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t13722.72020-03-27Now they are focusing on mobile game#6 Idk if it was posted after your submission, but in the thread Doddler and Kiriya (of Nekonyan) state that certain bugs are unique to pirated
t13722.42020-03-25Now they are focusing on mobile gameMangaGamer, and Sol Press did report some similar numbers I believe, but there's no really reliable numbers. I've never played anything by Swan or
t13722.22020-03-25Now they are focusing on mobile gameSeeing as this link happened to SofthouseChara it's a very understandable move. Probably should be more common in light of the piracy numbers
t13677.22020-03-16More VN like 'Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai'link Here So try to find what you liked about it, and go via that with the resources provided.
t13667.22020-03-14GuideOfc there is. Check
t13548.22020-02-15Favoriting Developers?There's some free services to alert you (via email) of changes made to pages. If we're just talking about staying on vndb. You can follow developers
t13471.372020-01-30where are you from?To add to what #36 said, there's also Getchu and Gyutto for downloading. You don't even need to proxy if you buy through Amazon and/or Amiami
t13426.22020-01-14English translationThat'll probably depend on the crowdfunding project. So if you really want them you need to be ready to throw money whenever they launch it. You
t13306.72019-12-22Maitetsu/HemoImo don't show up on first noticed it in November during the black Friday sale, so fairly recently I'd presume.
t13306.42019-12-19Maitetsu/HemoImo don't show up on login for controversial tags, dunno why onikiss even shows up now.
t13209.22019-11-29Regarding r5634.1Hello! I don't know why you wrote to Eyeless, but there is a downloadable release next to it. If you go to the official site you'll find the links to
t11272.232019-11-26Localization announcement#22 Meru is a translator herself (Flowers, and so on) , so she knows the plights of being one. The translator has multiple years of experience so he
t13171.32019-11-20Holy Breaker!2At a seminar, so only took the first result I found upon searching for the title. link You can buy it there.
t13128.42019-11-09Out of BetaAh crap, missed the gaiden part. Sorry op. The first one must've sold damn well, I should get back to that one who knows when. On to the estimate
t13128.22019-11-09Out of BetaWe've known that for 2 weeks lol. Ya could've checked steam, their store or just gone back a bit on Twitter to see this link
t12665.32019-10-23Which end to avoid besides Shibuya ?#2 I went ahead and checked the releases for you. You can pick it up as part of a release bundle on a bunch of places, or solo on most of them. You
t13032.22019-10-16Sengoku Rance latest bug fix patch 1.05Beliar or Yorhel could you remove that link? It has links to pirated versions of the MG release as well as the patch. Players of the MG release
t13004.22019-10-11Recommended Route orderJust follow the walkthrough here link. It's probably the most efficient/best.
t12980.22019-10-06Any idea on where to get this VN?Melonbooks DL was linked on the product page, you tried that? Don't have VPN on this device so can't check myself. link
t12943.22019-09-30savesSeems to still be available to me. link Edit: Oh geez. The other post is from 2012. Just copy the title, and add sagaoz when using Google or
t12931.32019-09-29where can i get chinese patch for VNs?Seeing as no one has replied. Most fan-tl groups distribute them as patches. I believe there shouldn't be any real need to torrent most files of that
t12862.42019-09-21missing a few scenesSeiya usually has walkthroughs for every VN, so you can use it for (practically) all your future needs!
t12858.22019-09-14Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Successlink
t12855.42019-09-13VNs with dubs other than Snatcher and Sonicomi?I'm really not sure why (tried settings, reinstalling) but Huniepop was bugged on my laptop. I had music, SFX, and stuff, but no voices. So it was a
t12707.22019-08-07Wouldn't be cool if a chat would be implemented?This has been brought up before. Well at least with some similarity. link You may interpret that as you please. An option is to join the /r
t12618.52019-07-17no-CD patchHmm, I just figured it was cause most pirated VNs seem to be the physical copies, sorry.
t12618.22019-07-17no-CD patchThat would be aiding piracy which is no good. If you like this VN, please support the creators of it. You can either do so by actually buying a
t10773.42019-07-03Translation*Thread from over a year ago *OP states almost certainly bullshit =You think this is happening? Maybe keep an eye on the AX announcements this week
t12521.22019-06-28Does anyone know who made the art for this game?link CanKing and NuDa. Regret not backing higher lol.
t12501.72019-06-24Where can i buy the VN for PC?This is Aquaplus of Utaware fame, so no real chance. Maybe some port of the PS Vita release? It's not like they haven't released stuff in English
t12502.22019-06-24Hellolink Went on Blue Gale's site, and found a link to their store. You can probably buy all of their products there.
t12501.42019-06-24Where can i buy the VN for PC?Ahh, I mostly buy merch haha. Now that I think about it, that seems quite accurate.
t12501.22019-06-23Where can i buy the VN for PC?This is actually a pretty good place to ask. The translation is quite poorly regarded. Regardless, WA2 has some pretty sweet physical boxes, so I can
t12415.32019-06-04Question regarding a VN you ratedHere's the game in question link It's tagged as doujin software there, so probably no product code.
t10757.52019-05-28White background bugDid updating your graphics card not work, or did it not work even though you updated your graphics card? You could contact MG support since you own
t12367.102019-05-28Help plsHaha, it's absolutely no problem! I'll look forward to hearing more in the future:)
t12367.82019-05-26Help plsThere's not much sustenance to them (my recommendations) so it's not really a problem. +A pretty welcome break when writing essays lol. I mostly
t12367.62019-05-26Help plsOk, so there's not too much yuri VNs (referring to only Japanese ones) out there in English IMO. Cause straight titles are really popular, idk if
t12367.42019-05-25Help plsThere's a Chinese release available as well. It's tagged as freeware and a full download which is pretty crappy IMO. No support for Yurin Yurin. We
t12365.42019-05-24Download/PurchaseYou can use any proxy service with them. Like link link link
t12367.22019-05-24Help plsLol, the patch is TBA. Doesn't seem to be ultra active so maybe it's a secret MG project haha. Regardless, it (the JP releases) should be available
t12341.22019-05-17When you know what i meanI have no idea what you mean tbh, could even be intended for all I know. You could contact MG's or Hermit's support, though.
t12339.32019-05-17A Password Policy UpdateRoger! I'll change my password even if it's somehow passable (which I doubt.) Since I use this so extensively for keeping track of my VNs it would be
t12258.32019-05-01VN's for AndroidI know Tom (another user here.) reads a few on android. I use Gyutto for some music, and he for some VNs. (afaik....) I'll go ahead and presume you
t12094.122019-04-15Steam ReleaseIt's what usually happens haha. Several of my friends prefer to not buy on steam, then I tell them it's available elsewhere after they've reluctantly
t12180.42019-04-12walkthrough?That's really weird tbh. I initially went on otakulair since I've a slight preference for their layout, but Fuwa is always my secondary option. (Not
t12180.22019-04-12walkthrough?Love that it's so hard to search on the net. link Enjoy.
t12171.22019-04-10Reason why this was locked?Check the edit history, that's the reason. Someone that didn't follow the guidelines kept editing it. They don't seem to have been around in almost 2
t12094.82019-04-08Steam ReleaseI was thinking of link when I read ladder structure... lol. It's not, don't worry. More like you're climbing the ladder on the side of a building
t12165.22019-04-08Will it be removed from Steam?It's more due to the conception that trap is used deragatorily against people that for example look like males, but are female. I won't take any side