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t16839.52021-08-20[SPOILER] that tag on Mito Mashiro is true ?I totally forget that I already asked same question one year ago... I wanted so much to play a pure love game with NTR and also a Happy End and I am
t16839.12021-08-19[SPOILER] that tag on Mito Mashiro is true ?Sorry bad english "Sex with Others" tag on Mito Mashiro is true or just a joke ? she makes sex with others characters besides the protagonist ? NTR
t15279.242021-01-06Suggest to me a really good NTR game to play@vninfohata I read in a review that Hajimete no Kanojo do not have a happy end, the girl break her relationship with the protagonist, not exist any
t15310.32021-01-04(SPOILER) about their relationshipThank you very much, tyr, I will try it then. I just fell myself true heart broken when Yuka asked for me doubled money to have Aya together, since
t15310.12021-01-01(SPOILER) about their relationshipsorry bad english I am searching for a game where the male protagonist start a love relationship with a prostitute. I played the first game and this
t15279.192020-12-31Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playI forget: I just want to make clear that I do not suggest to any of your guys EVER seek a prostitute. This is VERY dangerous, since several
t15302.12020-12-31Someone played those games series ?This game have 4 different plots the main game + 3 episodes link I never played it, but, looks like a episodic game reading the getchu description
t15297.32020-12-31ATLAS Dictionary and TRANSLATOR AGGREGATOR scriptThank you very much, sanahtlig
t15297.12020-12-30ATLAS Dictionary and TRANSLATOR AGGREGATOR scriptSorry bad english In the days of old, existed a forum named hongfire where some people shared personal dictionaries of ATLAS OFFLINE TRANSLATOR with
t15294.12020-12-30No one never noticed that exist charactersNo one never noticed that exist characters shared between others 2 games but they changed their names ? see: link link and this one too: link link
t11526.22020-12-30To make Clear about main girlThank you very much, is your comment that makes me wants to play this awesome game.
t15279.162020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to play@tyr I have a bad english, I hope you can understand. They not believe in man. the prostitutes are always thinking that all man just want to take
t15283.12020-12-29The girls are super cute but the plot...In this game, only inside the school, exist a Gender Apartheid. The girls need to walk separated of males and is forbid any contact between males and
t15279.112020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playetymology, study of the origin of words. 寝取られ really in the beginning was the meaning of to have your lover stolen. During the several years the
t15279.102020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playYou are so much centered in the grammatical sense of the word. It doesn't matter if it is NTR or NETORASE, both kind of games end in the vast
t15279.72020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to play@shinytentacool you probably not read anything that I wrote. NTR is "cuckold" in japanese, is simple the fetish to see your lover making sex with
t15279.42020-12-29Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playA lot of those netorase games, specially the ones made by Atelier Sakura, happens exactly what I hate the most> the protagonist invite other man to
t15279.12020-12-28Suggest to me a really good NTR game to playPlease Suggest to me a really good NTR game to play Sorry terrible bad english Warning, trivial and infuriated fhc rants, read it for your on
t14311.92020-12-27Only good endings being Netorase?In a NTR game If you not see any NTR scene this is considered a BAD END. You play a NTR game to see NTR. If you want just a pure love game without a
t14311.72020-12-27Only good endings being Netorase?I guess a lot of people not know what is really NTR. NTR is a fetish where you like to see the woman that you love making sex with another man. A
t15260.12020-12-26Do not waste your money in this shit game (SPOILERDo not waste your time or your money with this game The male protagonist is a IMBECILE, he REFUSES to make sex with the girl because he thinks that
w344.42020-12-25Netorase kara Hajimaru Daraku no NTR Mazo Seikatsu ~Anata no Ochi*chin wa Onani Sen'you Desu~Thanks for this review
t11610.22020-12-21WalkthroughI cannot find any. Weird. This game not need a walkthrough ?
t15223.12020-12-21I need a waifu kuudere, sarcastic and strict likeSorry bad english I need a waifu kuudere, sarcastic and strict like Kujou Miyuki from the anime Shomin Sample. I fell in love for her personality
t15153.62020-12-12Translator Aggregator Project Died ?I tested now DeepL and it not have auto clipboard translation, then, it is useless. Is boring to manually copy and paste every text of the game. you
t15153.42020-12-08Translator Aggregator Project Died ?@eacil #3 Yes, indeed, it is working. I am a idiot, I was using a whole year uyjulian's Version and do not even tested Sinflower's Version because I
t15153.12020-12-08Translator Aggregator Project Died ?Translation Aggregator google translate not working anymore in any Active Project: Sinflower's Version: link uyjulian's Version: link
t15146.12020-12-06All characters names to Translator Aggregator TAHAll characters names to be added in Names.txt file on Translator Aggregator TAHPlugin, just copy and past If you not know what is it about, just
t15141.12020-12-06All games from SofthouseChara are good like this ?Sorry bad english I never played any SofthouseChara game, I always had prejudice against SofthouseChara games because I always think that the
t15138.22020-12-06Someone knows If have a turn limit ?Forget my question, I am trying to delete it but I cannot. Indeed have a turn limit of 25 turns. I get a game over.
t15138.12020-12-05Someone knows If have a turn limit ?Not find this answer on google. Someone knows If have a turn limit ? Or I can play for how many turns I want ? I am already in turn 8 and I not make
t15079.12020-11-26SPOILER . Does the TRUE END is a HAPPY END ?Capture: link Looks like this game have a lot of bad ending and one true ending. At least this true end is a happy end ? We are forced see all bad
t15076.32020-11-26SPOILER SPOILER about Mito Mashiro@fuukanou I fixed it.
t15076.12020-11-26SPOILER SPOILER about Mito MashiroSex With Others tag ? NTR ? Mito Mashiro is the wife of Mito Yuuri but she makes sex with Kusakabe Sora ? Someone can explain ? NTR in pure love
t12287.122020-11-23Have a happy end ?@mrkew yes. netorase. But I already see several netorase with very sad endings. Also some netorase games are really idiotic, I already played
t12287.102020-11-23Have a happy end ?@mrkewno , I like NTR. My dream is to marry a prostitute and peeping from a hole in the wall seeing her making sex with her customers. too bad I am
t12287.72020-11-23Have a happy end ?@chaoran177 I like NTR, I can only fap seeing NTR scenes, but, I not like sadness or despair. I like happy ending. I am nowadays very depressed
t12287.52020-10-06Have a happy end ?Thank you very much. I will skip this game. I love NTR, but, I need happy end.
t14192.12020-06-14Tag: Heroine Having Sex with Otherssorry bad english I not played this game I found the game because I am following the Tag: Heroine Having Sex with Others But reading the game
t13919.12020-05-03..............deleted..................................deleted.................... This game is so bad that is not even worth comment, I deleted it.
t8418.22019-12-09WalkthroughHere: link or link
t13267.32019-12-08Slap SoundThank you very much, you really is very knowledgeable, I never heard about it in my whole life. I already see this "slapping fan" in some anime, but
t13267.12019-12-08Slap SoundSorry bad english Every time that Mitsuru or other character say something funny that makes a reaction in the protagonist, I hear a "slap" sound. I
t13261.32019-12-07this game is shitYeah, you have a point, you are totally right. I am truly sorry for all game industry, I was just pissed off because I really hated this game...
t13261.12019-12-06this game is shitSorry bad english I cannot understand why Astronauts: Sirius not go already to bankruptcy. this game is shit. If you play all the games with the
t13227.12019-12-01someone have a walthrough ?I tried google but this keyword "Re:maid" is so a no no. I get a lot of bad results and a lot of sites full of virus.
t12674.42019-11-11WARNING!!! DO NOT PLAY THE TRUE END!!!Thank you very much, shaoping, I will never choose "美由紀のことを考えて過ごしたい"
t10597.22019-09-29Hcodeuse textractor
t12936.12019-09-29This game needs HCODESomeone have it ?
t12933.12019-09-28H CODEmade by Algester /HW4@16F5EE:ststeady.exe