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t11760.112019-02-22Some plot holes. (spoilers)Wow, thanks. I did read C;H, but I remember very little of it and also missed out on Noah. Guess I've got another 5 year wait ahead for me for C;C
t11760.92019-02-21Some plot holes. (spoilers)I got my own set of plotholes/bit of confusion. 1. I'm going off of the assumption that the true end is a continuation of the common route. The
t9767.62019-01-25Read this VN after watching the anime?Each episode takes about 5-6 hours, but I will admit that it can drag a bit due to frequent scene setting, and the fact that a visual novel simply
t11213.52018-09-12New company: Too Kyo Games LLClink Somewhat bold claim from Uchikoshi saying all their works will be released in english, even if it's just two or three games. No localization
t11213.32018-09-11New company: Too Kyo Games LLCThe third concept is actually a collab between Nakazawa and Uchikoshi, echoing their roles in Infinity with Nakazawa acting as Director and Uchikoshi
t11213.12018-09-11New company: Too Kyo Games LLCKazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa:Creator/Director/Scenario Writer), Rui Komatsuzaki (Danganronpa:Character Design), Kotarou Uchikoshi (Zero Escape
t11175.132018-09-06The state of VNs on SteamThis was pretty informative. Thanks bunny for writing the article and everyone else for sharing your opinions.
t10750.502018-06-05Best Starter Visual NovelI'm concerned about Saya being num 1 so far, although Katawa Shoujo is pretty close. Still haven't played it, and probably won't, but for most
t10670.62018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsActually looks like MG is taking a hit with Kindred Spirits link , unless that somehow doesn't count.
t10390.122018-05-05YU-NO Remake on Steam and SwitchJust looking at the summary, I think this is a game I'd be okay without h-scenes. Seems like most people are stuck in the mindset that less is less
t10023.82018-05-03Memes from VNDBThis is a sacred place link
t10248.72018-04-29Hugs as a gameplay mechanicBut does he follow up with a suplex after?
t10432.422018-04-25Why VN with great story don't sell well on steam#41 I'm not saying the utter downfall of VN's would *cause* the end of gaming. I'm saying it would be a sign that people are growing away from
t10432.372018-04-24Why VN with great story don't sell well on steam@36 I'd say if VN's were to die out, then it'd be a sign that gaming or PC gaming as a whole is doomed. There'll always be folks who make VN's, even
t10504.22018-04-19Questions before starting1. Sometimes and sometimes 2. No, yes, IDK The games kinda a pain if you try to avoid the NTR, but gl.
t10492.22018-04-16Aeka route ending [spoiler]A little bit of both
t10475.112018-04-13A list of VNs that have official english releasesDue to the fact that the VN's are sorted by publisher, I assume the quality of translation/the reputation of the publisher would have some weight in
t10475.102018-04-13A list of VNs that have official english releasesMight I suggest linking the search filter in your FN post, since the end goal is accessibility of official english releases. [Here it is link ] With
t10475.32018-04-11A list of VNs that have official english releasesActual respek for this, maybe VNDB could use this list to tag certain releases as official to make things more streamlined. However, I did find a
t10432.312018-04-05Why VN with great story don't sell well on steamPretty hard to believe that people can have other perspectives and tastes, I can barely grasp the concept myself, but that's life for you.
t10432.242018-04-05Why VN with great story don't sell well on steamIf I had to chalk it up to a few reasons it'd be: 1)Knee jerk reaction to anime/weebs/jp culture 2)Not caring about story to begin with 3)Piracy 4
t10408.102018-04-05Potential of SC localizing Infinity seriesBump to bring this back up in case you missed it.
t8362.102018-04-02VN with a two part structure like Clannad?999 has this to a pretty close degree with the safe and true ending. Remember11 has Satoru's route as a "true end" of sorts which occurs at the same
t10408.92018-03-29Potential of SC localizing Infinity seriesI don't see why Machi wouldn't happen if 428 happened, plus its a Chunsoft work, so SC shouldn't be to resisting to the idea if 428 does well.
t10408.72018-03-29Potential of SC localizing Infinity seriesPersonally I associate Spike Chunsoft with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon first then ZE/Danganronpa, but that's because Explorers of the Sky is my childhood.
t10408.12018-03-29Potential of SC localizing Infinity seriesStatement showing Spike Chunsoft's interest in infinity series If you don't wish to click the link, SC says that "You can look forward to an
t10396.82018-03-26which visual novel will be a long running series?I'll guess based on my limited knowledge. Aokana/Sakuuta- IDK, they both have 1 sequel in the works, but without knowledge of a localization/the
t7531.262018-03-02Visual Novels with amazing soundtracksI'll repeat a few OSTs to nail them in as well as add some of my own.(No links because that's work) Symphonic Rain, G-Senjou no Maou,Clannad, Little
t10258.72018-02-14Happy Valentines!Today's gonna be a shitty day
t10244.32018-02-08Still aliveTime has started moving again... only to stop once more.
t7442.4292018-02-04Game inclusion in the DBCould Exit/Corners be added? From what little I know it's an OEVLN accessed online based on Zero Escape, but I'd just like to confirm to be sure. Exit
t10230.22018-02-04discussions of this vn^^^^^
t10164.22018-01-18Protagonist patheticness reviewThat's a nice maymay
t10157.62018-01-15Questions on Eden Afterstory[Spoilers]#4 Couldn't have said it any better myself, literally. Grisaia is almost like reverse Key where the slice of life bits are better than the emotional
t10157.32018-01-15Questions on Eden Afterstory[Spoilers]That simultaneously greatly improves my opinion of Eden while worsening my opinion on Phantom Trigger, but that was what I was expecting. Edited my
t10157.12018-01-15Questions on Eden Afterstory[Spoilers]Eden after story or the epilogue of Eden of Grisaia is only accessible in the 18+ version of the Eden of Grisaia, which released a few weeks ago. It
t6296.192018-01-15Thought on trilogyThe 18+ version came out a few weeks ago, and the epilogue makes me feel really ambivalent. I liked the little extra bits for contextualizing island
t10130.112018-01-09Is this a VN?So 80 Days is VN enough to stay, cool.
t2019.262018-01-09General Discussion on why Good People Dielink Let's just take a moment to appreciate Uchikoshi in his full glory.(Also bilingual respect, even if his english isn't too polished)
t10130.12018-01-09Is this a VN?I'm not one for removing stuff just because it doesn't fit a certain set of criteria, but to me this feels more like a text adventure like on older
t9683.532018-01-09Disturbing?@51 I'd thumbs up or favorite your comment if I could/ This debate appears absurd when I look at your summary with two sides having rather irrelevant
t9683.502018-01-08Disturbing?There goes 50 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
t9683.492018-01-08Disturbing?#47 Your definition of fiction is unclear, but for now I'll define it as Visual Novels specifically since that's what this website's all about. You
t9683.462018-01-03Disturbing?I'll be level with you, I don't agree with you on some of your votes, and that's all I really think. Your votes are far from the average, but I don
t9683.442018-01-03Disturbing?Remember DDLC? That was a pretty sscary game. But dang, somehow Grisaia and SubaHibi got into this. These boards are quite the fantastic place.
t9348.102017-12-30Everyone Thank Sekai Project + DovacLooking at Sekai's page, I've played 6 of their works, Planetarian, Fruit/Labyrinth of Grisaia, Clannad, Root Double and Chrono Clock. The worst
t10089.72017-12-30Top 30 Best Visual Novel of 2017Roughly top 30 English VNs of 2017 from VNDB 1.Muv-Luv Alternative 2.SubaHibi 3.Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru 4.Little Busters! 5.Dies irae 6.Chaos
t10089.62017-12-30Top 30 Best Visual Novel of 2017I'll try whipping one up on english translated vns from VNDB scores.
t10089.32017-12-30Top 30 Best Visual Novel of 2017Here's the right link link To save you the time, here's the list in text form. 30.Shin Koihime Musou Kakumei Souten no haou 29.Itsu made mo Boku dake
t2805.192017-12-29Higanbana and UminekoSince Higurashi is fiction within Umineko, I wonder if Higurashi exists in Higanbana given that Umineko's fictional existence within Higanbana is