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c4655.362021-10-24 at 23:44slashslayerNishijou TakumiTakumi's character in ESO can only be romanized as "Neidhardt" or "KnightHart", not "KnightHeart", even if it's a misspell. "knight-hart"(all
v248.922021-09-11 at 19:42slashslayerInfinityReverted to edit 90 since absolutely no reason whatsoever was presented for the last edit. although i'll not childishly persist on reversing back
v248.902021-09-11 at 18:55slashslayerInfinityReverted to "Infinity" to make it consistent with the decision of having "Infinity Curé" as a separate VN(not a Never7 release) in the database, as
c10833.272021-09-07 at 21:57slashslayerMitsurugi Reijione more trait added
v31157.72021-09-02 at 21:11slashslayerHigurashi no Naku Koro ni: Console Arcsadded "-hen" at the end of each arc title in the description
c10833.262021-07-29 at 16:36slashslayerMitsurugi ReijiI added 2 traits and updated the image
c10833.252021-07-24 at 16:33slashslayerMitsurugi Reijiadded "hosome" trait and swapped previous image for one with better quality in which his looks are more detailed and visible
c10833.222021-01-08 at 22:57slashslayerMitsurugi ReijiAdded "Insightful" personality trait. Mitsurugi constantly extracts the truth from other people through breaking their lies, by noticing their