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t13165.92019-11-19Being a VN Fan or in Industry is Suffering"Japanese only readers...having a much smaller pool of people to get people to read the stuff you like is hard when only a minority of readers can
t13163.22019-11-18picture mode instead list modeThere isn't at the moment. It's sorta coming I think link
t13164.32019-11-18Where to buy?It wasn't on DMM, but I had come to the same conclusion you had that they got C&Ded. Disappointing.
t13164.12019-11-18Where to buy?I've been looking for this game, and I think it's been taken down on DLSite. Does anyone know if it's still for sale anywhere?
t13157.62019-11-17How to get on ao's route?#5, if memory serves there's an Inari event in the shrine, maybe that's got something to do with it. also i hate to ask because it pisses me off
t13157.22019-11-17How to get on ao's route?Well first: link Next: I did Ao's route second (Kamome's first), and IIRC it was just pick Ao options every time you get them, else go for dagashiya
t13154.22019-11-15install problemWell have you checked if you actually have enough space free on your HDD then?
t3617.18532019-11-11Tags suggestions/fixesI've got an idea of a tag for 'prematurely-ending sex scenes' where due to some interruption (e.g. participants chicken out, participants change
t13136.62019-11-10Early beta: New lists feature#4, speech bubbles are for putting in your comments, I presume the eye means if others can see it.
t13136.22019-11-10Early beta: New lists featureWhy can you have Wishlist-[high/medium/low] enabled for a VN without Wishlist enabled?
t950.6462019-11-08VNDB Suggestions!#645, I agree with this. Especially when there are characters who are in multiple games, it makes it a pain to work out which game the tag is
t1052.2442019-11-08Quotes question...Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne- 「神は言った。ベーコンがあれば何でも美味しい」 "God said: anything tastes great when there's bacon in it" 「”分け合えば喜びは二倍に、悲しみは半分に” 友達は素晴らしいものだ
t7200.102019-11-06Huge Penis Taglink There isn't, you're just not using the search right.
t13116.42019-11-06Rating 'bad' gamesI've had this same problem with short games vs. long games. I've realised I'm more likely to games with short, moving plots better scores because I
t12328.52019-11-06[SPOILERS] Questions left unanswered#1 is completely right about the true ending. It's a weak ending to a series which has great cliffhanger endings (including the Mayuri end in this
t13107.32019-11-04VNs written on?If I were to take a guess, each sentence is typed in hiragana (on a kana keyboard) and then they henkan (kana -> kanji by the computer, is usually
t2520.3142019-11-03Minor error/sI don't know if this is an error or if it's meant to be like this, but there's no buffer space (like there is between date and user columns) between
t13091.22019-10-31ResolutionWhat do you want to change it to?
t2108.29572019-10-30Candidates for deletion#2956, perhaps only post there is evidence they're actually doing the translation (i.e. partial patch, reliable in progress report with specific
t2108.29542019-10-30Candidates for deletion#2953, that group is blatantly second hand translating official releases. They're not going to do anything till the English version comes out, and
t13074.62019-10-28AmazingJK Imouto sounds more like the ultimate incest catfishing than a contraction of 女子高生妹
t13010.522019-10-27Support VNDB on PatreonApart from the fact the #50 is being super salty about it, the point about "making it purposely annoying to make you pay for it" seems like a pretty
t13068.32019-10-26Bishoujo vs Otome gameTell you what though, it really kills me a bit inside how good otome game artists are and how they don't do bishoujo games. I agree it's totally up
t13051.22019-10-23Aokana - android portGood riddance. It's piracy at its best if they're distributing the whole game ported.
t13050.22019-10-23SalesEveryone uses the steam sales thread for not steam sales (including Japanese stores) so...
t13010.482019-10-22Support VNDB on Patreon#46, are there any rules with the CSS? I can see the "whatever background you want" being abused for NSFW and spoilers, meaning you have to pay to
t13046.22019-10-22The VN with most characters including space.t12044 Longer answer: words + space aren't really a thing in Japanese so you won't find an answer there, but looking at script size (in MB) you'll
t13045.42019-10-21English patch? (Case open)site looks sketchy + fake af rating for the patch is 2/10 and download link doesn't work i think we can chalk this up to the patch not really
t13045.22019-10-21English patch? (Case open)If you posted a link to said page maybe that'd help.
t13042.22019-10-19Maid PatchI couldn't find anything about it online or on their site. I'd err on the side of caution and get the physical version, because more often than not
t3617.18262019-10-19Tags suggestions/fixes#1824, thanks, I guess we can call it nursing handjob then #1825, thanks, we can deal with the traits when the overall tag gets through. I'd like to
t12961.172019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFUL#16, I think it was [ SPOILER] HORROR VERY CAREFUL originally, which was more than enough to spoil it without opening the thread. That's why we're
t12961.152019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFUL#14, I meant (good few) games not good (few games). While your point is still fair, I'm saying that I'm put off from reading it, not that they'd be
t12961.132019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFULMy problem is it just ruins potential plot twist and expectations. I don't even see how anyone could justify that it's not a spoiler. Unlike #9
t13010.412019-10-18Support VNDB on PatreonCould the spacing for the left hand column please be increased just a bit? atm #40's post looks like: #40 by NowItsAngeTime [star] 2019-10-18 at 03
t3617.18232019-10-18Tags suggestions/fixesI'd like to make a tag for 授乳手コキ (junyuu tekoki) but IDK what to call it in English. Breastfeeding Handjob sounds kinda lame. Maybe Suckling Handjob
t12961.72019-10-18[SPOILER] VERY CAREFULsounds like a nice fat spoiler to me nice job
t13024.32019-10-15Common route how is it#2, hilarious. said no-one
t12997.52019-10-14"Pc port of the full remake..."#4, no h
t13019.42019-10-14timing for this vnNobody said it was 10 hours. Medium is between 10 and 30, where most moege sit. Unless you have some exact playtimes (ideally averaged between
t1052.2402019-10-14Quotes question...Natsuzora no Perseus 「でも、いいですようね、都会。みんなが携帯の画面を見たまま歩いて、電柱にぶつかったりするんですよねぇ」 But, the city's great, isn't it? People walk around with their eyes fixed to
t13019.22019-10-13timing for this vnIIRC onomatope uses kirikiri for their engine so should be a simple matter to open up script files and see how long it is. Rough rule is that 2MB is
t2520.3012019-10-13Minor error/s#300, it's not going to be easy to fix that seeing as there's no marker for Chinese titles on the page. You can guestimate if it's Chinese from
t13010.302019-10-13Support VNDB on PatreonWhat happens if you get the $10 reward and then you stop pledging? Reward get revoked? What if you get yourself banned?
t950.6322019-10-13VNDB Suggestions!Another suggestion is on VA pages, to be able to highlight games that are on your list / set as Finished so you can quickly see if you've previously
t950.6302019-10-12VNDB Suggestions!I think it'd be good to have your own personal tag spoiler levels, which would force a tag to be treated as a "spoiler" for you, even if it isn't
t13010.242019-10-12Support VNDB on Patreon#22, my username is meant to be written with a capital letter so I'd prefer it back, but idk if most people's username was meant to be so. tbh if I
t13010.212019-10-12Support VNDB on PatreonIs the reason our usernames have lost their capital letter at the start of them on our userpages due to the unicode username thing or is it a bug?
t6094.1732019-10-12Steam sale#172, the greed of the gaming industry is more about adding boatloads of DLC and micro-transactions and shipping incomplete games. Wanting to stop
t6094.1712019-10-12Steam sale#170, that's the beauty of it. your only choices are stream it or nothing. there's no piracy option. I feel like it's worth a try for developers