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t15448.62021-01-23Eldia Remstered (non A) SetupNtleas worked, Locale Emulator did not (tried with all the available options). FYI: You have to start Ntleas as administrator and load "setup.exe
t15448.12021-01-23Eldia Remstered (non A) SetupI have the original game on DVD disc, I'm trying to run SETUP.EXE but it simply doesn't do anything, no error messages whatsoever. I switched
w309.72020-09-30Salthe"but if you recommend the game to an innocent person and don't tell them that this is a porn game, they might not even notice that it actually is one
t9663.22017-09-27"New Customer" repackage? Or stand-alone?It's the same game just slightly rewitten to remove the 18+ scenes, in other words, an all age editon.
t9036.32017-05-29Based off Carlo Goldoni's La locandieraIt's a known fact since the kickstarter campaign and it's also stated in the credits of the full version.
t6821.152016-11-12English Patch OutAre you sure it's not a retranslation from Gos-ita fantranslation? (I know it came out 2month later, but they were in contact with him, as stated in
t6499.52016-10-31Aguni to be released by MangaGamer?Aguni is still locked after finishing the first chapter, anyone knows how to launch it? Nevermind lol, I'm an idiot.
t8106.62016-08-11Spike chunsfoft twitter poll, last dayKenka Banchou Otome is the winner, I hope 428 will be released regardless.
t8106.12016-08-09Spike chunsfoft twitter poll, last daylink Show some support. FYI Type Moon's work Canaan is included in 428
t1251.222011-08-26Is there a need to read the parent story?"particularly with Yuuko sensei explanations of riduculous metaphysical stuff" That's not metaphysic, it's hard science fiction based on quantum
t2010.12011-08-23I'm stuckI'm stuck at floor 5. A girl in white dress and not yet named (lady) is guarding a door and throws the spell "Mistral Window" at me when I try to
t974.1022011-08-17Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]10/10 also for me
t1979.252011-08-1416:9 fullscren"I've had trouble with this with Nvidia cards. They have the ability to correctly run 4:3 games full screen on a wide screen monitor with black bars
t1979.202011-08-0716:9 fullscrenI have a relatively small LCD-LED screen (1366x768 natiive) that handles 1024x600 res very well. Playing it windowed maybe it can make sense in big
t1979.142011-08-0616:9 fullscren"]It's going to look like stretched shit because the graphics are 2D, so why bother?" this game is ~16:9 native, in proper fullscreen it doesn't look
t1979.102011-08-0616:9 fullscren"erm. You just have to set 'preserve aspect ratio' in your graphics card control panel. Then there's no need for all those complicated steps." won't
t1979.62011-08-0616:9 fullscrenFinally get it, FYI you just have to enable 1024x600 custom screen resolution, start the game and toggle fullscreen. If the game doesn't find that
t1979.42011-08-0616:9 fullscrenIf I set the display ratio to 16:9 (widescreen) I have two huge black borders and everything is out of proportion, if I set the display ratio to 4:3
t1979.12011-08-0616:9 fullscrenhow to play this game in 16:9 fullscrren? I always get the f*****g black borders, no matter what I do. To play it with correct proportions I have to
t1940.82011-07-24How do I get the true ending? ▲April 17 Her eyes. They're twins. ◆Person selection  Everyone ◆Person selection  Tamaki Saito ▲April 18 Don't pull the trigger. I always miss
t812.252011-01-28Ending? *heavy spoilers*>- The first time Kokoro awakes in Enomoto's body, everyone at SPHIA is calling her Satoru/Yukidoh, which means they never got see Satoru in his real
t812.232011-01-26Ending? *heavy spoilers*I think she's "J" , the violent Inubushi keiko: Hotori Suzukage - she's unable to talk, so it's very unlikely, also I don't think she has a violent