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t8145.502021-08-30Release of the translationI'm in multiple translation servers which people are very open to help clarifying translations. Not limited to just VNs, but even manga servers too
t15635.1012021-05-11Amayui castle meister TranslationThe topic of MTL itself is simple for me: If you know Japanese to a level you can read raw VNs, then you can attempt translating. DeepL is the best
t15635.302021-05-08Amayui castle meister Translation@24 I mean, anybody who really care for Eushully or [insert games they love] could also do the better alternative - learn JP. With this you're pretty
t15635.232021-05-08Amayui castle meister Translation@17 The grip I have with this patch is how iffy the people around this were. It’s pretty common in fan TL scene nowadays; if you are doing your
t15635.122021-05-08Amayui castle meister TranslationYes this is important to point out. However well-edited or proofread, this is still a work built upon MTL. I’ve seen so many claiming this is legit
t15589.42021-02-22DokuDoku Translations is mtlwait what, who in their right mind actually thought mtl is a good experience for a plot-and-meta-heavy game like MGQ?
t9162.182021-01-14Some questions. (Spoilers)#14 Interesting read, surprisingly this hits very close to my theory when I just finished DTRH1 without any replay, being the MC is not Yuki but
t12984.102019-10-08Which english visual novel company is bigger?MG and Sekai does have a lot of titles, especially Umineko for MG, but personally JAST has the most interesting-over-quantity ratio much more than
t10083.12017-12-28Will anything in "ATTWN" spoil Umineko?I want a non-spoiler opinion of anyone who have seen/read both series. If I watch/read And Then There Were None, will Umineko be spoiled? Of course