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t2934.292012-07-26It's All About The HardwareNew Server~ Optimalizing vndb site~ Good job~
t1122.212012-06-23Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!@metaler i agree with your comparison... ^^ Yuki has best part when she denied The Delusion
t1122.162012-06-21Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!Thanks 7hs-san ^^ I Will Correct Myself
t1122.112012-06-19Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!And I Have Minakami Yuki Fanbook.. Oh man... I'm Glad TAT
t1142.632012-06-19English translation?Madness Scene And Confusing Route >w<
t1122.62012-06-19Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!I Think Another Minakami Yuki Fan Will Come out T.T
t1142.602012-06-19English translation?I Will Replay That VN Again... I Will Read Mamiya Takuji Theory Again~.. Ah Man,.. That Webbot Project~ TAT
t2674.32012-05-05A good Animated gameDownload All VN Product from -light- 2009-2012 ^^
t1172.312012-04-13Mahoyo released? Or not?Wogh... Medium Playtime >.<
t2533.32012-03-30Using xbox 360 controllerJust Use Joytokey
t1142.62012-02-18English translation?Hmm.. data.arc File.. ^^
t1029.82012-02-18About Down the Rabbit Hole I... (spoilers)The Artwork And Yuki Voice is Sync With Scene in Down To Rabbit Hole ^^a Gyaaaaa Yuki >.<
t2414.72012-02-11Don't Crawl VNDB!Hmm Just Like Grabbed vndb Database? 0.0a
t940.1772011-10-13Where are you all from ?Sukabumi, Indonesia. ^^a
t2092.272011-10-03Growing out of toddlerhoodHappy Birthday ^^a