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5Finished7'scarletPretty meh otome, Yuzuki is great tho2018-05-282020-09-052021-03-17
7FinishedA3!First mobage ever, was quite a trip while it lasted. Still love you Sakyo.2020-05-312020-03-212021-11-01
3FinishedAIRWorst Key VN. Characters are bad and drama felt pointless and forced.2016-11-05
7FinishedAMNESIAGreat Otome game. Kent best husbando.2016-11-05
-StalledAyakashi KoimeguriI love Shizuki but I can't find motivation to continue this so I'm stalling it for now.2021-01-03
9FinishedBUSTAFELLOWSHELVETICA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY BABY BOY, the cast is great but the plot is pretty disappointing, high score for the characters and especially for Helve and his route, he just makes me go pien2021-12-142022-02-232022-06-16
9FinishedCLANNADFirst visual novel. Holds a special spot in my heart.2016-11-05
6FinishedCLANNAD - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi deOkay-ish stories. The last one with Ushio is pretty trash.2016-11-05
7FinishedCorpse Party: Blood CoveredFor a scaredy cat like me, it took a lot of courage to start this. Was surprisingly enjoyable. Want to replay eventually. (Why is this on vndb btw?)2016-11-05
8FinishedCROSS†CHANNELI read this because it's same writer as Rewrite's. I was not left disappointed.2016-11-30
7FinishedCupid ParasiteI only actually finished Shelby's route but that was enough for me, I'm done here. Mr Snail x Mrs Snail OTP. Shelby's route is a FUCKING 10/10, CupiPara is 4/10, I'm scoring in between2021-12-142022-06-21
9FinishedDai Gyakuten Saiban -Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken-Great game despite being one of my least favorites in the AA series actually. Holmesie is a top tier husbando.2019-07-112019-07-102019-07-22
9FinishedDangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukouseihope hope hope hope hope despair despair despair despair despair2016-11-05
7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Just Monika. And literally the only VN I can truly call both overrated and overhated at the same time.2017-10-162017-10-162017-10-26
-PlayingDot Kareshi -We're 8bit Lovers-2018-02-252022-12-10
7FinishedEver17 -the out of infinity-Not a big fan of the Infinity series. I found this alright but forgettable, pretty overrated imo.2018-03-09
9FinishedFate/stay nightI am the bone of my sword.2016-12-01
7FinishedFutsuu na Boku to, Futsuu ja Nai Boku no TomodachiVery good story. Awful translation. Someone please retranslate this and everything by the same authors. (Angel girl best girl)2019-12-12
9FinishedGnosiaepic gameplay, should this rly be on vndb tho? super fun game tho2022-08-242022-08-212022-08-24
8FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Really wanna reread this someday. The 18+ version too since I read the all ages one.2016-11-05
8FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-^2016-11-05
7FinishedGrisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-^^2017-05-18
-FinishedGrisaia no SenritsuI'd put three arrows here but Idc about spin-offs.2018-06-14
-FinishedGrisaia no Yuukan^2016-11-05
-FinishedGrisaia no Zankou^^2017-01-31
7FinishedG-senjou no MaouMy only regret is reading this voiceless.2016-11-05
9FinishedGyakuten KenjiUnderrated AA game. I can't defeat treeman~2018-06-19
9FinishedGyakuten Kenji 2Overrated AA game. Epic last boss music.2018-06-19
9FinishedGyakuten SaibanObjection!2018-06-152019-12-272020-01-08
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 2Hold it!2018-06-182020-01-08
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 3Take that!2018-06-19
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 4Gotcha!2018-06-19
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 5Got it!2018-07-15
9FinishedGyakuten Saiban 6... I ran out of protagonist shout bubbles... Satorha... haha...2018-08-07
8FinishedHakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~Samurai husbandos!2016-11-05
6FinishedHarmoniaMost forgettable Key VN... Bootleg Planetarian tbh.2016-11-05
8FinishedHatoful Kareshi ~Kibou no Gakuen to Shiroi Tsubasa~Birbs!2016-11-30
9FinishedHigurashi no Naku Koro niUSO DA!2019-09-132019-09-122019-11-06
9FinishedHigurashi no Naku Koro ni KaiAll hail Takano Miyo!2019-11-072019-11-072020-07-23
8FinishedHyakka Hyakurou Sengoku Ninpou-chouChoji niiiii ;;;2019-11-182020-08-252020-09-05
5FinishedI.B. 〜Komyushou no Ore ga Eranda Mirai〜Awful translation. Authors created some surprisingly good stories too, I didn't like this one tho.2019-11-25
-FinishedIdol Mahou Shoujo Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru... Why does this exist again?2016-11-05
7FinishedISLANDWacky vn that gave me too many mixed feelings. Does some nice things but at the same time has too many loose threads. Also full of "questionable" stuff, gee...2019-12-162019-12-162020-01-31
7FinishedKaii Keijiban to Nanatsu no UwasaSurprisingly very good story. But the translation is awfuuuul. God I'm tempted to retranslate this.2018-11-06
7FinishedKanonUguu~ Classic Key. The one that started it all.2016-11-05
7FinishedKara no ShoujoDismemberment is fun! (pls don't take this statement seriously)2016-11-05
-StalledKatawa ShoujoI set it as dropped but I think I'll finish it after all. I just have one route left, I may as well give it the mediocre rating it deserves.2018-02-232018-02-23
8FinishedKokuchou no PsychedelicaKagiha deserved better cri2019-11-182021-03-192021-07-05
8FinishedKyokugen Dasshutsu - 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no TobiraNein! Nein! Nein!2018-09-012019-02-252018-03-04
8FinishedKyokugen Dasshutsu ADV - Zennin Shibou DesuI liked this more than 999 tbh, the sequel ZTD is pretty garbage tho.2019-05-212019-05-212019-06-03