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t12455.112019-06-14Possible Update from Jast coming soonWell I mean it's trying hard to be funny so it's accurate. I don't think a 3.0 has anything to do with whether the comedy is funny or not. Also I
t12455.82019-06-14Possible Update from Jast coming soonNot really funny at all(not for lack of trying either). It does have an interesting concept that plays well to the writer's 'abilities'. Actually it
t12411.142019-06-03Racism in the translation.It's before eroge comes up. It makes sense in context. Well, as much sense as a girl tackling you and immediately talking about hardcore fucking
t12405.552019-06-03The worst translation I've ever seenThe "for dudes" part is what goes with the "even though you're a woman" part. The translated line keeps the "women don't usually play eroge
t12411.82019-06-03Racism in the translation.Describing eroge as 紙芝居 is a common thing among people that try to be condescending to them so seeing that line with absolutely no knowledge to the
t12405.272019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seenI mean, I got out of translation because I lacked the creativity to be able to write interesting English in place of the Japanese so you're not wrong
t12405.232019-06-02The worst translation I've ever seenThey translated bye into something that also means bye? Those monsters. Next you're going to tell me that they translate hello as hi
t12229.72019-04-25Essay of a VN writerIf anything the blurb about physical vs download paints the physical distributors in a bad light. Granted distributors are always the main group that
t11960.42019-04-22Hype?Best game in the series is link actually! But yeah not quite a masterpiece. You have to keep in mind that this series was a lot of people's first
t12118.172019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyHe's voted entire series with over a dozen games(Kyonyuu Fantasy) a 1 too Why would you keep playing over a dozen games in a series that you despise
t12102.32019-03-26Should i wait for steam version?The fan translation is shit. I mean I can't guarantee the Steam version won't also be shit but it'll probably be better at least
t11673.72018-12-18mediocre to bad... writingI like how there's a their/they're/there tier mistake in that passage. Not saying it's anything more than a dumb typo but it's just kind of funny.
t11645.122018-12-13Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...What's the problem, don't you want to fuck a prinny. Though looking into it, she is a bokukko and those are terrible so I can respect the effort to
t11645.62018-12-13Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...As far as I can tell the Arunaru dissing is just a meme that started with Rance fans on 4chan butthurt over not using the terms they were used to and
t11611.82018-12-08About the Shin Koihime † Musou series...I actually thought the way the harem worked was Sengoku Koihime's main strength. It was refreshing not reading a "haha girl gets mad for stupid
t11611.42018-12-08About the Shin Koihime † Musou series...The original Koihime Musou set the base of "Japanese dude dimension-slips into Three Kingdoms with cute girls" which is what they all share in common
t10558.2052018-11-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierThat's true, but the reason people have an issue with it is because it also means you're referring to characters like Loki, Fenrir, Surt, etc. as
t10558.2032018-11-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierI wouldn't nitpick the translation but it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as monster. In fact you can find works of fiction where monsters
t10558.1582018-09-23Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierI feel sorry for them. Try to take a step into the western market for the first time, get caught in a shitstorm created by the people they're trying
t10558.1532018-09-23Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierA lot of work for a kickstarter that's probably going to fail anyway. Goal is a bit too high for something this niche. Granted I guess there could
t10558.1422018-09-22Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierGears of Dragoon is a great recommendation If you want someone to never want to play another Ninetails game ever again. That said, if you held a
t10558.962018-07-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierYeah, all the VB protagonists are generally asshole anti-heroes but I don't think I'd describe any of them as scoundrels. The word scoundrel conjures
t10558.912018-06-30Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierYou could play in a way that minimizes rape scenes but IIRC there's one mandatory scene that plays when they first join. Also playing in that way
t10827.22018-06-19Tsugumi and who she put in the Lemur CostumeI don't remember much about this game but I think it's worth noting that the biggest reason for Tsugumi's extreme distrust is because of the
t10737.22018-06-01Maou Heroine in name only?Why do you keep talking about hats
t10558.522018-05-02Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierWell, Starless was a one man project of nearly 3 MBs of repetitive tripe and sex scenes... You don't want to end up like that do you(遠い目)
t10558.462018-05-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierJust the 3rd line in the game after the backstory summary 側近の制止を振り返って、中性的な外見を持つ青年が謁見の間へと滑り込む。Is translated as While reflecting on what the advisor
t10558.352018-05-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierActually if they're interested in making money they might want to consider finding a Chinese translator too. Strangely enough the biggest Venus
t10558.152018-05-01Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierHead. The word English speakers generally use there is head. The main issue is just that it has this kind of obvious 'translated from Japanese' feel
t10558.122018-04-30Kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontier"That is, a floating miniature garden of the gods." Oh man, I can already envision the それは、 in the original text without even having to see the
t10558.52018-04-30Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierIsn't there some kind of rule about sexual content with kickstarter? If they're going through kickstarter then their product probably won't contain
t10162.592018-03-28MG Survey 2018Lewd elves and attractive character design pretty much The game itself is actually pretty unspectacular(no surprise there really)
t8633.62018-03-25TranslationOn an unrelated note, translating gaiden as sideboob story in the context of this series gets a thumbs up from me
t10353.212018-03-18Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of Eroge@12 Why did you play over 300 hours worth of a series you think is subpar wtf
t10330.102018-03-07DDLC more like copy from chronoboxDid you just make a new account to agree with yourself or did you both just attend the same English class
t10330.22018-03-07DDLC more like copy from chronoboxYou can't rag on DDLC for copying something and not bring up Totono. Come on
t10312.62018-03-02More Kyonyuu FantasyI haven't really been digging 3 so I'd prefer if they just dropped it and moved on to 4(if there's going to be a 4 anyway) I guess they gotta reuse
t10282.22018-02-24harem ?They're both harems but the atmosphere is pretty different. I have to say that Sengoku Koihime actually has one of the most pleasant harems of any
t8674.122018-02-17Playable or not?Yeah it kind of gave me a Baldr vibe in that aspect. Also the fact that it was a time loop story legitimately caught me by surprise when I played it
t10216.22018-02-01is anybody excited for this?I wasn't even excited for Bringer
t10188.812018-02-01English patch released, but...From what I recall of checking Abyss's out of curiosity you can't even really call it a translated interface at all. It's half-hearted crap that
t10188.782018-02-01English patch released, but...It's been a long ass time since I played the older games but I recall thinking the writing style in general actually got more light/casual starting
t10188.712018-01-31English patch released, but...Crow had Dana get him some forbidden book and this discussion is the reward for that. 解明 is referring to being able to decipher the contents of that
t10188.182018-01-26English patch released, but...Venus Blood names mostly come from mythology. Brigid, Dana, Lyr, and Midhir are all Celtic in origin. As mentioned, Dana is listed as Danann just
t10188.42018-01-24English patch released, but...Someone translated a Venus Blood game and it's Chimera? Why
t10084.102017-12-30Just finishedI really digged the last game but most of the erogamescape reviews say you'd be disappointed if you go into it expecting something like Chusingura 46
t10069.22017-12-26The story doesn't fit the official description!Did they literally name the rich man Rudman. Aren't they supposed to make the name a humorous parody of the original in cases like this instead of
t9946.112017-12-263rd generation inbreeding?You didn't look very hard then link
t9750.162017-12-20Thoughts from someone who suffers from DepressionYou're talking about a game where Sayori's depression is artificially amplified by Monika manipulating her programming to the point where she kills
t10008.22017-12-11Trying to remember a visual novelMaybe this link I never actually played it but it sounds like what you're describing. Granted it's not that old so maybe not since it couldn't have