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r62115.12019-02-08 at 23:07any13thDies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~New release announced by Lemnisca via Twitter, see here, link . They said they would do a better job localizing than the original, dang.
r59313.22018-09-03 at 11:26any13thETERNAL Project DAY 01: 00Changed it to English, but the trial also includes japanese, and added more general detais
r59313.12018-09-03 at 11:23any13thETERNAL ProjectDemo/Trial released, found out via twitter.
r54639.12017-11-27 at 22:11any13thEternal Hour: Golden Houradded 18+ release based on tweet
r54638.42017-11-27 at 22:09any13thEternal Hour: Golden Houradded age rating
r54638.32017-11-27 at 20:54any13thEternal Hour: Golden HourAdded resolution
v22191.42017-11-27 at 20:53any13thEternal Hour: Golden HourAdded third and final image
v22191.32017-11-27 at 20:53any13thEternal Hour: Golden HourAdded another image
r54638.22017-11-27 at 20:50any13thEternal Hour: Golden Houradded platform
v22191.22017-11-27 at 20:49any13thEternal Hour: Golden Houradded images