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t11912.72019-02-16cancel user tags?Tags were purged anyway so It doesn't really matter, I'll only tags VNs I finished and voted from now on anyway, don't have that much time to screw
t11912.52019-02-13cancel user tags?Anyhow, I'll separete by tags instead of VNs. Mobages companies that I tagged, like Voltage and Abracadabra Inc. Otomate games I tagged and the
t11912.42019-02-13cancel user tags?Yes, though I can't list It right now since I'm at work. I'll make a list later.
t11912.22019-02-13cancel user tags?Do mods even have this power? It seems very specific, though purging all my tags would probably by Leery's Dream. Anyway, I feel like anything that I
t11470.192019-01-31Would you kindly...Oh okay, I assumed the MC was the 'Nino' character because of the description.
t3617.15992019-01-06Tags suggestions/fixesNorn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ should be used is the example for Male Protagonist for a Short Time, you see things from the perspective of a male character
t11776.22019-01-06Is Cupid an Otome?Otome Games can be more plot oriented too, the romance doesn't need to be the main goal, as long as the VN isn't devoid of it. Per example 7'scarlet
t11742.222019-01-02Women's interest in Netorare/Netori#21 Guess floating members helps with self-insertion, like the person feels like It is their penis is actually there, lol IDK, can agree that is very
t11742.202019-01-01Women's interest in Netorare/Netori>A lot of women cheat. A lot of men cheat. People are human, men and women aren't that different from each other, believing otherwise is silly
t11752.22019-01-01Visual Novel IdeasThat seems quite interesting, rough around the edges sure, but very interesting.
t11742.172018-12-31Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriThe thing is, It still feels like yours and #4 comments came directly out of r/The Red Pill, which isn't exactly the most pleaseant thing considering
t11742.132018-12-31Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriWhy I'm not suprised this thread derailed into 'woman's hidden instincts' and 'beta/Alpha male', like OP If you reading this I'd recommend you take
t11742.22018-12-30Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriQuestion 2 is pretty obvious tbh, I have some female friends that enjoy galges and other 'Male oriented' media, same applies to Males that enjoy BL
t3617.15882018-12-21Tags suggestions/fixesProtagonist Gender Choice should be under Male Protagonist and Female Protagonist, since a VN with this feature will consequently have both type of
t3617.15742018-12-13Tags suggestions/fixesAnother question, does both Linear and Branching tags apply to an anthology game which has some stories being branching, and others being linear (the
t11021.72018-12-13Non-blood-related Father HeroBtw while we are at It. Could you revoke the Boy x Boy romance tag only on Sacred Sands? There is a single romantic side-route to the female
t3617.15722018-12-13Tags suggestions/fixesUnnecessary Salt is unnecessary, wasn't trying to bring 'sjw' mentality here, was just trying to be technical/to the point, but eh whatever you
t11021.62018-12-13Non-blood-related Father HeroOk ;o)
t3617.15702018-12-13Tags suggestions/fixesOyaji Protagonist should be under Adult Protagonist, like the Hero counterpart. Also under Male Protagonist since for the character to be an older
t11021.42018-12-13Non-blood-related Father HeroFixed everything.
t11635.22018-12-11Netorare Otoko no Ko ReviewAs someone that reads Nukige for awful dialog and amusement instead of the obvious purpose of such material, I wasn't dissapointed at the game at all
t3617.15682018-12-11Tags suggestions/fixesPhotographer Protagonist should also be under Artist Protagonist.
t11470.172018-11-29Would you kindly...Feel free to do so, gonna revoke it then.
t11470.152018-11-29Would you kindly...Ataegina actually has pre-rendered sprites and backgrounds It overlaps with 3DCG, just stating this before this whole ordeal starts all over again
t11570.112018-11-28Asking for mod help on tags.Shuffle! Essence+ is a side story with the same name as the 7+ heroines release they are diferent titles with a shared name. Shuffle! Essence+ is a
t11570.82018-11-28Asking for mod help on tags.A zero disqualifies a tag in the search so it doesn't work like that, I don't even know if mods can put the tags in any other level that isn't -3 to
t11553.302018-11-27How is naoki this unlikable?Nah I'm not offended, didn't want to derail the thread was just making some observations, just thought some of your comments had some... implications
t11553.282018-11-27How is naoki this unlikable?#27 "It's probably just idiots who lack proper family backgrounds or having a history of abuse or some other problem..Of course teenage girls have a
t11470.142018-11-27Would you kindly...Some of 'em overlap with 3DCG since they have pre-rendered sprites, others have pre-rendered backgrounds, and I already revoked the wrong ones, and
t11470.112018-11-26Would you kindly...'Kay bel, my mistakes, sorry. Though I don't remember half of the games I mistaged, so if you don't see me revoking feel free to downvote 'em (if I
t11559.12018-11-26Revoke downvoteAnthy is unlockable in Shoujo Kakumei Utena ~Itsuka Kakumeisareru Monogatari~, the VN does have unlockable routes. Check the endings section in this (
t11553.72018-11-24How is naoki this unlikable?Salt threads are always amusing.
t11470.92018-11-23Would you kindly...Oh yeah Otome game is a child tag of female protagonist apparently, tou downvoting It in the current state won't do much since a lot of people
t11545.172018-11-21BaraI know I tag things wrong, everyone does every once in a while, but yeah can't disagree.
t11545.152018-11-21BaraIt would also avoid salt threads like these one kek.
t11545.142018-11-21BaraYeah It should be an Aliase like "Bara Hero" or a child tag exclusive to MxM VNs. I mean both NTY and Hadaka have muscular heroes that aren't twink
t11545.82018-11-21BaraWas talking about artstyle not body type mate www
t11545.62018-11-21BaraDo what you guys want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (NTY is still bara tou)
t11545.32018-11-21BaraBro as a Bara fan myself I actually think It qualifies, It doesn't need to have exaggerated body types in every single instance to be considered Bara
t11541.12018-11-20Simple RequestBtw Decay, now that the desc. of the "Unlockable Hero(ine)" tagged changed I think Nicola from Drac-Riot! actually applies to the tag (tou the other
t11391.32018-11-20Why tou?Your tag got denied, can you revoke your vote? Himawari isn't as devoid of mystery as you imply, it doesn't have to a full out mystery VN to be
t11470.72018-11-15Would you kindly...#5 I actually have a reason why I upvoted This, after searching some of the guides to the game seem to imply the game having actual routes, even
t3617.15462018-11-13Tags suggestions/fixesForgot to put Albino Protagonist under White Haired Protagonist.
t11506.52018-11-12A little bit disappointedThe SoL in Fate is pretty terrible tbh, probably the reason I have such a love/hate relationship with this particular VN.
t11498.82018-11-10No Sexual Content Tag, Potential SpoilerPretty much what #7 described.
t11498.62018-11-10No Sexual Content Tag, Potential SpoilerThey voted for It because It doesn't appear on-screen so the tag still applies, if There are more explicit descriptions the "Text Only Sex" applies
t11470.42018-11-04Would you kindly...About the M.protag for a short time, I don't really know, I think It still applies If the temporary protag is another male character, different from
t11470.22018-11-03Would you kindly...'Kay mate, sorry just kind did it on impulse kek, I'll revoke the incorrect tags, if you know any other VN I tagged incorrectly, notify me.
t3617.15432018-11-03Tags suggestions/fixesOnly One Bad Ending should also be under Multiple Endings. Oyaji Protagonist should also be under Adult Protagonist and Male Protagonist. About the
t3617.15312018-11-02Tags suggestions/fixesAlbino Heroine should also be under White Haired Heroine, since for a heroine to be an "Albino" they need to have white hair in the first place (same