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t12710.12019-08-08you shouldnt edit my postWho’s the dude that editing my title in 2019-07-15 at 09:47? giving a strikethrough, a line through the middle of the selected area. I do not mind
t12599.12019-07-12Kirari is not a slutThe reason the writer made kirari only had sex once per male and never the second one is due to the game is about “pure love story”. The writer was
t11497.12018-11-10Ch6 God Marzteria (USA) and God Fia (North Korea)In chapter six, if you replace kami (god) to kuni (nation), the dialogue between miksuana (Marzteria’s side) and avaro (the protagonist) have a
t11415.12018-10-24(Spoiler)No H scene with megami ALICE?I had been waiting for this H scene since rance 8, instead we only got this ponkotsu megami querplan? Shock... I thought rance will make a war with
t11394.32018-10-19How to break silky's bodysuit in first battle?Ah thanks..i see. I thought her armor was the same as those stone golem's
t11394.12018-10-18How to break silky's bodysuit in first battle?My team just defeated maou kaybilis in turn 6 then i tried another round using the same team to fight majin silky whose i have never fought before
t11168.152018-10-07I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.In human history of literature, novel, tv series, movie, manga, anime, there are always this one scene about someone who grappling with one hand
t11168.132018-09-29I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.@11 just try it yesterday with one of my old english translated games (clannad, havent finished it, its been for years). Wow, it shocked me big! It's
t11168.112018-09-28I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.@2 @6 @8 lol @10 i hadnt though about this. I may actually try it. Back then i didnt understand japanese so i may not realize it, are they really
t11288.32018-09-28is this VN good enough?Yes i enjoyed shinsou noise. I train myself strictly to lower my standard and expectation so i can enjoy things more. I'll try this game then. Btw
t11288.12018-09-27is this VN good enough?i like all of VNs from silky plus start from nanairo into apeiria. I am interested in this "murder mystery" tag. But somehow i am quite sceptic about
t9383.92018-09-27[HEAVY SPOILER] Who is the father?ah so the link is dead, sore ha zannen. @8 if i am not wrong, from what i read from those link, the child is setsuna and rinne's (setsuna's child
t11287.12018-09-27[SPOILER] Izana-san, Chunibyo?Nise izana : “tatoe sekai o teki ni mawasite mo, watashi ha anata o kanarazu tsukutte misemasuwa!” Here is another line Nise izana: “tatoe sekai ga
t11167.152018-09-26Is rinne virgin?@2 i guess this is the clear answer indeed. So, was setsuna got plastic surgery for his face or something along the line as a side effect from his
t11279.12018-09-25about Kusuhara Yui's voiceI like her voice in Hana no No ni Saku Utakata no as Kasasagi Shizuku with her cool onee-san-type voice. Too bad most of her other voice in other
t10636.152018-05-13Overwhelmed by unfinished read list@13: true but on the other side not always that either. take as example from me. you know Sakura no Uta? its a good VN right? right. So far i only
t10636.122018-05-13Overwhelmed by unfinished read listthis is just what i actually felt like, as #11 said. I took a break from one VN and as time goes by I lost the connection with its story, some of its
t10636.12018-05-13Overwhelmed by unfinished read listDo you read one VN at a time until you complete it all and then continue to the next VN or you read several VNs at a time? I am one of the later and
t10574.42018-05-03Are we really . . .Russian spy here :)
t10575.12018-05-03Other route worthy of any read beside kotori's?I finished the story with tsuzuku nichijou end and reincarnation end, both are kotori's route and already feel manzoku, kore de ii...un, oshimai...ii
t10436.42018-04-03What does "miihaa" mean?Well, since it discussion board, lets just discuss this for people who have time, its triivial, himatsubushi. Anyone know the kanji for miihaa? Why
t10436.32018-04-03What does "miihaa" mean?Sry i should use faq session, how to delete this? Thanks for the link, i will use it next time
t10436.12018-04-03What does "miihaa" mean?Its often writen in katakana so i dont quite get it. From the situation, setting and context of the story somehow i perceive it as "too lowborn
t10368.132018-04-03Osananajimi as a one-side romantic interest ? there are this kind of vn too, i am surprised. VN, oku ga fukai desune.
t10435.12018-04-03Any sex with side character?As the title said
t10425.72018-04-02Is kawashima rino some kind os super being?It started when kawashima rino voicing kusakabe asoko in grisaia that give me deep impresion of her as a babaa and frankly i dislike kusakabe asoko
t10425.52018-04-02Is kawashima rino some kind os super being?Good for you then. Really, it sucks to be me. I just...whenever meet her character in one of VN i read...oh shit this babaa again (forgive my
t10425.32018-04-02Is kawashima rino some kind os super being?Maybe that one of the reason, though many other seiyuus too but dont have as many appearance as kawashima rino
t10425.12018-04-02Is kawashima rino some kind os super being?My first encounter with her was in g senjou no maou and i liked her character and her voice. But in recent VN she occasionally appears as a side
t10308.142018-04-02adult heroines?I only played yuzu soft's title such as sanoba witch, amairo islenaut, senren banka while havent played riddle joker yet. And i havent finished even
t8362.92018-04-02VN with a two part structure like Clannad?What comes to me probably title like hatsuyuki sakura, sakura no uta, baldr sky dive, chaos child, hana no no ni saku utakata no, tsukikage no
t10368.102018-04-02Osananajimi as a one-side romantic interest ?What?? All this time i thought osanajimi means childhood friend who have unrequited love for the protagonist! Lol you japanese making me think this
t7531.302018-04-02Visual Novels with amazing soundtracksIsland, amatsutsumi, chaos child, rance 9, kono oozora ni tsubasa o hirogete, Miagete goran, baldr sky dive, umineko, Grisaia, gin iro haruka, hoshi
t5011.122018-03-31Is this "Night of the Sickle Weasel?"There are 47 endings in total, and some of the endings have much resembles with "and then there were none". So, if they localized it with bobby bobby
t10309.52018-03-06i didnt meet sill in rance IX, help helpWell, back then i didnt expect to see all the content, only the true end, and i thought kakumei route was the true end and the other are just some
t10321.12018-03-04Help! Cant input answerI cant input the answer in nazo toki event, the one momo got kidnaped. I am using us keyboard, anyone know how i can put the answer to it so i can
t10309.32018-03-01i didnt meet sill in rance IX, help helpMaji de o.O Haaa...i reallly wanna play rance 10 right now but seems i need to replay those long bloody story battles in rance 9 one or two more
t10309.12018-03-01i didnt meet sill in rance IX, help helpyears ago i played rance IX but only completing kakumei route and kanami route. After beating M.M. Rune the final boss with patton, rance go to
t9383.12017-07-05[HEAVY SPOILER] Who is the father?I need clarification in some facts in this game. I admit I am not very brightful and perceptive, one thing about kuon at the end quite slap me in the
t8852.102017-05-24Anyone care to share their impressions?hmm...impression ne... one thing, those bitch self proclaimed kami (lol), tada no katagaki jan, dou mite mo akuma sokkuri jan, te iu ka akuma sono
t7592.102017-03-01Another Giga's craphahahaha.....i agree with you after i saw the screenshots. i prefer niro who drew harvest overay though giga dont make any more of his work. is he
t8511.12016-12-03[minor spoiler]after assembler terraformng?In the description, Baldr heart has the same setting as Recordare. Anyone know around how many years after it? Just play it for a brief, it
t8425.32016-11-29Beware with The Opening Moviehmm...i see. i never think that way before, seems i was too dull to have any common sense, benkyou ni narimasu. I saw the OP till finish after
t7176.42016-11-29Limited edition bonus (spoilers)sakuma and his hako iri musume joke. nono's fault for not giving him enough meats so he always imagining mutilating them for diner.
t8425.12016-11-06Beware with The Opening MovieWhen you play for the first time, the game will ask you to [Press Enter]. Now if you wait for 30 seconds without pressing it, the opening movie will
t7146.22016-11-02Favorite Main Character?you guys dont understand nanoha's cuteness. She is the representation of normal and plain people among those high specs. She's not a genius like aki
t8361.32016-11-02[Newbie here]Need Help for Blocking People!sigh...wish user can set score range for vote in VNDB manually. I have another problem. When i use release filters when browsing for visual novel
t7344.52016-11-02[Heavy Spoilers] Clearing some things upI finished baldr sky just e few days ago. regarding tranguilizer - its always been "completed" since neunzhen build it. What Isao-taisha and seira
t8361.12016-10-17[Newbie here]Need Help for Blocking People!I dislike people who give 1-4 vote for VN. Its plague the score so i want to block them but dont know how. Heard if you block them, their vote wont