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t12579.32019-07-10100% WalktroughPrevious game? Mai no Tsubomi?. Does it mean, i can't unlock the choice if i don't have save file from the prequel?
t12579.12019-07-09100% WalktroughAny walktrough for English version? Seems i can't unlock "Leave it to me" choice when Mai-chan is in the house
t5511.92019-04-17This is getting somewhat translated.And another dead translation... Again...
t5511.72019-04-16This is getting somewhat translated.The current translation from Dergonu is somehow dead.. Anyone care to continue this project shall contact him.. It must be continued >:3
t12154.42019-04-07Walkthrough;I've done about 3 main character and 1 teacher character, so that makes it 4. I've done every possibility and got only around 44% completion. Still
t9700.72019-04-07woowIs there a possibility for To Heart 2 AD to be translated as well?
t12154.12019-04-06Walkthrough;Hey, i was wondering if there is any walkthrough in English, Thank you :3
t11834.12019-01-21Used sprite?Is it just me or the girl from front cover looks like the girl from My Kuro Neko ?
t905.232018-09-16A so-so read if ur looking for a time killerSimple comedy VN like these is a treasure for romcom fan like myself
t10259.22018-09-16mitsukiShe already mentioned it before the H scene that she give her virgin to her first boyfriend before her first job and before her first meet with Weird... i never have the same problem as you..
t9825.142018-08-18Is Euphoria the most disturbing VN?Yandere,, normal VN with a bit of surprise in the end..
t11080.212018-08-17Can you find the name?@bas3 Thank you for your help to contribute to fulfill this thing ! v(- v -)
t11080.202018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 37 is Love Plus
t11080.182018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 29 also Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou
t11080.172018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 28 is Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou
t11080.162018-08-17Can you find the name?@kominachromer If it is China, it will be more harder to find these thing, i live in Southeast country,, Indonesia
t11080.152018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 27 is Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~
t11080.132018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 26 is Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo Dokidoki Full Throttle!
t11080.122018-08-17Can you find the name?@harp and @kominarachromer Thank you for your help, at least i can finally release this curiousity (^w^)........ for now I hope my country will
t11080.112018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 20 is Saimin Gakkyuu
t11080.82018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 5 is Dark Blue
t11080.72018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 18 is Oku-sama wa ○ Gakusei
t11080.62018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 16 is Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.
t11080.52018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 15 is Monobeno -Happy End-
t11080.42018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 3 is Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~
t11080.32018-08-17Can you find the name?Picture number 1 is Gore Screaming Show
t11080.12018-08-17Can you find the name?So.... I've been freely sufring the internet, unless quite a little deep and found something amazing... A website that contain a screenshot of
t11056.12018-08-13Protagonist is as Lovely as Heroine ?!I've been reading the novel and to comment it that it was such an unfortunate thing that the "Tachibana Ema" is the Main Character. I think she is
t10834.32018-06-23Your favorite heroinesKouhai < Osananajimi < Imouto < Onee-san < Energetic Leader < Tsundere < Do S Shiki is the top (- v - )v
t10543.212018-05-28Best girl poll!So intense..
t10536.12018-04-26A Question about Kusakabe Yuki routeFor people who have finished her route... I have finished her route and leave me quite an astonishing story, a bizarre tragedy that dawn upon the
t7289.52017-12-07Shinonome's handThe picture please, i didn't know which one..
t9982.12017-12-04Mystery of Yukawa RyouSo, i already finish this novel and thinkig that this is good enough until i realized that on Yukawa Ryou route she will be trapped and can't escape
t9876.12017-11-10CharactersDoes it me or the silver haired girl looks a lot like Illyasviel Von Einzbern mother?
t9635.42017-09-15Muv-Luv Official Survey for Tokyo Game Show 2017Quite interesting, I do love Muv Luv and the other
t9425.22017-07-20VNDB is now available on DockerWhat is the purpose of this?
t9191.122017-07-14Miu's route, opinions? (Contains spoilers)Miu's route was short because at the prologue, the protagonist already has it ways to Miu route. But since this VN is mostly used for different
t8954.22017-03-17Stop asking for translations.I do apologize for everything,, i don't know what are you talking about since i only open computer right now,, i think someone has been hacked my
t5511.52017-03-17This is getting somewhat translated.Koiken Otome -Revive- somehow need to be translated based on the original game vote,, i think full translation will be quite a boombastic!.. I would