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r73135.22020-09-11 at 05:17abyssalerosLife Changes for KeeleyI added the German translation (aside from the German translation scripts which were already in place in the original release (but yet untranslated
r57695.82020-08-17 at 14:23abyssalerosFlowers -Le Volume sur Automne- Limited EditionEAN + Cat.Nr.
r57694.222020-06-30 at 16:40abyssalerosYOU and ME and HER: a love story - Limited EditionJAN & Cat.Nr.
r64716.42020-05-12 at 06:36abyssalerosMamono Musume - Life with a Lamia - Package EditionEAN & Cat.Nr. + changed the note as their 'limited' copy is limited in content. Hi, this is a followup to your case. Mamono Musume package edition
r52201.32019-08-11 at 18:56abyssalerosHoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart- All-Ages Editionreverted, my fault
r52201.22019-08-11 at 18:51abyssalerosHoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart- All-Ages EditionSeems released.
r63389.52019-07-31 at 17:14abyssalerosHapymaher - Package EditionEAN and Cat.Nr.
r64138.32019-07-31 at 17:13abyssalerosEvenicle - Package EditionEAN and Cat.Nr.
r63844.32019-07-31 at 17:12abyssalerosFunbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story - Package EditionEAN and Cat.Nr.
r62479.22019-05-03 at 11:48abyssalerosMagical Marriage Lunatics!! - Package EditionEAN + cat