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t12588.62019-07-11If the sister doesn't win we riotMy guess is that her plan all along was to get her catgirls in a relationship with her brother then dress up as one of them before all the catgirls
t10616.402019-07-01Too much sexSo far I have read Julia's route and Luluna's route and just from those two alone I can easily understand why they can't do a release of this VN
t12167.42019-04-09How long is this VN?Haven't played this myself, but I have seen someone claim the Rikka route to be about 29 hours long.
t12155.22019-04-06I can't find that VNSounds like Ne no Kami - Kyou no Miyako to Futari no Hime Kishi.
t12028.92019-03-10Steam Release?Well their rule seem to be that any character potentially under the age of 18 in a eroge can be banned by justifying it as exploitation of children
t11606.42018-12-06Banned on Steam#3 the same things have happened to a lot of other VNs recently so it is not just a random mistake. The situation right now seems to be just the same
t11539.22018-11-19How to remove mosaic censorshipThere are some decensor programs out there, don't remember their name but pretty sure they are pretty shit. As for why, I would assume that most of
t11528.92018-11-17Good god, this is so bad#8 if you are talking about link they announced that not long ago link
t11528.52018-11-17Good god, this is so bad#4 think you mean Winged Cloud not Sakura Games. SakuraGame are a company who uses machine translation on titles and sell them cheaply on steam and
t11528.22018-11-17Good god, this is so badI don't have much to base this on since I have only read Wild Romance mofu mofu edition by them, but I am pretty sure that all of the Miel/Norn
t11523.22018-11-16hello!!If you want a place to talk about VNs you should probably go to either r/visualnovels, fuwanovel forum or a discord channel of any of the publishers
t11500.62018-11-11Actual routes?With it coming out in english I decided to make a review of it link if you want to see my more detailed thoughts on it.
t11500.42018-11-11Actual routes?All the heroines in the first VN has satisfying endings at least in my opinion, as they all have a proper route. In the 2nd VN only Arusu has a
t11500.22018-11-11Actual routes?Well to accuratly answer your question I think it is important to first split the VN into the two main parts Rinne Utopia and Arusu Install. As for
t11435.42018-11-01Has it an Harem Ending?Pretty sure the harem ending is in the fandisc
t11451.122018-10-31How "liberal" is the translation?I haven't read their VNs yet because I am waiting for physical releases, but from my understanding most people like their translations. To my
t11291.202018-10-26Great another episodic crap showWell if the different volumes are planned to be seperate then the title should probably be changed to Loca Love: My Cute Roommate rather than just
t11417.22018-10-25uncensored cg??Just look at the official website. Looking at cg samples there it seems like the penis is censored all of the time while the vegina and ass is only
t10558.1912018-10-17Kickstarter for Venus Blood Frontier#190 Considering that they are also going to sell it at some later point outside of the kickstarter they will probably get some numbers better
t11387.42018-10-16Would you have liked multiple routes?Considering how it handles the character relationships I would say that it would be a bad idea to make routes. Also regarding the little sister we
t11371.22018-10-12Hiqo Soft to fill for Bankrupcy.Guess them licensing their VNs to Sol Press was them trying to avoid going bankrupt.
t11343.112018-10-07Is the build up slow, or are the scenes censored?My guess is that it is just linked to japanese people being completely retarded when it comes to censorship. Yes the bleep thing makes no sense, but
t11343.22018-10-06Is the build up slow, or are the scenes censored?Nope those things are not censored, the basement thing is just to build up what might be there not something you get an option to look into early in
t10906.282018-10-04Short opinion / reviewMy question is which VN actually promoted protected sex? The only VN where I remember having seen condoms in is Starless and they didn't really use
t11303.22018-09-29Translation?Considering that MG is doing many of the other Rance games we can be pretty sure that they are going to do this as well in the future.
t11289.62018-09-27HD Remaster edition16:9 so it is probably cropped.
t11281.22018-09-26[Spoilers] About SachieNot completely sure, but I don't really remember it being hinted at any point that she was working for someone. To me the most logical seems to be
t10651.202018-09-26Mangagamer's Licensing Odds With This TitleIf we assume Jast and MG are busy for the next two years and don't want to add new titles I think it isn't too far fetched that they might have a
t10558.1362018-09-21Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierJust found it funny how so many were norwegian places, I guess it does fit with the norse mythology though.
t10558.1342018-09-21Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierBtw anyone know if the city names in the demo are going to be in the final version or if it is a joke?
t10558.1292018-09-20Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierDidn't say it was doomed to fail just think that there are more people into moe than those into darker stuff, just since people were comparing it to
t10558.1272018-09-20Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierConsidering that Venus Blood seems to have a lot darker themes like corruption, rape, monsterrape etc. I think it also probably has fewer potential
t10558.1162018-09-20Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierDoesn't really seem to be going great in terms of getting enough funding atm.
t11175.622018-09-17The state of VNs on SteamJust checked out the steam page of one of the games from StarNovel Studio and it have 2259 achievments so it should be possible to get it banned even
t11175.162018-09-06The state of VNs on Steam#15 I think calling CNN left-wing is a bit odd. CNN is the propaganda wing of the democratic party. The democratic party is very far right leaning in
t6458.942018-08-26Changing Username?Could you change my username to Bakauchuujin? Thanks in advance.
t11117.22018-08-25Panterbell vs Pankuuパン食べる
t11105.242018-08-23Another title to be butchered by SakuraGameMy guess is that if we manage to make steam take action against Sakuragame they will also start to take more actions against legitimate VN
t11109.22018-08-23History of Weekly Rankings?Don't think so, for yearly trends I guess the best available is their (year) in review series. Just google mangagamer 2017 or 2016 in review. This
t7780.132018-08-10Best RouteI would say teacher and Makiba also works pretty well as early routes as they build up mysteries by giving pieces of information, but still giving
t7581.2002018-06-30English localization by Sekai ProjectMy guess would be that Sekai Project didn't research it enough to know that there were any differences outside of the h-scenes.
t10632.52018-05-12100% save or anyway to cheese the gameThe cg are the only thing worth anything in the VN. The writting is shit, just short scenes with no voice acting and no comedy as well as characters
t10632.32018-05-12100% save or anyway to cheese the gameBtw if it does work don't spam it on steam, would be nice if it doesn't get removed. Just in case they bring in more monster girls which it seems
t10632.22018-05-12100% save or anyway to cheese the gameHave you tried just changing your timezone. Previously changing the date worked for me, but it doesn't anymore + it downloaded a update for me so I
t10542.312018-05-11Uncensored English release without mosaicThe backerkit seems to be open still, though I have never ordered anything on backerkit after a kickstarter I haven't pledged for so I don't know how
t10542.292018-05-11Uncensored English release without mosaicFrom what I understand the physical japanese edition only contains a download card. To get DVD-ROM you need to get the physical that they are selling
t10598.22018-05-07Why no TLs in european languages?Probably because it cost to translate VNs and there are many more people who knows english than the languages you mentioned.
t10542.242018-04-28Uncensored English release without mosaicWhen I refere to the japanese version I mean the version that has been released in Japan for the japanese market. Both the english and japanese
t10542.162018-04-28Uncensored English release without mosaic"Most importantly, we wanted to let everyone know that the Steam release of Momoiro Closet will be delayed. While we can't yet say exactly when the
t10542.122018-04-28Uncensored English release without mosaic"Found it on Getchu and Amazon." Those are very likely japanese versions which means that they do have mosaic censorship.