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t15071.42020-11-24Searching Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai Raw Versionwhat you do is actually pay for the game and then you get it in japanese
w672.52020-11-23Mahoutsukai no Yoru#4, slice of life (the genre) and soujuurou (main male protag in this game) also imagine getting the regular edition, you need the shokaigenteiban
w1009.22020-11-22Shironagasu Tou e no Kikan*insert flame emoji x3 here* how good is the translation or am i better off playing it in japanese?
t15058.22020-11-21Bug due to the removal of this pageDoesn't opening up your wishlist (link) and then clicking on the labels for that VN (second column) and unselecting wishlist work?
t2108.34292020-11-19Candidates for deletiontbh i don't think that the non vn versions of melty blood should be included either. fighting game vn hybrids are already an exception, don't need to
t2108.34272020-11-19Candidates for deletionr18439 non vn version of a vn hybrid i've played both this and the normal version, and without the story mode, the arcade mode only doesn't count as
w993.12020-11-18Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 7wait are they shilling nestlé products in visual novels now
t15038.22020-11-18Add Summertime Saga backidk why don't you actually justify your opinion of why it should be re-added (while referring to the criteria for addition and perhaps with evidence
t13050.1042020-11-17Sales#103 thanks
w971.12020-11-15Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Bansenjinn.b. I can answer questions but I didn't read any of the Ayumi event scenes, and the only H-scenes I actually read were Shizuno's and Nanten's (let's
w963.32020-11-15Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato#2, with how many games this happens to me, a part of me can't help but think that they've got to be purposely putting a lot of hype and buildup in
w963.12020-11-15Mirai Radio to Jinkou-batoIMO the biggest problem with Jinkoubato is that it starts off too good and the actual routes couldn't keep up with how good the common route was. It
w955.12020-11-15Hakuchuumu no Aojashinbut 10/11 ~~ 9.1111111 so wouldn't it be 9.1/10 then
t15013.22020-11-12Misaki kyouko role?Read the Kyouko side story on the SP website
t13830.52020-11-11Instant text speed#4, I think you're ignoring the whole part that explains why there's a time loop and why Lavi randomly appears with information about an alternate
t15002.22020-11-10Dine Rana has no visual novel pagethere is, hit the "spoil me" button. it's used when the character's appearance in a vn is a spoiler in and of itself
t14989.22020-11-08why no 18+ in english?the company that translated it doesn't do 18+
w182.62020-11-08Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-#5, it's not as welcome when they're repeating something they said 5 minutes ago. It really gets awful at times. If it was reminding me of something
w881.182020-11-06Einstein Yori Ai o Kometeimagine getting angry about the ratings when there are people who give pretty much every game they play a 3 out of 10 and still continue to play
t14959.62020-11-05Two images from the same game what are the chancesHas it ever been explained why sometimes there aren't the full 4 screenshots? I've had only 1, 2 and 3 screenshots before
t14959.22020-11-05Two images from the same game what are the chancesI think I've seen two images from the same game maybe 5-6 times? It's not that uncommon tbh What was good was when there were 3 images that I had
t14953.122020-11-04Game link uploadout of topic but who says out of topic instead of off topic lmao
w879.42020-11-04Einstein Yori Ai o Komete#3, Two of the side heroines are given very short routes which are for the most part irrelevant to the main plot, apart from a kinda random out of
t14953.42020-11-03Game link uploadif you're saying "can i upload a pirate link if you can't buy it any other way?" i'm pretty sure the answer is still no
t14930.42020-11-02Character name inconsistency - Kasumimust have been half asleep and muddled romi and kasumi
w879.22020-11-02Einstein Yori Ai o Komete#1, I agree that most of the side heroines kinda had to be thrown under the bus, but the routes themselves had very important information in them
t14938.22020-11-01Can you delete private discussions?To jump on this, it'd be nice if you could remove yourself from discussions you're tagged in At the moment anyone can add anyone into a thread when
w869.12020-10-30Analistica AcademyJust from the screenshots it looks it was written to simulate a clunky eroge translation lmao idk what you were expecting it isn't gonna be a
t13050.962020-10-30Sales#95 yeah but you can buy some 100-200 yen trash for filler so it's not too bad reminds me of that site that finds you cheap amazon stuff to fill
t14915.22020-10-26Why were you drawn to visual novels?IIRC I was brought to visual novels by VN anime adaptations came for the plot, stayed for the 'plot'
t14908.32020-10-25Keep getting logged out of DMMdoesn't affect me lmao
t14877.42020-10-20Single sex mode?yo didn't you read the (English please!) in the reply field
t14879.32020-10-19Which vn will get me the least amount of side-eyeplay one of the pedo games it'll be hilarious seeing you on the news
t14873.42020-10-17Viewing H ScenesWell the demo often has a scene or two in it, but if that's not enough link occasionally has them
t14865.82020-10-16Birth controli don't remember which vn i read it but somewhere i read that birth control acted as a turn on for the protag because it's sex not for the "intended
t14639.1422020-10-16Reviews in Previewwhat happens to reviews if the vn is deleted?
t14862.22020-10-15General discussion.I just want to play the demo and check out the gameplay. I don't think Alice Soft always make demos and I'm not going to pay 9k for a game that I
t14859.22020-10-15DLsite Lose salethese games go on sale for 500 yen every 2 minutes, this is not news at all
w736.12020-10-14Tokimeki Memorial 2Can you please give a (very rough) estimate of the length? Your review has gotten me interested.
t14849.22020-10-11Restoration patchiirc it never existed so the listing was removed edit: that is to say that it was added on hear-say and speculation but nobody actually was doing it
t14842.22020-10-10Animated edition?It may be possible to easily port the translation over depending on the engine but you'd need the animated edition, the translated version and
t14839.52020-10-10I need start learning japanesethis is an appetite game i'm pretty sure with "i watch anime" levels of japanese you can probably get by
t3314.23462020-10-08TraitsOut of interest, why are some tags purposely made unsearchable?
t14837.62020-10-08A Notifications Updatei can't believe i've found someone else who uses abload apart from me
t14653.122020-10-07Name Restoration patch of this?imagine complaining about it being $20 when the original price for this game was probably $30-45 when it came out in japan you guys got it good
w200.52020-10-07Seishun Fragile#4, thanks for letting me know.
w200.32020-10-07Seishun FragileHi, could you advise if this is a similar enough game to Amatsutsumi in terms of format and quality? I'm interested in playing (Realive's H themes
t14830.252020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behavioryes boi in before it's locked #23, sorry dude you can't have contributions removed unless it's like top tier trash iirc and even yours aren't that
t14829.32020-10-06Japanese Reading Question#2 has it down. It is common for the common route and the heroine routes to have different ways of writing the same word. HoshiOri comes to mind. 綺麗
t14819.122020-10-04Which is your favourite vndb theme to use?#11, ow my retinas also blue on light blue isn't as easy to read as white on dark blue. all the icons and stuff look weird too; i don't know if it's