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t17642.12022-01-13H-CODEIn case if anyone is troubled ;- /HW-4@39B1:mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll Note: Change the text speed to maximum in Settings or else the Japanese text will be
t16122.42021-05-29H-CODE?Thank you so much! @@c0nc34lm3nt
t16122.12021-05-28H-CODE?Can anyone please post H-CODE for this VN? Thanks
t14716.32020-12-31H-CODEYeah. Found out later!
t10946.22020-12-31If you need the h codeThank you. Because of you, I am able to enjoy this game!
t12960.52020-09-16Broken text..Font issue?@2 Thank you for your suggestion. It solved my issue also
t14716.12020-09-12H-CODEDoes anyone have a H-Code for this? Thank you!