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t1052.3482022-11-21Quotes question...Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata "Trust a gamer to set his life on hard mode!"
t19367.42022-11-14Michiru route writing is bad? [heavy spoilers]#3 You nailed my thoughts exactly, thank you. I was taken aback how unrealistic this route was because of that cellular memory mystification
t19367.12022-11-13Michiru route writing is bad? [heavy spoilers]Okay, what was that? Why does telling her not to go to hospital result in her attempting to commit suicide, whereas just offering a kiss does not
t1052.3442022-11-02Quotes question...Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- "I happen to be something of a professional at microwaving instant noodles"
t1052.3412022-10-24Quotes question...Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- "The real world can be a heartless place. Especially when it comes to music about fish-themed
t17890.132022-10-08BEST GIRL VOTEYuna by a shot so long that it's ridicilous
t1052.3272022-04-11Quotes question...Harem Kingdom "I appear to have spawned a child"
t17874.32022-02-21Linux feature?While I agree that'd be insanely useful (mostly for old vns that work on pure magic because they were already outdated on release), it really is hard
t17480.82021-12-15Why does API still requires plain-text password?Thank you! <3
t17480.62021-12-15Why does API still requires plain-text password?Thanks for looking at least!
t17480.42021-12-14Why does API still requires plain-text password?I mean, it doesn't have to be a token/session system, as far as I can see passwords are scrypt'ed anyways
t17480.22021-12-14Why does API still requires plain-text password?What I meant to say is "Why it's not hashed at least"
t17480.12021-12-14Why does API still requires plain-text password?I've been looking at API documentation and the major thing that stood out was the fact that it required plaintext password sent. Why? I'm not so
t1052.3172021-12-14Quotes question..."H-He planted his seed in me! This man planted his seed in me!!" From Princess Evangile
t16728.1362021-08-09A VN Play Time Voting ThingA bit late but recommending arbtt for linux gang out here
t16728.892021-08-04A VN Play Time Voting ThingNew system is good, I just miss colors and want it to be a little less bloated & easier to read
t1052.2802021-06-19Quotes question..."Converting the cost of everything into arcade game credits is a bad habit men have." "For my entire life, this mantra of mine has remained as