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t14286.22020-07-03Regarding v26765.16Welcome. Side noe: Grammarly free sucks. Don't bother using it
t14263.392020-06-29Stop changing the VN length ffsThis thread is meant to reach consensus on the game length. As it stands the entry stays locked because no agreement can be reached. The only way
t14263.62020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsAll of my Japanese friends finished it within 20-25 hours. To the guy who kept changing the length to long, I don't know if you can't read Japanese
t13050.752020-06-15Salesfor the low low price of one thousand benjamins (or one MILLION yen) you can get 100 games you'll never play One hundred thousand yen actually. And
t14170.42020-06-12More Yurinas#3 I see. I didn't know that Given the release schedule of the KF games though, it will probably be >1 year after the release KF4 before we see any
t14170.22020-06-12More YurinasConsidering that KF4 had already been announced, I don't think you will get your wish (I mean, if there are to be any new KF3 games, wouldn't those
t13746.32020-06-12Nakige? spoilers WELCOME Straightforward answers to your Qs - In my opinion, the most 'Nakige' (saddest) part is Yuuki taking the role of God in the Imouto (true) route but
t12894.92020-05-22someone give me a reason to keep playing?#8 Sora's Route - 2nd longest in the VN (after Rika's) by my estimation. The beginning of the route is pretty draggy. Transitioned into a story
t13965.82020-05-12Angel Beats English patchThe "partial / complete" types always refer to the visual novel as a whole O.o????..... Oh well, I got how this works now. Thanks for replying
t13965.62020-05-12Angel Beats English patch@Beliar But the situation in question is the patch entry page itself, not the VN entry page For Higurashi, it's understandable that one may mark it
t13816.162020-04-17VN centered on life after marriage, ....not NTR!#8 There are only 2 life-after-marriage routes; not exactly a marriage focused VN in my opinion
t13816.32020-04-13VN centered on life after marriage, ....not NTR!Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou: SweetSummerRainbow Tonework's upcoming FD looks interesting as well
t12586.22020-04-10H-Code?/HQN-1C@92F0:AdvHD.exe From a user at VN hooking Fandom
t13301.12019-12-18H-CodeHWN10@43063:AdvHD.exe For anyone who is looking for it
t13033.22019-10-17are the heroines..Yes, all 4 of them
t12611.22019-10-06Request for HcodeCourtesy of an user at vn-hooking fandom: /HW-1C@A883:AdvHD.exe /HQN-8@9AC0:AdvHD.exe Tested both using TA 10.3 and Textractor 4.7.3 and read
t12795.22019-08-31End of Maya's routeI dislike the end of her route a lot (or rather, the way the protagonist acted) We humans are arguably selfish by nature. The protagonist acted
t12611.12019-07-14Request for HcodeAs per subject title, anyone has the Hcode for this VN? Thanks in advanced!
t10992.472018-08-15Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)I think you're being blinded by your bias against moenovel here. The translation is very blatantly worse than imhhw's. By a lot. I don't think it's
t10992.442018-08-15Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)That is - something like Your Dairy "translation" seen on screenshots provided in t11041 (and even official screenshot on Steam). It's an
t10992.412018-08-13Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)Screenshots provided in the other thread look WAY worse than the most crappy parts of IMMHW I dare you to show proof the TL quality in your Diary
t10992.362018-08-12Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)#34 Please don't mislead people. The Hobibox version is NOT a MTL. It's not very well translated but is definitely decently readable (I'm feeling
t10894.62018-07-09Lian Jian YinuAlso, thanks for all the quick CN updates on VNDB :)
t10894.52018-07-09Lian Jian YinuAsia. Ka-cn er... Got it. Thanks bro! :)
t10894.22018-07-09Lian Jian YinuA panyun search engine. Alt-ed through it. Same as what the previous poster posted: The 4 after stories was translated, but the new routes wasn't
t10887.52018-07-04visual novel for those learning Japanese?Link List of VNs with ability to display multiple display languages simultaneously. A good way to learn JPN
t10558.782018-05-31Kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontier@sanahtlig Browsed through a small opening portion of the CN patch for u. It is definitely NOT a MTL-like release. I think it should be indicative
t10670.162018-05-18Steam bans visual novelsAnother problem is Valve's definition of pornography is extremely unclear, ambiguous, and inconsistent. I had been googling since yesterday and found
t10670.82018-05-18Steam bans visual novels#6 A LOT of companies are affected, not just MG with Kindred Spirits. Link Been researching about this since yesterday. Seems like Valve will
t10670.52018-05-18Steam bans visual novels a discussion thread Long story short: seems to be socially motivated. Also #3: Steam has severe double standards
t10308.192018-04-13adult heroines?#18 I'm not saying Yuzusoft should change things completely. I'm simply saying refreshing their ideas is needed as Riddle Joker has too many
t10308.172018-04-13adult heroines?@17 True, as Riddle Joker did seem like it sold quite well. I think things may start to become worse next time around as buyers may start to realise
t10448.92018-04-07What makes a good translation?accidentally double post
t10448.82018-04-07What makes a good translation?but most people know when they're being fed garbage. Please check out steam's user reviews for movenovel's crap
t9560.802018-04-05Does not belong here^ Doesn't mean we can't debate about it right? ;)
t9560.782018-04-05Does not belong here#76 I think the biggest reason why to exclude F/GO is because there are very strong cases that can be made for it's exclusion. They can be found all
t9560.742018-04-05Does not belong here#73 Just because it has a lot of narration/as much narration as any VN (or whatever), doesn't mean it belongs here. At the very least, it's argument
t10308.132018-04-02adult heroines?#10 A user review of their latest title. I agree with a lot of points in it and it sort of reinforced my opinion that Yuzusoft better change things
t10414.72018-03-31Has it been released????#6 Dont know what I was looking at lol thanks!
t10414.52018-03-31Has it been released????#4 You sure about this? Can't find info on your so-called promo anywhere in their website...
t10418.42018-03-31Should each volume have its own vndb page?#3 In this case, I think all 4 volumes is 1 story, but told through different perspective via the heroines, and there's quite a bit more difference
t10418.22018-03-31Should each volume have its own vndb page?I agree with you and your reasons that each entry should have their own page here. Btw you wei123 from fuwa? O.O
t10308.122018-03-31adult heroines? It's a business. If they wanna do things differently, someone has to explain how this could lead to even better sales Simple: change of pace
t10308.92018-03-31adult heroines?I think Yuzusoft releasing a title with a reverse situation of Amairo Islenauts will be a nice change of pace. Instead of being an adult teacher
t10308.72018-03-31adult heroines?#6 You eat anyone and everyone if they strike your fancy, is it, your Casanova?!? lolz
t10332.82018-03-31Thoughts on the Riddle Joker trial#7 Maybe so if you compare their releases to otehr VN companies, but I'm not doing so And this release is among the longest they have taken yet
t10308.52018-03-31adult heroines?Guys, what's your definition of adult? >21 or someone like Dracu-Riot's Sayo? If it's someone like Sayo (O.O!!....), be careful of what you wish for
t10414.22018-03-30Has it been released????link link
t10385.232018-03-30Retranslation Patch Released!#22 Since Moenovel is owned by Pulltop, then yeah. Er.. Duh? lolz
t10385.212018-03-30Retranslation Patch Released!#19 Now, it "is unlikely to work with newer Japanese releases" and that can be a problem. Still, if you bought the newest release, aren't you