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6Finished07th TheaterNice crossover parody VN, the second one story is much better than the first.2020-01-292020-01-292014-10-05
9Finished428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~Surprisingly engaging and well-done, the real-life pictures work very well, and the plot really heats up as it goes on.2020-02-222020-03-042008-12-04
-Playing5 -Five-2021-09-092008-07-25
8Finished9 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi HarunokazeBetter than the 2nd, liked the world building2021-11-092021-11-102019-04-26
7.5Finished9 -Nine- Kokonotsu Kokonoka KokonoiroSolid introductory chapter2021-11-072021-11-082017-04-28
8Finished9 -Nine- Sorairo Sorauta SoranootoBetter than the 1st, felt a bit like a Key VN, could have done without the incest2021-11-082021-11-092018-04-27
8.5Finished9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana YukinoatoBest one, really like how it concluded everything, last hour was good stuff2021-11-112021-11-112020-04-24
7.5FinishedAdabana ItanA personal tale wrapped in Japanese folk tales, great at what it goes for. Aniplex why is this region blocked...2020-07-012020-07-032020-06-18
5FinishedAguni ~Unmei no Saki~Mid prequel chapter from Myth2021-11-212021-11-212006-08-24
7.5FinishedAirDidn't hit as hard as other Key works, but still a solid entry, I read this during a heatwave for maximum immersion.2019-07-212019-08-062000-09-08
8FinishedAI: The Somnium FilesIt's Uchikoshi, was a fun ride but held back by some bad decisions, namely the gameplay being trial and error, and the fight scenes killing the tension every time.2019-09-182019-09-232019-09-17
7FinishedAme no MarginalInteresting world but characters aren't interesting & nothing is explained. Requires Fuyu no Polaris + its Drama CD.2021-07-262021-07-262014-12-30
9FinishedAngel Beats! -1st Beat-Much better than the Anime, the depth to the characters and possible choices you can take makes this a great read, too bad 2nd beat never.2019-12-012020-09-172015-06-26
8.5FinishedATRI -My Dear Moments-An enthralling read, the small cast of characters and post-apocalyptic world really drew me in to it's atmosphere. Art and OST are phenomenal too.2020-06-282020-06-302020-06-18
5FinishedCarrot Cake Jinkaku Shuffle JikenHonestly forgot what happened in this... NarKarma EngineA when?2019-10-072019-10-072015-04-01
8.5FinishedChaos;ChildGreat entry into SciADV, unfortunately I watched the Anime first, but still it's a thrilling murder mystery story with lots of twists and sci-fi.2018-07-012018-07-092014-12-18
8FinishedChaos;HeadGood start to SciADV, the atmosphere during the first half drew me in like nothing else has really done before, but it fell off a bit towards the end. Looking forward to Noah.2018-05-252018-06-062008-04-25
8FinishedChristmas Tina -Utakata Toukei-Peak VN presentation, and the plot is great too, wholesome but with some good drama2021-07-292021-07-302019-12-20
7.5StalledCiconia no Naku Koro niPhase 1 was good, though OST was very disappointing, took quite a while to get going too.2019-09-042019-10-04
10FinishedClannadReread: 1. My first VN and it'll forever be 10/10 for me, when I first watched the Anime it killed me and led to me seeking out all of Key's other works and becoming enlightened to the power that Nakige holds.2017-02-222017-09-212004-04-28
6FinishedClannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi deReread: 1. Not the best honestly, some of the side stories are good (Akio's is the best) but others are pretty dull, and there's no way to go through them fast so it drags a lot. Still, it's Clannad so it's good.2017-09-222017-09-262010-06-03
7.5FinishedDangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiFun game, nonsensical ending2021-10-112021-10-132010-11-25
8.5FinishedDies irae ~Acta est Fabula~I wasn't that into this at the start but as the routes went on, whilst I couldn't pin down why, I just became more and more invested in the story and the Chuuni events that were happening until I was having a blast. Too bad probably no other entries in the series will ever get translated.2019-03-042019-05-092009-07-24
7FinishedDies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~Bit underwhelming coming off Dies Irae, it wasn't that interesting of a side story, but it's still worth reading2019-05-092019-05-112016-03-25
6FinishedDoes Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? "Glass no Naka no Shoujo"Interesting concept, gameplay was a bit annoying2021-10-022021-10-022002-03-31
7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!Reread: 1. Not part of the anti-DDLC team but the VN SOL parts at the start were really boring and I felt no attachment to the characters, so how does this still have an active fanbase that loves them... Plus edition was a waste of time2017-10-062017-10-112017-09-22
7.5FinishedEver17 -The Out of Infinity-Heavy disappointment, sure the true route's great and there's occasionally cool stuff, but the path to it is just generic boring slice of life dating sim stuff, where is the tension? Just read 999 and Root Double instead, this is only worth it for Remember11, should have been left in the past.2020-03-172020-03-242002-08-29
5FinishedFamicolleADV Steins;Gatemake something new2019-10-152019-10-152018-09-20
7.5FinishedFamicom Tantei Club: Kieta KoukeishaNothing unique but it's just a fun time2021-05-142021-05-161988-04-27
7FinishedFamicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu ShoujoPretty much the same quality as the original but had some plot points I disliked2021-05-172021-05-191989-05-23
9.5FinishedFata Morgana no YakataTop tier, I was loving it within an hour, and it continued to get better and better as more was revealed and the plot became clearer. OST's one of my favourites and the unique art-style makes it a delight to read.2019-09-242019-10-022012-12-27
8FinishedFata Morgana no Yakata -Another Episodes-Kind of a disappointment coming off the original, the expanded prequel was nice, but a lot of it was in the original VN so it wasn't necessary. Side stories were cool though.2019-10-032019-10-092015-08-16
8.5FinishedFata Morgana no Yakata: Gendai-hen2019-10-102019-10-112017-03-16
7FinishedFate/ExtellaI barely paid attention to the plot and just mindlessly played the gameplay as I found it pretty fun.2018-12-222018-03-042016-11-10
7FinishedFate/Extella LinkI paid even less attention to the plot, as there basically isn't one, why is this still on VNDB lol.2019-03-202019-09-112018-06-07
7.5FinishedFate/ExtraRequires an emulator with skipping and save states to make it not an absolute drag, the actual plot is fairly interesting however.2018-07-102018-07-142010-07-22
8.5FinishedFate/Hollow AtaraxiaNot as good as F/SN but I'm a fan of SOL so I had a fun time, the Bazett/Avenger stuff is very good too.2018-05-102018-05-242005-10-28
10FinishedFate/Stay NightA classic, I was blown away by the fact that a VN could have some of the most hype fight scenes I've ever seen, and as such was converted to NVL superiority. I've since become a Nasuverse fanboy and consumed everything I could, but the original F/SN VN is still my favourite. UBW > HF > Fate2018-04-062018-05-092004-01-30
8FinishedFuyu no PolarisPretty good, I liked the dual narrative and the lore was very interesting to me. Make sure to read Ame no Marginal + listen to the Drama CD after this.2021-07-272021-07-282017-12-29
-PlayingFuyu no Polaris Append Disc Mitai na no2021-10-212018-08-10
6StalledGin'iro(Chapter 1 only) Narcissu prototype somewhat, read it2021-09-242000-08-31
6FinishedG-senjou no MaouThe twist could possibly be the worst twist I've ever seen in a VN. Except now I've read World's End Club so only 2nd worst.2021-05-032021-05-112008-05-29
8FinishedGyakuten SaibanReread: 1. It's fun.2019-10-112019-10-142001-10-11
7.5FinishedGyakuten Saiban 2It's a bit less fun.2019-10-152019-10-212002-10-22
8FinishedGyakuten Saiban 3Returns to being as fun.2019-12-312020-01-042004-01-23
7FinishedHanachirasuA bit cool but very meh2021-08-222021-08-242005-09-30
7FinishedHarmoniaIt's ok, probably Key's weakest work but there is some fun to be had.2017-10-112017-10-302016-09-23
6FinishedHaruko ManiaxI like Haruko.2019-09-022019-09-072010-09-28
7.5FinishedHatsukoi 1/1Typical dating sim, I hate Runa, Kyou route made me order a pizza.2020-07-072020-07-272012-06-29
3FinishedHead AS CodeCopies Zero Escape/Infinity so much, that final stretch was such a meme I was laughing my head off2021-06-292021-07-012021-02-02