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t8242.8632021-11-26The how to edit thread"- Japanese titles that are originally using the latin alphabet (i.e. not romanized) sometimes had weird and nonsensical capitalization, the rule was
t1052.3162021-11-18Quotes question..."Hee... hee, hee... heehee... uehee... haha... ahyah... (not sure, I mean, it is supposed to be a very creepy laughing) What is between brackets was
t12465.272021-11-15Option to select title language🎉🎉🎉
t12465.252021-11-15Option to select title languagewe're completely filled with enthusiasm, believe me. do it and we'll all throw a party in case there'll be an option to select the title language
t2108.43202021-11-14Candidates for deletion"There is even a fucking precedent: Fata Morgana no Yakata: Gendai-hen. It was split of from the other Fata Morgana releases, despite never having an
t15917.192021-11-12This does have an English translation.#17 speak for yourself
t6984.42021-11-11English Translationsasking again here to know if someone has any new info on this. even muramasa was getting translated somewhere before JAST officialy announced the
t1052.3102021-11-10Quotes question...Dies Irae "Me, come at you? Give me a fucking break. You're the one who needs to crawl out of the gutter and come at me, shithead." "How come I'm not
t15917.122021-11-10This does have an English translation."Reason being that I only want true fans of Happoubi Jin to enjoy this English Translation Patch of mine. In order to prove that you are a true fan
t16054.2032021-11-08Reporting MTL releasesisn't link MTL?
t950.10702021-11-08VNDB Suggestions!It would also be a good idea to have the playtimes their own column in the list
t17258.112021-10-31Why no friend/following system?and Yorhel's answer is surprisingly the only one that makes sense out of all of the above
t10302.3452021-10-29Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadis there anyway to check if i'm on the "ignore list" or not without backreading the entire threads? if i recall correctly some years ago my list only
t17258.32021-10-29Why no friend/following system?"This is not a social media platform."VNDB having this system wouldn't automatically turn it into one either that being said i don't particularly
t8242.8202021-10-25The how to edit threadwell, as someone who has played the novel i think that it's a case that perfectly fits your criteria(specially considering that the incomplete
t8242.8062021-10-22The how to edit thread#801 "I honestly think infinity should be restored...""games that are made with the intent of being merged and then DO get merged into one release
t8242.7942021-10-21The how to edit threadyes, you're right. Infinity+Cure does have some differences according to the previous discussion(route order, Infinity being too much buggy etc.) but
t8242.7922021-10-21The how to edit threadactually, one of my last remarks gave me an idea that would fix my main problem here: if you moderators really don't want to merge the entries, then
t8242.7912021-10-21The how to edit thread"That said, I'm pretty sure this might be terribly received by the Infinity fans. After all, renaming Never7 to Infinity caused quite a backlash." if
t8242.7872021-10-20The how to edit threadhey, I myself caused the first post that you mentioned. I've also already read everything in the second discussion. No conclusion about the topic
t17214.72021-10-20VNs with the best comedic elementswithout a single doubt, 428. it's by far the best humorous VN i've played, everything works perfectly together there, the aesthetic, the
t8242.7852021-10-20The how to edit threadlastly, i also want to say that i am all ears to help and suggestions about trying to speak about this issue correctfully; I thought about making
t8242.7842021-10-20The how to edit threadhello, i'd like to remember Beliar that after he deleted the Infinity entry, he forgot to do the very same thing with Infinity Cure. The reason for
t10474.142021-10-19Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)judging by the screenshots in the main page, the best version by far seems to be the SNES/PS1 one; the PC and Mobile ones seem so tasteless. i always
t17110.62021-10-16Editing tags and traitswow, you're fast. i got lost for a second i particularly believe directly editing would be more viable but i admit i was unaware of threads with such
t17110.42021-10-16Editing tags and traits"imagine if any randomer could edit tag definitions and change the criterion for application."then a moderator would notice that in the recent
t8145.992021-09-03Release of the translation#96 based
t8145.942021-09-03Release of the translation#89 why the hell are you speaking for someone else? what denial? i wasn't even talking about a matter of whether this translation is any good or not
t8145.882021-09-03Release of the translationso, vninfohata, are you going to present any basis for what you're claiming or are you going to just keep regurgitating denials to what killbay is
t13840.82021-09-02Please consider undeleting this entryi support the decision of having a separate entry for reincarnation. it would favor organization a lot specially considering ernovace's point " Where
t8145.832021-09-02Release of the translation#74 be careful there, eacil's oversensitiveness might decide that your "pathetic" should be considered an insult and your post deleted #77 i've
t16831.52021-09-01Any hope of playing the translation on PC?#2 well, the Ace Attorney translation does the same and it's a really good translation. i also hope to play this vn someday if i find a way to do so
w2733.52021-09-01Soukou Akki Muramasa#4 yes ADHD is a lie told by the globalists trying to conceal your data for themselves so they can manipulate your life and your money. you are so
t8242.7542021-09-01The how to edit threadwhy are you and poudink thinking that i'm complaining about agreement just because i further explained my points? in this case what i'm talking about
t8145.672021-08-31Release of the translationno, it didn't. it only categorized the kind of criticism and behavior most people complaining about the translation were having; there was nothing
t8145.652021-08-31Release of the translationi suppose yorhel deleted my previous post because he also thought i was mocking when i mentioned real examples of this behavior LOL
t8145.622021-08-31Release of the translationwhy the hell was my post deleted if i didn't write any insult at all anyway, yorhel, gambs tweeted an edited screenshot of your post saying that you
t16794.232021-08-31WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?did you just openly use ad populum?
w71.52021-08-30Cross†Channel#4 there's also simple unluckiness factor behind it. all three teams responsible for their respective translations are known for doing terrible jobs
t16794.202021-08-30WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?"Even masterpiece-level vns like Clannad" get a load of this fellow
t8242.7502021-08-26The how to edit threadit didn't seem you were trying to agree with me at all, if anything your phrasing implied you just wanted to deny my point, after all: "There no
t8242.7482021-08-25The how to edit thread#746 "For starters that's a pretty loaded way of phrasing the question, since it largely implies your stance is "definitely correct". Or as someone
t16867.52021-08-24Question about the vndb_txt twitter accountbased account. im just waiting for it to post the Dies irae offends christianity thread
t950.10002021-08-20VNDB Suggestions!any plans to include "days" as a time unit in the "play times" section of an user profile? i think everyone agrees that it would be much better to
t8242.7452021-08-19The how to edit thread"after that lenghty discussion and various arguments regarding the split, the mod still convinced that it's still not worth it." are there any
t8242.7422021-08-16The how to edit threadso was this infinity discussion just forgotten, leaving the database with inconsistencies in some entries and that's it? no change or progress at all?
t2108.39842021-08-15Candidates for deletiondude, just delete "Infinity cure" as an entry and include such as a release for the totality that IS Never7 as an entry. it would be consistent with
t2108.39822021-08-15Candidates for deletion"The title wasn't included in the other entry in the beginning, as it was a standalone fan-disc, hence this entry is not obsolete." good, then just
t2108.39802021-08-15Candidates for deletioncan you staff delete infinity cure, please? it's a pain to have this on the list just because i added a release which includes this for some reason
t16794.32021-08-12WTF? A masterpiece level OELVN?"It's definitely closer to Remember11"you also have to deduce 35% of the entire game in sekimeiya then?