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c88620.22020-02-13 at 02:23firgofKerrno VosAltered spoiler level, corrected character type.
c88620.12020-02-13 at 02:21firgofKerrno VosInitial information for Kerrno Vos.
c88619.22020-02-13 at 01:50firgofGizi IzalogoSome lesser known information for Gizi.
c88619.12020-02-13 at 01:41firgofGizi IzalogoInitial information for Gizi Izalogo.
c88618.12020-02-12 at 23:59firgofSummon Spirit AxosInitial information for Summon Spirit Axos.
c88617.12020-02-12 at 23:44firgofEmilia AnomlaInitial information for Emilia Anomla
v27921.62020-02-12 at 23:28firgofGraveKeeper AcademyCurrentlbranding for the game's cover art.
c88614.62020-02-12 at 21:21firgofVoshimYet more information.
c88614.52020-02-12 at 21:15firgofVoshimAdded more information on Voshim
c88614.42020-02-12 at 21:11firgofVoshimFixing role in GKA VN