Length votes by killller150

2022-10-02Magical Otoge Anholly1h20mNormalr45644All choices.
2022-10-02Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz11h58mNormalr74220100% Trophies. All 3 Story Endings and all 4 Abbie Endings.
2022-10-01\ \ \4mNormalr92557
2022-09-27Mira's Magical Mishap1hNormalr33748All 7 Endings and all CGs.
2022-09-25Romance Detective32mNormalr38348
2022-09-25The world to reverse.32mNormalr719Hallucinate - 14m. Flanca - 18m.
2022-09-25Witch/Knight1h21mNormalr45524All 4 Endings.
2022-09-24Yume Goshi no Sora25mNormalr57512m - The Caged Vagrant. 13m - Plumerai.
2022-09-23TRUE REMEMBRANCE4h39mNormalr41,r738594h 11m for the main game, 28m for Fragments of Memory and related things.
2022-09-22Kindness Coins10mNormalr27623All choices.
2022-09-19Netorare Otoko no Ko ~Ore no Osananajimi no Mujaki na Otoko no Ko ga Masaka Sobou na Taiiku Kyoushi ni Yowami o Nigirarete Choukyou Sarete Itsu no Ma ni ka Kairaku ni Oborete Aheahe Double Peace de Video Satsuei Sarete Yorokondeita Da Nante!!~4h21mNormalr50914100% Completion.
2022-09-19Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet1h8mNormalr96001All 10 Endings.
2022-09-12Gogatsu no Sora.3h53mNormalr2682Includes the extra scenario.
2022-09-10spring leaves no flowers41mNormalr84971100% Trophies.
2022-09-10last day of spring49mNormalr84971100% Trophies.
2022-09-09Tsuki no Terasu1h22mNormalr2487
2022-09-08A Summer with the Shiba Inu4h57mNormalr73278100% Trophies. Used a guide to reach half of the endings.
2022-09-08Tegami53mNormalr2497All choices + Postscript.
2022-09-07Natsu no Owari ni39mNormalr526All choices.
2022-09-06Hissatsu Panda Samurai14mNormalr578Includes Postscript and Extra.
2022-09-06Mukou no Yume18mNormalr146
2022-09-05Kawaisou na Kotori11mNormalr589Usually let the text play out at the natural speed. Includes the Afterword.
2022-09-05Otoko Dogeza Jigoku24mNormalr137All choices.
2022-09-05Tokoyo no Hoshizora2h52mNormalr135
2022-08-31Sore Jaa, Mata ne.24mNormalr591
2022-08-31Natsu no Hi no Resonance1h4mNormalr177
2022-08-30Conspiracy Girls56mNormalr78096Includes the extra unlocked after the main story.
2022-08-30Blind Men2h45mFastr70807100% Trophies. All choices.
2022-08-28Gyakuten Higurashi Saiban ~Curry Naru Gyakuten~23mNormalr91667
2022-08-28Hierofanía 22h6mNormalr48314All 9 Endings (0-8).
2022-08-26World End Syndrome26h18mNormalr62703100% Trophies. 19/20 Collection Items. Visited the vast majority of locations and times.
2022-08-26SWAN SONG24h30mNormalr5735All CGs/Choices/Endings.
2022-08-22Hierofanía1h38mNormalr19871All 7 Endings.
2022-08-20Canadian Higurashi21mNormalr78952
2022-08-13Colors ~ Aoi's Utopia ~58mNormalr33198All 3 Endings and most choices.
2022-08-13Diving in Deep1h1mNormalr39488All 6 endings and nearly all choices.
2022-08-12The Mishka Effect1h16mNormalr45548Both endings and nearly all choices.
2022-08-09Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.03h7mNormalr76122,r768281h 35m for the main 9 scenarios, 1h 32m for the 3 sex scenes.
2022-08-08Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.35h10mNormalr57752,r761244h 42m for both endings, 28m for the Additional Scene.
2022-08-06Fest-off25mNormalr45557Both Endings.
2022-08-06Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai vol.27h11mNormalr577515h 38m for the main game and alt ending, 1h 33m for the Additional Scenes.
2022-08-05DISCIPLINE -The record of a Crusade-30h28mNormalr96All 5 Endings and all CGs. 20h 40m to reach first ending (END2), 9h 48m for the last four.
2022-08-04Fairly Dangerous1h9mNormalr39537At least 6 Endings.
2022-08-03Fetish50mNormalr32290All 7 Endings and all choices.
2022-08-02Fetish: Wanted47mNormalr37337All choices and endings.