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t12718.112019-08-19Popularity PollThe sole movement seems to be for first between maya and nanako.
t12718.82019-08-16Popularity Polllink It started. You can vote 3 times per day, 1 for each time interval. Ends the 26th of August.
t12718.42019-08-11Popularity PollI would just like them to show the voice actresses before the poll. That's a good chunk of the character. I hope the Jalter clone doesnt win because
t12718.12019-08-11Popularity PollThey are doing a Super Ero Appli populairt poll on August 16th. Much like Ero Mahou, they are doing this before revealing VAs. Who is your favorite
t10651.272019-08-09Mangagamer's Licensing Odds With This Titles-soon?
t12479.222019-07-23Thread for descriptionsI looked at her description on the website regarding avatar and wrote it to make more sense. Yes she can split herself.
t12530.262019-07-20Impregnation Tag?I guess with Eromahou, they were a lot more busy setting up the company and all that stuff.
t12530.232019-07-20Impregnation Tag?It is not officially confirmed by MF but this game has an ad in a shop that states a november 29th release date. Will probably be announced
t12479.202019-07-20Thread for descriptionsMasturbation data of the girls has been added.
t12479.192019-07-13Thread for descriptionsI dont know if they would respond. I honestly doubt they know either. It is kind of a gibberish fantasy name. Her main handle on the website is just
t12479.172019-07-13Thread for descriptionsYes, the intention is she puts on a bandage there cause it wont disappear from her body. Lecia's description also has other kana names for her
t12479.132019-07-08Thread for descriptionsHow well do you understand Japanese? I'm not fluent by any means but I can read well enough. That one thing with the kiss playing with the plastic
t12479.102019-07-07Thread for descriptionsThank you for doing this thread. I like your ideas. And you're right on that. Yukari seems to have multiple of these abilities but Accel Boost is
t12530.202019-07-01Impregnation Tag?I made a request to add "Oyakodon" as a character trait. It's a better fit than "incest". I think adding the impregnation tag is fine. It'll happen
t12530.172019-06-30Impregnation Tag?Each girl has an Oyakodon scene confirmed. I dont really like labeling it as "incest" but it's the closest thing. And they will all get impregnated
t12493.22019-06-21Nanako descriptionah it's cool. Go ahead. I havent done the other one. Seems like you got this covered!
t12471.32019-06-15Chou Ero Appli CharactersOk looks good. How did you get the images btw? I fished them out of the website but had to downsize them to get them to fit that much of the body
t12471.12019-06-15Chou Ero Appli CharactersHey there! I see you are working on the character too (actually you got all the other ones). I did Akira. Can I ask you to take care of the
t11794.22019-01-15Final measurementsWhat do you mean final measurements?