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t950.4672018-08-01VNDB Suggestions!Someone could code it that blacklisted stuff doesn't show up in searches/random visual novel suggestions on the front page.
t11005.52018-07-31"Transgender Hero" Tag?I think vndb has a policy of not treading on LGBT whatever identity issues and keeps stuff strictly scientific. So as the guy has a dick, he's a male
t10999.52018-07-30Not a VN#4 Honestly, the respect is already lost as far as I'm concerned. No matter how good artist Sayori is, the moment someone goes the route of clicker
t10999.22018-07-30Not a VNMore like because nekoworks and "ENGLYSH". In any case, Sayori and the crew are completely into cashgrabs, realized that they can cash in on
t10988.72018-07-28Ushio onee-chan appreciation thread!Ushio as a character does a lot of things well where other attempts at this kind of combination does wrong and I love it, but there are things the
t8242.1282018-07-23The how to edit thread#127 Ahh, that Japinglish.
t8242.1262018-07-23The how to edit thread#125 @Cosple Tea Party someone went derp with kosupure -> cosple, kosupure is literally "cosplay", it's not even Japanese but English written in gana.
t10963.32018-07-23virgin heroines ?Like #2 said. Chuable loves their drama, fiancees and such but their heroines are always virgins.
t3314.13682018-07-23TraitsIt's common sense in English that a person with a "disability" has one or more body functions that aren't working as intended. Heck, Blindness is Disa
t10962.22018-07-22PLZ help find walkthroughlink
t2976.192018-07-22Inaccurate TranslationsI assume it's not really the fault of translators, but the industry's English adaptation process itself. Folks in the bussiness not always know how
t3314.13662018-07-22TraitsOn the blindness topic: regardless of the scientific definition of blindness, what the trait should be referring to is complete blindness. For
t3314.13052018-05-23Traits#1304 Yobai in today's Japanese culture (mainly otaku culture and visual novels) doesn't hold the historical meaning. It's been simplified to the
t10677.92018-05-20biggiest visual novel companiesHardly valid poll. Like Willplus, which has Pulltop, Ensemble, Guilty, Material and so on. Minato Soft is owned by Hawkeye Co, Ltd which also has
t10670.42018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsI actually mentioned this last time in steam/vn thread. I didn't believe this would happen within weeks of my mention though. The problem here is
t10598.352018-05-13Why no TLs in european languages?The thing about China is that unlike most of the Western world, its not uncommon for Chinese to learn Japanese as their 2nd language, bypassing
t10624.22018-05-11Content *possible spoilers*SMEE games mainly focus on romance and comedy, without big happenings.
t10598.232018-05-08Why no TLs in european languages?Polish isn't as similar to Japanese as some people might think. Sure, it is more similar to it than English is, but not a great deal. If anything
t10600.32018-05-07one thing mangagamer should learnUntil steam changes their rules and will kick out for porn content even if it requires external patches.
t10598.192018-05-07Why no TLs in european languages?Too small playerbase. I've been into manga scanlations, novel and game translations since 2008-2009 if I remember well, but I've never translated a
t10554.22018-04-29Visual Novels and Ultrawide supportIt's a thing with graphic card drivers and GPU scaling implementation on Nvidia/AMD. I can only tell you about how it looks like on AMD cards: Very
t10459.32018-04-08I not understand WHY Ryou not eat cakes ?To Ryou, cakes always meant separation from friends. Every time there was a cake, someone left orphanage. To top that, he was adopted once or twice
t10463.62018-04-08"Demi-human" Tag - For Tag Hunters/SurfersIn most cases, yeah. But "demihuman" is a term coined by fantasy literature (and probably, mostly by dungeons & dragons roleplaying) and does not
t10463.22018-04-08"Demi-human" Tag - For Tag Hunters/SurfersI think in this case "demi-human" doesn't mean half-human, but rather "human-shaped" monsters or races. It's a very popular definition of demi-human
t9944.122018-02-14does this voice sound familiar? (japanese seiyuu)Remember that voice actors, and not only voice actors often use different names for different works. This is especially prominent with artists.
t9946.122017-12-263rd generation inbreeding?Oh, the note on the bottom huh. I completely ignored it.
t9946.102017-12-263rd generation inbreeding?Took a look on the site, no mention of the cast being cousins to the game 1 or 2 cast. It might have been some twitter-based info though.
t9123.92017-11-21Description.My bad there, I probably mistook Getchu and omochikaeri or something. But yeah, I agree that folks shouldn't just mindlessly copy paste everything.
t9123.72017-11-21Description.In any case an edit was necessary then. Though it's Geppu's own fault for the low regard in case of descriptions as they mtl most of it.
t9123.52017-11-21Description.Getchu is plain wrong, played all routes and I'm fluent in Jap. Someone pulled the description out of the ass. Elves do not get magic from sleeping
t9884.62017-11-14New game + save?It was worth saying just for future reference (for other lost lambs).
t9884.42017-11-14New game + save?Just extract them first.
t9854.22017-11-05How do you get all CGs?As far as I remember, once you do all scenarios there should be a button somewhere that toggles the alternative outfits. I think it was at the
t9451.52017-11-03Promotion VersionI like the protagonist as much as the previous ones. Also it appears that the dirty jokes will go down in frequency once you enter heroine routes
t9628.22017-09-11Does this qualify as a VN?No problem, this is plenty normal around here.