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t12647.72019-07-29Ok wtf?Yeah, I thought the Riko route was weak and kind of unnecessary. Would have preferred her mother to be an option.
t12357.212019-05-21[SPOILER] Game make me sadI liked this game a lot even though this kind of netori does not usually appeal to me. The protagonist is depicted as a vile person, unattractive
t12057.42019-03-17Can you avoid . . .I had read the common routes and I meant to comment that the antagonist is not she but he, meaning The Count. Then I decided the original question
t12057.22019-03-16Can you avoid . . .OK, I deleted my answer because I figured it would not be wise to answer the question without actually having played the "Grand Route." Too much
t11940.22019-02-17What's this VN about?It involves around a life of some salaryman, who decides to turn his life around, start working out and take care of his looks. Suddenly he gets lots
t3617.15772018-12-17Tags suggestions/fixesNo, I was actually meaning something along the lines of girl playing the flute while having sex. This tag could also include singing, karaoke or on
t3617.15752018-12-16Tags suggestions/fixesSex while playing a musical instrument? I could see how this might be a fetish of someone's, and I have encountered a few examples. Drums: link
t11343.72018-10-06Is the build up slow, or are the scenes censored?Sorry, shows how little I know. You live you learn...
t7429.22018-10-06Starless EndingsThe very first ending I got just choosing the options that felt logical was a very traditional good ending. The ending called THE NEW WORLD, where
t11343.52018-10-06Is the build up slow, or are the scenes censored?you surely mean ちんぽ , not ちんこ .
t10865.32018-06-30h-code?ITHVNR recognizes the game but Console Output tells vnreng YU-RIS function entry does not exist, vnreng YU-RIS2 failed. It does find 3 ExtTextOutW
t10865.12018-06-29h-code?H-code, anyone? I am at the situation where trial version works as a charm, but full version fails to register with VNR, ITHVNR, AGTH...
t7567.32018-06-25ITH hook issue ?In addendum to my last post, turns out VNR was not the culprit here. The game probably just does not like 64bit operating systems (at least that's
t9463.22018-06-11Recommended route orderSeems that the orthodox route order would be Anne, Sheryl, Nina, Ariya, and then the "grand route."
t7567.22018-06-05ITH hook issue ?There are bad problems with hooking this game. ITH or ITHVNR won't work for me at all, VNR does but really just skips half of the narrative box text
t7273.22018-05-30how old is the MC and Makoto ?18 is a safe bet I'd wager. It is stated that he just got his driving licence, which is issued to 18 year olds. Makoto's age you can just guess.
t6592.202018-05-24What is it that draws you to this game?It was the first visual novel I ever read, and I was hooked right away. Here was something of extreme pornographic content and still had so much more
t10572.52018-05-13Mirai Radio to Jinkou Bato OP really deep songMy brain hurts when I read this synopsis. This has to be the deepest plot ever or complete rubbish.
t10596.42018-05-07True endingThanks. I try not to touch walkthroughs if not absolutely necessary, too much spoilers. I keep playing then. What I meant is Demonion 2 from the
t10596.12018-05-07True endingThis game has a true ending I have led to believe. Question is, does it say when the true ending playthrough begins? I have now experienced 4
t10466.42018-04-17/h code?I use ITH on Win7, could not get it to work on my other computers with Win10.
t10466.22018-04-16/h code?It works with ITH but not with ITHVNR nor VNR. Actually it crashes ITHVNR, for me anyway. So, h/code is sorely needed.
t10415.42018-03-31DMM DRM workI would advise against buying games from DMM that need dmm game player or whatever it is called. It's supposed to be some kind of client software not
t10400.32018-03-27Does it really share characters with v21714?Thanks, that settles it, then.
t10400.12018-03-27Does it really share characters with v21714?Shares characters with Kahogo na Mama to Mucchi Muchi Mama-san Volley ? What characters? Why can't I see those characters listed? Shares voice
t7531.272018-03-02Visual Novels with amazing soundtracksHyakki Ryouran no Yakata
t9892.12017-11-16games bought from DMMSorry if this has already been discussed but searching the forum did not give me the info I needed. What's the deal with games bought from DMM? How
t9686.32017-09-26DLCThanks! That is exactly what I was looking for.
t9686.12017-09-25DLCSo, does the download edition include DLC's or were those available only to buyers of hard copy? Also, was this ever patched to version higher than 1
t9553.22017-09-18/hcodeThis works for me using ITH at least /HS-4:8@1DA513:HSWIM.exe
t9551.12017-08-21how to unlock the last scenes?How can one unlock the harem meat toilet scenes? I tried everything and still those elude me. I can see they exist from CG that are available on the
t9467.62017-08-13Where can I download it?Seconded. Dmm or dlsite do not carry this title, and developers website is unhelpful.
t9294.22017-06-30Does not run on Windows 10I retract my words, seems just the case with Windows date, which must be in JPN format. (I learned by now this is a must if visual novels is your
t8594.22017-06-29H-Code/HSN4@142580:BokunoElf.EXE this one works for me
t9294.12017-06-12Does not run on Windows 10This game does not seem to run on newest Windows operating system. Developers web-site claims it's compatible with Win Vista / 7 / 8 and there is not
t7438.202017-06-08Doesnt work with ITH?VNR recognizes trial version alright (ver. 1.00) but not full version (ver 1.01). Can't even try the H-code since it just does not recognize the
t9263.52017-06-05Not able to run, no JPN operating systemHaven't tried the NoRegion loader but I got it to work on a computer with Japanese language Win7 computer with timezone set to Japanese time (yes
t9263.32017-06-04Not able to run, no JPN operating systemI tried that too, it did not work, for me at least. I've read hundreds of VN's with locale emulator but this is a tricky one indeed.
t9263.12017-06-04Not able to run, no JPN operating systemWeird, the trial version complains about operating system being not Japanese and thus not allowing it to run, even though I use locale emulator *and
t9186.12017-05-12way to get more days?The game ends in day 55? Is there a way to get more days? Manipulating save files maybe? 55 days is kind of not enough really.