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v12559.372019-07-11 at 22:23bakauchuujinMagical Marriage Lunatics!!Reverted to revision v12559.35 Most people get more out of english screenshots as they can see the translation. Also since this is a non mosaic
v12559.352019-07-08 at 13:34bakauchuujinMagical Marriage Lunatics!!Changed some japanese screenshot for english ones
v19441.112019-06-15 at 19:49bakauchuujinPlastic Memoriesadded come pictures
r64138.12019-06-06 at 05:03bakauchuujinEvenicle Package EditionNewly announced hardcopy of Evanicle.
v18690.202019-05-25 at 18:02bakauchuujinBocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.Changed some pictures from japanese edition to english edition since people most likely care about the english release.
r46398.92019-05-23 at 05:25bakauchuujinKara no Shojo - The Second Episode - Limited Package EditionChanged link to where to buy the physical edition.
r63389.22019-05-23 at 05:17bakauchuujinHapymaher - Package EditionChanged to link from the general site about Hapymaher to the link for where you can buy it physically on MG's store.
r63844.12019-05-23 at 05:09bakauchuujinFunbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story Package EditionAdded the newly announced physical release.
r63570.12019-05-11 at 09:52bakauchuujinDeka Chichi Muchi Shiri BBA Kishidan ~Rekisen no Onna Kishi mo Kyokon ni wa K...Cherry kiss games announced an english release of it on twitter.
r63569.12019-05-11 at 09:50bakauchuujinMesu Inu Haramase Oyakodon ~Oba to Itoko o Aherase Meromero na Yari Makuri Pe...Cherry kiss games announced a release on twitter.
v97.492019-04-16 at 12:33bakauchuujinSaya no UtaPrevious screenshots were of the patch, since it has had an official release through Jast I figured it is better for it to have screenshots from the
v11920.332019-03-25 at 08:49bakauchuujinImouto Paradise! 2 ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Motto! Ecchi Shimakuri n...Changed a screenshot from the japanese version with and english one.
r62740.12019-03-16 at 22:43bakauchuujinIsland - Deluxe editionAdded release
r62739.12019-03-16 at 22:38bakauchuujinIsland - Regular editionAdded release for physical edition
r56886.132019-03-16 at 22:36bakauchuujinIsland - Download editionChanged name to download edition.
r62276.22019-03-07 at 15:57bakauchuujinNewton and the Apple Tree - Collector's EditionAdded resolution.
r54495.132019-03-07 at 15:57bakauchuujinNewton and the Apple Tree - All Ages EditionAdded resolution.
r62605.12019-03-07 at 15:56bakauchuujinNewton and the Apple Tree - 18+ Collector's EditionAdded release.
r62275.22019-03-07 at 15:53bakauchuujinNewton and the Apple Tree - Package EditionAdded resolution
r62604.12019-03-07 at 15:52bakauchuujinNewton and the Apple Tree - 18+ Package EditionAdded the 18+ physical release. Can be changed from all ages edition in backerkit.
r62602.12019-03-07 at 07:25bakauchuujinFlowers -Les quatre saisons- Package EditionAdded the physical release of the PS4 version.
r59849.62019-03-07 at 07:19bakauchuujinFlowers -Les quatre saisons- Download EditionChanged it to download edition and will add the one for the physical now.
v20526.172019-03-06 at 21:45bakauchuujinMonmusuThe native resolution is 720p not 1080p. If you use fullscreen it scales it up to 1080p for you but the image quality doesn't get better (720p on
r55797.122019-02-15 at 18:11bakauchuujinGrisaia Complete Box - English VersionAdded release date. This is based on when I got the email about it getting shipped.
v11920.322019-02-14 at 13:13bakauchuujinImouto Paradise! 2 ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Motto! Ecchi Shimakuri n...Changed some japanese pictures for english ones
v11920.312018-10-29 at 16:08bakauchuujinImouto Paradise! 2 ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Motto! Ecchi Shimakuri n...Changed some japanese version pictures for english ones, will add more nsfw english ones later.
v23067.152018-10-20 at 11:55bakauchuujinLoca LoveLoca Love: My Cute Roommate is just the first of 3 parts, considering that this seem to be a page for Loca-Love in general and not individual volumes
v19773.62018-10-08 at 20:08bakauchuujinKemomimi Harem Vacation ~Inaka de Nonbiri Mofumofu Kemonomimi Shoujo-tachi to...Changed some japanese pictures for english version ones, btw while I believed that the windowed one should be the full size, I got different results
v19717.142018-09-28 at 17:18bakauchuujinNew Game! -The Challenge Stage!-Added some screenshots
r57161.22018-09-14 at 13:55bakauchuujinTsundere Idol: My Personal M-PetIt contains mosaics
r51893.112018-09-14 at 13:55bakauchuujinTsundere Idol: My Personal M-PetIt contains mosaics
r57147.52018-09-14 at 13:55bakauchuujinTsundere Idol - Adult PatchIt does contain mosaics
r59555.12018-09-14 at 13:07bakauchuujinTenshi to Akuma to Elf ga Oyome ni Kimashita! ~Minna Haramase Love icha Harem~Since no one have added that Cherrykissgames is doing this title yet.
r59554.12018-09-14 at 13:02bakauchuujinBreeding my Bullied BrideFigured since no one else was adding this I could just do it.
v23067.122018-09-14 at 03:53bakauchuujinLoca LoveLooking more closely on their kickstarter I found that it was episodic and that the one with the length of one Volume of Corona Blossom is just one
r57522.52018-09-14 at 03:50bakauchuujinLoca Love Vol.1: My Cute Roommate - R18 PatchChanged the name since it is episodic.
r57075.52018-09-14 at 03:49bakauchuujinLoca Love Vol.1: My Cute Roommate- Steam Editionlocal love is an episodic visual novel based on their FAQ on kickstarter.
v23067.112018-09-14 at 03:18bakauchuujinLoca LoveFrontwing said it was about the length of one volume of Corona Blossom and that it would take roughly 8 hours to complete.
v20527.112018-09-03 at 06:44bakauchuujinTropical LiquorAdded some screenshots
r54553.32018-08-28 at 08:30bakauchuujinPrincess Evangile W Happiness - Package Editioncorrected resolution
r41543.172018-08-28 at 08:30bakauchuujinPrincess Evangile W Happiness - 18+ Editioncorrected resolution
r41536.72018-08-28 at 08:29bakauchuujinPrincess Evangile W Happiness - All-ages Editioncorrected resolution
v8900.292018-08-28 at 08:27bakauchuujinPrincess Evangile W HappinessChanged some screenshots from japanese version with english version.
v19717.132018-08-21 at 19:58bakauchuujinNew Game! -The Challenge Stage!-Added screenshots
v22020.142018-08-10 at 11:24bakauchuujinNeko Para Extra: Koneko no Hi no YakusokuAdded a screenshot and corrected the length, I waited for all the voice lines to finish and had about 90 min played on steam, which also include
v6540.322018-08-04 at 11:29bakauchuujineuphoriaChanged some screenshots since most were from japanese version.
v3161.242018-07-22 at 18:10bakauchuujinStarlesschanged some japanese pictures to english ones
v17588.142018-07-22 at 14:04bakauchuujinNe no Kami - Kyou no Miyako to Futari no Hime Kishiadded some pictures
v19385.202018-07-22 at 13:47bakauchuujinNeko Para Vol.3 Neko-tachi no Aromatizechanged some jpictures with japanese text for english text ones.
v4037.332018-07-22 at 13:30bakauchuujinEroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~changed JP cg for english ones.