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t19717.72023-01-30Imagine gatekeeping your own gameYeah... the gameplay I don't think is hard. It's just you have to grind sometimes and that's it. It's not inventive or innovative. The story and
t19707.72023-01-23Gamplay QuestionsGot it. Yeah I just hit ctrl on boss stages I beat to farm exp. Wish they had an autoskip to the battle. Do you know what I'm referring to on the
t19707.52023-01-22Gamplay QuestionsAs in who should I focus on leveling most and buying equipment for? Also, some stages, there is a ---- on the equipment drop list. Does this mean
t19707.32023-01-22Gamplay QuestionsI see. I actually havent replayed any levels to farm EXP and items. I havent even thought about doing that. So I'll do that. Kiki's side quest at
t19707.12023-01-22Gamplay QuestionsSo I'm on the third chapter but there are a couple of side levels I am just getting destroyed on at the end of the second chapter. Am I supposed to
t19573.92023-01-03Walktrough?So it seems like this game is getting attacked on Fanza for the bad gameplay. Is this something that can be attested to? I bought this for yaegashi
w5790.62023-01-02Girls Frantic ClanIt seems like this game is carried hard by Yaegashi Nan's art then. I bought it for him.
t19573.72022-12-30Walktrough?So it's easier to do one girl over others. Whats the ranking in difficulty? Just got my copy today and will start playing tomorrow after I get out of
t19573.52022-12-28Walktrough?One route? As in one for a girl? Is there no true end or what not?
t19573.32022-12-28Walktrough?Did you already beat the game?
t19565.12022-12-25Regarding c95721.18Where does Luxual appear in hmaid? A chapter?
t19552.22022-12-24crashes?Not happening for me with the same set up. I didnt use the girlcelly rip
t19468.12022-12-04New "Harassment" mechaniclink So according to the main site's latest update, the animated blowjob scenes for each main character won't be conventional scenes but scenes the
t19322.112022-11-18Mommy popularity poll is up!Yeah saizel won. A lot less votes on this poll. I dont like the dark elf "mom" but glad she wasn't last for her archetypes sake
t19322.92022-11-14Mommy popularity poll is up!Vote ended yesterday. I assume Saizel won. I didn't vote in this one as much. I used too much energy pm yhe main girls poll
t19181.212022-11-04Hmaid popularity poll is up!In the chou ero appli artbook interview, the creators said NTR won't be a thing in motto! Haramase!. The new q&a segment with the characters updated
t19181.192022-11-04Hmaid popularity poll is up!The most we get from the moms is them saying "I never had one as good as you" or "it's been so long that I've had dick". The moms are there more out
t19322.22022-11-04Mommy popularity poll is up!These votes are so fucking tough. I want to vote them all.
t19181.122022-10-31Hmaid popularity poll is up!yeah I'm voting for her too.
t19181.92022-10-29Hmaid popularity poll is up!The winning character gets a colored pencil drawing by Akagi Rio. You can see this is what Chartina got for winning Hsucc's poll (link) It's pretty
t19181.62022-10-28Hmaid popularity poll is up!Based ojou won the poll. Good taste japan. And we get a new poll on the moms next week. Nice
t19181.22022-10-07Hmaid popularity poll is up!This one is tough. I have to go between Anastasia and Dyzenia
t19164.72022-10-02Luxual Appendix Disc and ASMR Track for 100 YenI like Kaguya a lot. Lumia should have replaced Myau. Maybe one day we get more content for her.... i pray
t19164.32022-10-01Luxual Appendix Disc and ASMR Track for 100 YenI think she was fairly popular. She didnt get in any polls but she seems to be the favorite side character from HSucc on japanese social media
t19164.12022-10-01Luxual Appendix Disc and ASMR Track for 100 YenHey everyone, Milk Factory released a downloadable appendix for the side character Luxual in EroSucc. The content includes a new scene for Luxual
t18936.82022-08-15Regarding c64070.24Oh yes you are right. I think it is definitely a middle name then
t18936.62022-08-15Regarding c64070.24Sure Here is from the artbook. I think it is a middle name fwiw but its definitely separated from romancia link
t18936.42022-08-15Regarding c64070.24Anyway, I'm adamant there is a space between the E/e and Romancia based on how her Japanese name is written. It's definitely separated by a space
t18936.32022-08-15Regarding c64070.24If you look at the japanese name it's カトレーヌ=エ=ロマンシア, the = indicates a separate name. The E is a middle name. I have the artbook, it's writte
t15940.32021-04-27Regarding c64052.27The translations are pretty spot on from the official website anyway. Maybe swap "protagonist" with "Takumi"
t15940.12021-04-27Regarding c64052.27Does the localizations for games always take priority when it comes to character bios, etc? The translation frontwing did for Erena is pretty good so
t3314.24912021-04-25TraitsIs there a trait for the boob curtains/flaps? Examples Elze Eve Dianta and Yumegasaki Mako or is it not widespread? Is reverse bunny girl enough of
t15871.122021-04-15Frontwing to localize this game.There is no game if there wasnt a patch. The game is like 90% H content. I'm surprised it's coming out next month and there no info on frontwing's
t15871.22021-04-14Frontwing to localize this game.Damn. They are obviously just selling it on steam to sell it on steam but there will need to be a hentai patch which is 90% of the game. The preview
t15513.162021-02-27EroSucc Popularity PollChaltina won. Similar to the poll from the last game link
t15329.162021-02-27Original character sourceLucia is Shinobu from KnY Citra Lockheart is Atelier Ryza Maron is that pirate vtuber
t15513.152021-02-18EroSucc Popularity PollI personally would love for them to bring back solo pregnant scenes for each girl like squeez used to do. Maybe Derauea doesnt like it. Rio in chou
t15543.32021-02-14Regarding c83601.8I went to check open world start. I was wrong my bad. The dog is the nameable character! Sorry about that, good catch. Thanks
t15543.12021-02-14Regarding c83601.8I have this game, the protag character is nameable. Shouldnt that be included?
t2108.36172021-02-13Candidates for deletionI did get confirmation that Sex Underworld e Youkoso! is a direct sequel to Sex Open World e Youkoso! The new Sejima Seiya character is not an
t15513.132021-02-13EroSucc Popularity PollPregnant mother end is confirmed for this one.
t2108.36152021-02-13Candidates for deletion#3612 Looking at it again, we'll have to see when the game comes out. This new game seems to be a direct sequel. The story is describing how he did
t2108.36132021-02-12Candidates for deletionOk then, thanks for clarification
t2108.36112021-02-12Candidates for deletionWell take for example Rance, I think the same profile is used across all his games correct? Is there a guideline for this kind of thing? So I am
t2108.36092021-02-12Candidates for deletionThis character, Sejima Seiya, needs to be deleted. I added it but realizethe game is a sequel game that uses the same protagonist: Sejima Seiya
t15513.42021-02-12EroSucc Popularity PollSorry, it is 3 votes per day but you can only vote once per 8 hour interval. The intervals are (in JST): 16:00-23:59, 240:00-7:59, and 8:00-15:59.
t15513.32021-02-12EroSucc Popularity PollThe poll has started: link One vote per day
t15329.152021-02-12Original character sourceImmediately recgonized Kokkoro. Angelica seems great
t15513.12021-02-07EroSucc Popularity PollPopularity poll for EroSucc starts next Friday (the 12th) on the website. Hope the winner gets a bit more artwork than Nanako did in chou ero appli's
t15329.72021-01-30Original character sourceDoesnt say Velda is a milf, just a wife.