having trouble with launching itUse the newest version of Locale Emulator. Also try various options this app has, like fake registry and fake system ui language, setting time zone
t10419.72018-08-02It deserves a translation#6 That's licensing problems for you. Not everyone wants to license their game or setting to the outside, and sometimes even if they do - they demand
t950.4692018-08-01VNDB Suggestions!@#468 Thanks, didn't know that one.