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t9024.22017-04-04Shiei no Sona-Nyl -Hoshou Tsuki no Nai Yoru ni-Amazon had a copy of the magazine with the dvd for incredibly cheap (it was like 200 yen IRC) so I bought it that way. Amazon has just the DVD listed
t8457.22016-11-15I'd like to know where this is fromMote Sugite Shuraba na Ore
t3314.7872016-02-17TraitsCould Fujoshi be added as a child-trait to Otaku instead of an alias? Not all female otaku are fujoshi and right now there isn't really any way to
t6953.22015-09-24Grisaia no Rakuen starting songI assume you mean this song. It's called FISSION and the singer is Masami Okui.
t6588.22015-06-08Walkthrough ?link
t6144.1662015-02-19Request StaffArtist: -Takigawa Yuu 滝川 悠 Composer: -minato -Sakai Youichi 酒井 陽一 -traditional Singer: -KOKOMI -VALSHE Voice Actor: -Aono Takeshi 青野 武 -Asou
t6144.1552015-02-16Request StaffComposer: -Fujita Junpei 藤田 淳平 -Ishibashi Hiroshi 石橋 弘史, alias: bassy Singer: -Isayama Mio 諫山 実生 Voice Actor: -Akatsuki Yuusuke 暁 勇輔
t6144.1142015-02-07Request StaffArtist: -Alpha 有葉 Composer: -Hosoi Soushi 細井 聡司, alias: -Iuchi Maiko 井内 舞子, alias: Uetsu Miu -Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou 塚越 雄一朗, alias: Usui
t6138.1472015-02-03VNDB 2.24: Staffing The DatabaseBut in Ever17 all male characters are voiced by the same actor even those who are different people[spoiler].
t6144.802015-02-03Request StaffMore staff: Artist: -2c=galore 2C=がろあ -Nanao Naru 七尾 奈留 Composer: -Shirakawa Atsushi 白川 篤史, alias: TENMON 天門 -IkutaMachine 生田真心 -Kazuhiko
t6144.712015-02-02Request StaffMore staff: Composer: -Haga Keita 芳賀 敬太, alias: KATE -hil -James Harris -NUMBER 201 -Saitou Shinya 齋藤 真也 Singer: -Arimaki Youko 荒牧 陽子, alias
t6144.632015-02-02Request StaffMost of the missing staff from Forest and Muv-Luv Alt: Composer: -Angel Note -Anze Hijiri 安瀬聖 -Factory Noise & AG 有限会社Factory Noise&AG -Itou
t6155.42015-01-31Someone screwed upApparently Sca-ji said so on his twitter.
t6155.22015-01-31Someone screwed upMoogy mentioned in his edit that Sca-ji wrote most of it despite it being credited to J-Sairo.
t6144.102015-01-30Request StaffArtist: Koyama Hirokazu (こやま ひろかず) rato Composer: M.U.T.S. music studio (マッツミュージックスタジオ) Shikura Chiyomaru (志倉 千代丸) Vocals: Katakiri Rekka (片霧 烈火)
t5823.142014-10-08Scarlet Ink. A new translation startupI don't understand why you focus so much on the time of translation in this survey. If you asked something like "Would you be willing to sacrifice
t5674.382014-08-21Automated Online VN RecommendationsStill getting the exact same recommendations as before where 1/3 of the VNs are ones I have already read.
t5674.192014-08-20Automated Online VN Recommendations1/3 of the recommended VNs are already in both my vote list and general list.
t2919.352014-08-16Status?No that's just a patch that changes the interface to the reprint edition.
t5293.82014-05-05VN Recommendation with Specific QualitiesG-senjou no Maou has a patch that removes the sexual content so it actually fits all 3 criteria.
t5278.42014-04-29How to buy itYeah w7 version doesn't work with the patch. You need the original dvd versions. The reprint version for Muv-Luv apparently works as well according
t5257.92014-04-24VN for my 7 yr old nieceIf you think your niece is mature enough for it Narcissu 1 and 2 could be a good choice.You'd definitely need to read it with her and talk about it
t5194.72014-04-07Can a patch be made to add voices from the remake?Woud be cool if Jast would release the remake too and not only the original. kinda doubt it though.
t5161.212014-04-07Saving the best route for last?I usually save the best route for last but that's because the route that is generally recommended to play last is the one that is generally seen as
t5202.52014-04-07All-age or H version of the game?A patch for PE is planned but not until the translation is finished according to Doki.
t5194.22014-04-05Can a patch be made to add voices from the remake?The new version is all ages so there are probably some script changes. Still the russian version has a voice patch for the original version so it
t5162.102014-03-23Some questionsSayaka is from Suika. Plus Communication isn't translated (though its common route is available in Kotori Love ExP, but the only route available
t5150.62014-03-20Can't play on Windows 8?It'll probably be fixed for the official English release.
t1174.1042014-03-2015+ version to be releasedNo in fact it did. The all age version had new CGs, routes from the expansion, improved battle system (at least from what I've heard) and added
t2890.322014-03-17Translation PlansNitro isn't involved with Robotics;Notes which is probably why it hasn't been ported.
t3943.1432014-03-10troll voterv13774 has several votes despite not being released yet.
t3139.342014-03-03Steam GreenlightI guess this means we could finally get a real music patch for Kai as well.
t3139.312014-03-03Steam GreenlightThe PS2 sprite patch is not going to work since Higurashi is getting ported to a new engine. All the patches are going to have to be remade.
t5089.42014-02-24Console VersionNew scenes are being added to replace H-scenes with new cg by Akira.
t5006.32014-01-25Spiders?I'm pretty sure there wasn't any pictures of anything from her collections anyway.
t3617.992013-05-29Tags suggestions/fixesI haven't seen that tag before but your examples aren't actually what an artist would call anatomically incorrect. Heavily stylized yes but not
t1299.292011-04-02How epic does this look?I don't get why people are surprised. I mean it's the freaking Ryukishi. You can see this all over the video.