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t13421.72020-01-22Oops^ You could ask the creator of the tag to change the description.
t13421.42020-01-21OopsNote it doesn't say "and", it says "or"
t13421.32020-01-21OopsA trap is a person who looks like or is mistaken for a girl. So it can be either one. With them being cropped, they definitely look like women.
t13421.12020-01-13OopsI must've read it wrong, sorry.
t4268.72019-06-15Walkthrough/guide?Does anybody know their names? I'm having a hard time trying to find them.
t12383.112019-06-05Regarding your character editsI've decided to revert them back, but please hear me out on this. The real definition of a trap is someone who's sex is male, and is mistaken for
t12383.102019-06-02Regarding your character editsVery well then
t12406.12019-06-01QuestionI've been removing trap traits for Transgender characters, and one of the mods told me that maybe I should not do that. Should I undo all the changes
t12383.82019-05-31Regarding your character editsShould I undo my changes then, or just leave them be?
t12383.62019-05-30Regarding your character editsTell me, are you fine with me removing the trap trait from trans characters? Trap doesn't really fit a transgender.
t12383.52019-05-28Regarding your character editsThanks.
t12383.32019-05-28Regarding your character editsAlso, how do you send people messages? I don't know how to do so.
t12383.22019-05-28Regarding your character editsI just found them to be confusing, but if it works better leaving them blank, then I will lay off. Thanks for letting me know.
t12188.22019-05-10BGM fixI need help. The entry says "Reverse-Trap Heroine" but I can't find the character who is the Reverse-Trap.
t3314.16452019-02-15TraitsHow many traits are there?
t10602.52018-05-10A visual novel you added.Np
t10602.22018-05-08A visual novel you I found this link. Did you check here?
t10244.92018-04-22Still aliveCould somebody please help me find information on the Korean Visual Novel "Clover"? I can't find anything.
t7442.3852017-06-19Game inclusion in the DBSorry beliar, I shouldn't have added that trait. She just seems like a reverse trap to me, but I keep forgetting that other people don't agree. I
t2108.20132017-06-16Candidates for deletionOh yeah. Thanks.
t2108.20112017-06-16Candidates for deletionI recently edited a character from "Unknown" to "Male". You didn't correct me this time, would this mean i'm right? I've done some research this time.
t2108.20092017-06-16Candidates for deletionIf you don't correct me on a post I edited, would that mean I made the right choice?
t2108.20082017-06-16Candidates for deletionGood to know
t2108.20062017-06-16Candidates for deletionI'm thinking of adding the series "Million Knights Vermillion". Have you heard of it?
t8229.92017-06-16Some server config changesI agree with infernoplex. I really do love this site. But I still wish I knew everything about it.
t2108.20052017-06-16Candidates for deletionI was guessing that. I sure wish it was easy to get information. Probably because a lot of series on here are in Japanese.
t2108.20032017-06-16Candidates for deletionMay I ask you a question? Are you a moderator or the owner?
t2108.20022017-06-16Candidates for deletionGot it. Thanks for the link.
t2108.20002017-06-16Candidates for deletionYou're right, I should do my research first. And I didn't realize that Cattle Couple was already entered. Sorry about that.
t2108.19992017-06-16Candidates for deletionThanks beliar for helping me with the Kanji. I'm new at this. I better due some more research.