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w4637.42022-07-07Iyasou na Kao Shite Kozukuri Sasete Kureru Toshiue Cool Maid o Aherasete Mesuana ni Suru Hanashi"What's the relation with this one? "Last two sentences of your post, friend. Gosh, I thought you were joking O.o
w4637.22022-07-07Iyasou na Kao Shite Kozukuri Sasete Kureru Toshiue Cool Maid o Aherasete Mesuana ni Suru Hanashi#1 Dude, you were dead serious when you wrote this weren't you? O.o....
w4621.202022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate#20 I bet the reason for that is probably that the adaptation sucked, much like a lot of VN-to-anime adaptation
t18717.212022-07-06This is a VN Hybrid#16 "The game consistently uses the novel narrative for telling its story. Examples include describing visuals, events, character actions or thoughts
w4621.182022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate"Welp looks like you can't even say in details what exactly is important in her route that makes the lock route order necessary rn, not in a vague or
t18717.62022-07-06This is a VN HybridDeleted (Can a mod remove this? Double post by mistake. Thanks)
t18717.42022-07-06This is a VN Hybrid"But it's a rhythm game with some visual novel in it as you said"Just because the storyline is presented in a Visual Novel style doesn't make it a
w4621.152022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate#14 I didn't say or bother about whether you cared if people liked her & her route or not. And I have already said why not locking the 1st route to
w4621.132022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate#12 I didn't say Chisato's actions in other routes are acceptable, just that the act of removing her mandatory route 1st playthough does more harm
w4621.112022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate"Changing the mandatory route would save some time for others if they are interested with other heroines."Locking the 1st route to Chisato's give the
w4621.92022-07-06Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate#8 "Still having to do her before anyone else is unnecessary"Yes it is. It gives your context to her behaviour in other routes, such as "I can never
t18717.22022-07-06This is a VN Hybrid#catboy Not exactly entirely relevant to your thread, but if this was removed, I don't think you will get your reinstatement request approved. Also
w4621.52022-07-05Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate#5 Then just alt skip her route. Except for 1 unskippable scene, you can literally skip her entire route in a matter of mins, and by locking the 1st
w4621.32022-07-05Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate" The devs for some fucking reason thought having every other route locked until you complete the Chisato end was a good idea."" FYI for the latest
t18697.92022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?" As a database, it's important to keep at least some quality in how the information is presented. Just because it's not official and free doesn't
t18697.72022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?#7 You double check Tester's better translation against DeepL's one. Doesn't look that far off, no? Not to mention DeepL has gather tons of
t18697.52022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?"Wrong information is worst than missing information." I would dispute that as I think you need to see the context. Calling out grammar and name
t18697.32022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?#2 Tester's explanation seems more nitpicking for something which isn't meanet to be like a localised TL-ed VN which is to be sold. He makes very
t18697.12022-07-03There's a rule against posting MTL synopsis?link As per subject title. Just curious, added recently or something? I can't find them anywhere in the editing guidelines or anywhere in the FAQ
t18684.42022-07-01Shiravune localizes Great Deceiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Nope, I never read anything from them."I read a grand total of one title from them. FWIW, I think it's pretty good and I like it better than, say
t18629.62022-06-26Problem with animated H-scenes#1 Perhaps it's an codec issue with your computer? Maybe you can try downloading and installing something like this
t12894.172022-06-25someone give me a reason to keep playing?#14 It's the most feel good, idealistic Moege I have ever read or seen. For me personally (but I think I speak for a lot of people), I play games
t18588.92022-06-19Problem opening the game"No, I meant the the game might simply be checking that you have a DVD drive, not that you have to use it." "This is one of the few games that
t18588.62022-06-19Problem opening the game#5 But the OP of the thread said he / she bought the digital version. If what you said is true, the digital version must comes in a .ISO like file
t18588.42022-06-18Problem opening the game"It's written on DMM that you need a DVD drive."Thought he bought the digital version of the Visual Novel? #1 If the solution provided by NaioHoras
t10302.4772022-06-12Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Wow
t18391.182022-06-11Questions on the tags for companies#17 Well, you can't please everyone. Important thing is whether Jazz957's way of handling this is correct is, at the very least, debatable, but
t18391.162022-06-10Questions on the tags for companies#15 1) Just because Jazz957 has been doing this for years doesn't automatically maker his way of handling this right. Could be that no one bothered
t18391.142022-06-10Questions on the tags for companies#13 ""That Jazz957 guy" has added so many producer's relations that I wouldn't be surprised if he single-handedly handled them all. Sure, it can be
t18518.42022-06-09H-CodeITH is very old. Try using Textractor
t18391.112022-06-08Questions on the tags for companies#alto #Ezezin Thanks for your info, guys. Using this thread as a basis, I think I'm originally right to remove Visual Arts as the parent producer
t18391.82022-05-17Questions on the tags for companieslink Anyone knows what this guy meant in this revision? In the case of Saga Planets, the Parent Producer, or Subsidairy as defined by VNDB, should
t18391.62022-05-17Questions on the tags for companies#5 4º - I still don't get it. If you say that edit is correct, then what does ''No longer under Visual Arts as of November 2019'' mean? Also, if
t18391.42022-05-17Questions on the tags for companies#3 Friend, that answers non of my enquries except for the very last one (¬_¬”).....
t18391.22022-05-16Questions on the tags for companiesNo one here knows anything on this? O.o.....
t18391.12022-05-14Questions on the tags for companiesWas scrolling around VNDB and landed on Saga Planet's page. Saw that someone added that SP is no longer under Visual Arts but the parent producer is
t18043.102022-03-25We better be getting 100hr 10/10 title#9 Oh Dear. Please accept my apologies XD
t18043.82022-03-25We better be getting 100hr 10/10 title#7 You misunderstood what I meant. The way post number 1 was typed, I thought that Yuzusoft announced a new title was in the works. I tried
t18043.52022-03-24We better be getting 100hr 10/10 title#1 There's news on a new Yuzusoft game? If so, any links / sources?
t17909.42022-03-01H code#3 Thank you! May I know how did you find it? Byself? If so, any tips on getting it manually? Thanks in advance
t17909.22022-02-27H codeWanted to try my hand at finding Hook Codes in VN for this game, but it's far harder than i thought. Googled and basically the only useful article is
w3782.12022-02-23eden* They were only two, on the planet."Also, don't read the Hscenes lol."Curious - why??
w3636.12022-02-02RIDDLE JOKER"Note: I have not played Chisaki's sub-route, so none of that content is included in this review. " Chisaki's route is short, undeveloped, doesn't
w3352.52021-12-25Rewrite#4 Doesn't make much sense to me if what you are saying is true. The original's enforced route order of Kotori's being the first, where the VN
w3352.32021-12-25Rewrite"In the Rewrite+ version, every route is available from the start." Oh is it? Don't understand why that's the case. I feel Rewrite's compuslory
w3352.12021-12-23Rewrite"While you can technically read the 5 character routes in any order," If I remembered correctly, you cannot go into Akane's route without finishing
w2700.82021-08-30PARQUET#7 1) My Yuzusoft SOUR comment was directed at the 1st line of your review and #2. 2) A score of 7 implies a 'good' rating. In #4, I was saying
w2700.42021-08-29PARQUET@lavenwave Your score doesn't seems to be line with your review to me, just saying. About 2 hours in, and frankly the story feels boring to me. And
t16870.202021-08-27Why don't VNs with voiced MCs do this more often?Special mention of August's titles (in particular Aiyoku no Eustia and Sen no Hatou) of where a voiced male MC actually works. Personal opinion is
t16728.1342021-08-08A VN Play Time Voting Thinglink Just wanna share another gametracking software. Pretty good and useful imho