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t8669.162019-07-05Mangagamer translation?!Another 2 years of wait, oh well.
t12416.42019-06-05Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay English PatchHe answered me (imgur) and said that they are making a really good progress, but it won't be soon, I assume the translation will probably come out
t12416.22019-06-04Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay English PatchNope, but it will eventually come out if anon is not going to drop the translation. Patch will probably be posted on 4chan, so watch out for it.
t2108.27432019-03-31Candidates for deletionr60090 Full patch is coming out next week, so there is no need in this release then.
t12062.112019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual Novels1.G-Senjou no Maou - Basically this was one of my first VN's that hooked me up on this medium. I gave it 10/10 back in the late 2016, because it left
t12059.42019-03-17I'm confused about the ntr tagI didn't know that human person can lose almost all of his brain cells in a spawn of 10 seconds.
t12062.42019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsIt's nice and all, but why did you make three exact same threads?
t2108.27242019-03-10Candidates for deletionlink He's the same character, so I don't understand why is there 2 instances of him. I suggest you delete this one.
t12005.182019-03-06MG Survey 2019^ Basically we need all Atelier Kaguya's titles.
t11887.242019-03-06Irotoridori no Sekai KSThis KS was actually pretty funny, someone in the last seconds refunded 3k and it was close to fail.
t12005.92019-03-05MG Survey 2019Amakano, Baku Ane and Walkure Romanze. Don't want that sweet art to get wasted.
t11994.72019-03-04Missing voices:(
t11994.52019-03-04Missing voiceswin 10
t11994.32019-03-04Missing voicesDoesn't work, I did what you told me to, but I still have the same error popping out. imgur link
t11994.12019-03-03Missing voicesI have a problem with voices, to be exact the full absence of them. I heard it can be a problem with audio drivers, and I have strange font as well
t11990.42019-03-03Heroine's like AiBasically everyone who is voiced by Kawashima Rino.
t9701.172019-01-31English version?Once again we are being cucked by mtl all-ages chads! Oh well, gonna go practice my hiragana.
t11792.112019-01-12Washi Translation's voting poll#10 I dunno, abs probably. Like I said they all look so fit it`s actually funny, imagine what the world would be if everyone was so attractive and
t11792.82019-01-11Washi Translation's voting poll^ choco chip and the artist on this one, the girls look so fit and meaty.
t11792.62019-01-11Washi Translation's voting poll#4 I actually started to learn moon runes because of him or rather because of the vns he`s been working on, but we still have Fuoq and hopefully LxC2
t11792.22019-01-11Washi Translation's voting pollI`m voting for Mayonnaise and you should too!
t11730.22018-12-27Any VN has similar feeling like Majikoi?tsujidou-san no jun`ai road
t11705.12018-12-21H code?Does anyone know the H code for this one, help is very much appreciated.
t11698.12018-12-20RIP Hentai HavenThe site and social media are dead, nobody knows what happened. Why even live? ;(
t10302.762018-12-05Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadthis guy has voted on an unreleased game and has only 10`s in his votes.
t2108.25832018-11-22Candidates for deletionr40553 presumably dead because of the license and shinku translations are now official.
t10696.152018-11-11Translation?^ Well to be fair the original MiaZora tranlsation was semi-decent (probably the best MoeNovel translation so far), but yeah I just want MoeNovel to
t11464.22018-11-02I expected more of this gameWhat did you expect from Yuzusoft? They do the same formula all over again and again, they always make moege with different hights in quality, but
t11459.52018-11-01Poll for favorite girlI mean the majority of vndb consists of EOP, so it would be more appropriate to make this poll when english patch will come out.
t11459.22018-11-01Poll for favorite girlI think you`re way too early for this.
t11310.112018-09-30We're alive!7 more years to go and VNDB will finally become legal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Happy Birthday VNDB!
t11234.12018-09-14New OPDamn, the new opening sure is dope, visuals and new (somewhat) "rearranged" version of Einsatz are really good. I just can`t get enough of Sakakibara
t10743.432018-08-04HentaiHaven removes the loli tagexplaining that using word "normie" to a normie, outs you as a normie as well.
t10248.122018-07-25Hugs as a gameplay mechanicJesus Christ... the future we wished for is nearly upon us!
t2976.172018-07-22Inaccurate TranslationsOH CRAP! It`s been a full year and one day! :O
t10598.102018-05-07Why no TLs in european languages?#8 woah rude boy, I meant it like short for "Europe", but well... whatever.
t10598.62018-05-07Why no TLs in european languages?#5 I`m not talking about 'European Union'! But about Europe in general as a continent -_-
t10598.42018-05-07Why no TLs in european languages?I might just reveal you the most shocking truth you could ever imagine, but did you know that... English is an european language?!-_- Plus Visual
t10574.252018-05-04Are we really . . .#22 Yeah as much as I know 'otome' are a bit more popular than usual novels, that`s why some translators are doing translation directly through
t10574.202018-05-04Are we really . . .#15 Well, I can side with you here. There are lot of russian translations that are complete garbage, but we also have some good ones. The problem
t10574.62018-05-03Are we really . . .Hehehehe... Do you know how many spies we have here?) We`ll color `em red my komrades!
t10560.62018-04-30Fantastic#5 when you can`t get into sarcasm, but oh well... I was about to play this VN myself but I don`t have any females to play with, gonna hook up my
t10543.12018-04-27Best girl poll!I know it`s a bit early, but you know how they say that "men spot their best girl right away", so basicly here we are. Let us start then.
t4641.42018-04-27Magical Marriage Lunatics#3 I though it was pretty obvious, Karin wins by all means.
t10481.42018-04-14Where to get the english patch"TBA" is an abbreviation for - To Be Announced.
t10440.22018-04-03cameo?#1 Well... just go for the anal. Sorry that`s all what i can say ;D
t10427.92018-04-03ProtagonistI strongly agree with #6, he can be somewhat weird and eccentric, but he`s no hetare and can be quite assertive and cool when the situation calls
t10438.12018-04-03Best girl poll!I was wondering what tastes do you have when it comes to picking "best girl". We have 4 heroines to choose and all of them have their own charm, but
t10426.12018-04-02Fureraba -GD-So now that the novel is out, might as well just make a 'General discussion' thread. From the looks alone, it seems like a good moege (plus, it`s
t10420.172018-04-02Translation after Dies Irae?#16 how old are you my dude? (no offence, im just trying to confirm my suspicions).