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t12619.22019-07-26Best shotage eververy nice description dude, this is my rank 1 shota game in my list too
t12594.72019-07-21Sequel or new game?thank you very much for the recomendation bro, i already play most of this game tho. the comet's game is good and i already tried it, but i prefer
t12594.52019-07-18Sequel or new game?i play that too xd, i think i already play all good shota game from patreon and nukige version XD
t12594.32019-07-13Sequel or new game?thanks for your recomendation, btw i already play that game, if you have another recommendaton, i will be glad, thanks in advance
t12594.12019-07-11Sequel or new game?any news for sequel or new game from chairoi usagi no?
t5685.32017-03-13Kyonyuu Majo Reviewthanks for the review, best game from waffle for me, hope they make sequel for it tho