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t12082.12019-03-23How to search for exclusives?For example, I want to watch the list of all ps3-exculsive VNs. Can I do it somehow, using filters? I can't guess what should I check/uncheck there
t11884.12019-02-03Ability to check routes that you finishedI know maybe this is a crazy idea and maybe somebody have already offered it, but still... First of all, I want to thank the creators for creating
t10209.12018-01-30SHOES&PASS and SHOP&CABIN?I read some wikis (link and link) and there were mentioned this items/places but I didn't find anything about for what reason this things were added
t10207.12018-01-30How to get this picture?There are some screenshots on this game's page here, and, although I thought that I completely completed the game, I don't recognize this picture: lin
t10204.12018-01-29The Way to Glory (or How to Conquer Lolita)I searched a lot of sites but did not found something like a walkthrough, even in Japanese, so I'll leave it here. I don't know how to write it so