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t2108.40592021-09-17Candidates for deletionr82358 r80000
t13050.1402021-09-17SalesNot exactly a sale but DMM has a 25% off for one purchase for new customers, so now's a better time as any to make a smurf accou--*cough* I mean a
t17012.22021-09-14Regarding v12732.8i'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not you're gonna have to dumb it down for me if it is lol
t17010.32021-09-14The eradication of MTL descriptions on VNDBcan we also get rid of mtl screenshots too yikes
t1052.3032021-09-12Quotes question...Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon- [praise be to prof arach for being an absolute legend] 「えー! 飲んでないわよ! アタシいつも真剣だもーん! と言いたいところだけど、実はハイなの、すごくハイ
w2732.62021-09-12Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-#5, my question was completely directed towards OP and their PS4 digital copy. I've already gotten the physical version now.
w2815.42021-09-12Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-well at any rate, the comparison between the games was a pointless thing to complain about. if you haven't played the original tsukihime it makes no
w2815.22021-09-12Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-good job ruining the spoiler tags genius
w2732.42021-09-12Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-I'm more interested in how you managed to get the game... I'm pretty sure it rejects all non-Japanese cards and you can't use any other payment
t16935.112021-09-12PC release?doubt there'll be a pc version. the credits say it was ported to console by delightworks. if they wanted a pc version they'd have released it in the
t16980.22021-09-09I am new here, how to use this website?i'm more interested in how you thought a website that has everything completely written in english was a chinese website lol
t16968.42021-09-07game crashes when i'm trying to load my save filethe game is short enough that even without saving you can ctrl skip to where you were last time in a short amount of time it's not worth trying to
t16968.22021-09-07game crashes when i'm trying to load my save filei might vaguely remember this game crashing when you load a save that was done on a choice screen.
t16934.42021-09-03VNDB Theme Jingai Makyou Features Wrong Character#3, yorhel has posted the breakdown before but i don't remember where
t950.10122021-08-30VNDB Suggestions!similar problem with releases and flags. when those stupid 'machine translated into every language under the sun' games come out you can hardly if at
w2709.12021-08-30Parquetwhat are the rankings out of? five +s?
t16898.122021-08-29Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowdo they actually ever say it's a remake?
t10302.2972021-08-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadよくわからなくても、「英語でください」ってコメントテキストボックスの上に書いてあるでしょうに(まぁ、ボクも同罪だけど)
t16898.42021-08-28Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nowprobably that too. you can't get the download version without a japanese credit card (because it's cero z so you must pay by card for age
t16898.22021-08-28Tsukihime remake has been out for 2 whole days nownobody who voted it a 1 played it they're just "boo hoo no porn" or "boo hoo censorship" losers
t14639.1732021-08-26Reviews in Preview#172, just for you we can reduce the limit to 0 ;)
t2520.5982021-08-25Minor error/svoting could potentially start up to 9 hours before the listed release date. considering the time gap between japan and utc is 9 hours, a reasonably
w2665.12021-08-25Shoujo to Toshi no Sa, Futamawari.well paced? are you joking the last 3rd of the game is just h scenes one after another
t16878.22021-08-25spoiler questionyou're the idiot who should be using spoiler tags the polygamy tag is a spoiler
t16054.1032021-08-24Reporting MTL releasesr82387 almost certainly MTL for every language outside japanese, maybe chinese, maybe english i don't even know why they bothered. the time spent
t16707.92021-08-24Hottest nukige of all time?link it's multi ending
t16872.22021-08-24WTH!!!!!!!!putting aside spoilers, the screenshot looks like one of those harnesses you put on to simulate what the weight would be like if you were pregnant
t950.10022021-08-23VNDB Suggestions!surely it wouldn't be too hard to create an autoswapper in case someone gets the name and original name fields the wrong way around when making a new
t16835.22021-08-19Regarding v7771.54yeah i don't see why it needs to be replaced apart from maybe sharpness concerns. the old cover was the first print pc version.
t16832.22021-08-18Do i need to play White Album 1?i've never played wa2 but i've played wa1. i doubt there's anything you need to know that can't be covered by reading a very brief description of it.
t15840.82021-08-18Who all has routes?#7, it is listed in the database, it's just set as a spoiler. Hit "spoil me" on the character page to reveal it
t10302.2662021-08-16Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink might be a meme account i'm not sure
t16811.22021-08-15Is there a way to hide the staff descriptions?I feel this is something that can be done with custom CSS but idk how to do it
t16807.22021-08-15Crash on startingset your computer's language to japanese if you right click your desktop and your context menus are not written in japanese it will not work
t16728.1442021-08-14A VN Play Time Voting Thingis there anything you should do when a playtime is clearly wrong (e.g. someone's "normal" speed far less than the voiced line total etc.) or should
t3617.26112021-08-10Tags suggestions/fixes#2609, no it should be a subtag. Straight shotacon is shota with any aged woman whereas Oneeshota is only with a subset of ages.
w2575.12021-08-10Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushikican't wait for you to give it a 1.1 like einstein afterwards lol
t16777.102021-08-09About russians in this VN#9, that's getting too real on us *sigh* why do they do this to me
t16777.42021-08-09About russians in this VNwhy would they even care? as long as you can tell they're meant to be russians it doesn't matter. in the end they're just foreigners, they don't care.
t16777.22021-08-09About russians in this VNthe japanese don't know russian? wow big surprise considering how often they mess up their own language...
t16776.22021-08-09Errors while playingit's probably your antivirus or windows defender deleting the exe lmao
t16774.32021-08-09Video playback on LinuxI feel you. I played through the whole FLOWERS series and the first time I realised there were meant to be videos and video playback wasn't working
t16728.912021-08-04A VN Play Time Voting Thing#86, thank you. Ideally we'd round to the nearest 5 hours or something but this will do for now.
t16728.342021-08-03A VN Play Time Voting ThingI agree with #32. I think it'd be good for it to say for example "Medium (~23 hours)" and you click to see the full stats.
t16712.42021-07-30Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their roleThere's no way this game is long enough to warrant hiding one. This whole idea will just bring about more questions about "where is the VA for this
t16712.22021-07-30Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their roleIs it really a spoiler? I just got an email from DLsite about that game and it's literally written there in the description.
t16711.42021-07-30Thoughts on Yuzusoft doing an all game?english on launch? no thanks
t16701.62021-07-28Ass or tits?i'm now wondering if thighs count as ass
w2482.42021-07-26Debutopia#1, here i was thinking that the average weight of women in america was ~120kg would be almost impressive having the average being just under double
t16681.62021-07-25Good mystery/scifi-ish VNs for beginner JSLs?#5, i prefer the brute force sequential cracking strategy to be honest that's just the first game that's really bad, the second game was more