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t13121.12019-11-08H-CODE: Read MoreH-CODE: [3rdEye] レイルロアの略奪者 /HS18*50:18*14@0:GDI32.dll:GetTextMetricsA NOTE: The H-code works with AGTH, ITH, and Textractor. ITHVNR and VNR can’t
t12961.12019-10-03[SPOILER] VERY CAREFULCareful, this is a Horror game. Don't let the cute characters fool you.
t12668.12019-07-28H-Code (for ITH-VNR)+H-Code VNR: /HWN-4@15048C:WorldActor.exe /HWN-4@55048C +Serial: 9T9XM94SBPRF
t12408.12019-06-02H-Code for ITH-VNR/HS-1C@C647:gbm.exe Thank you!
t9817.12017-10-30H-Code For VNRH-code for ITHVNR: /HAN-C@62CC5:ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート2.exe