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t950.7402020-05-28VNDB Suggestions!Can we have it so that the release date of a VN is shown as the release of the full product, and not the first demo? Like maybe a trial option for
t7442.5902020-02-08Game inclusion in the DBAre the games made by Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta VNs? They just look like RPGs to me. Mahou Shoujo is the only one that looks like a VN
t13470.152020-02-08Some tag voting changesNo there weren't any errors when I did it. It just didn't save.
t13470.132020-02-05Some tag voting changesEvery time I try to modify a tag, my revisions don't save. It's been like this since the update was pushed.
t13165.122019-11-19Being a VN Fan or in Industry is SufferingI like how you went and posted this here after you got downvoted on Reddit.
t12853.112019-09-18Which eroge franchise is the most successful?How could you not put Fate on this list
t11175.802018-09-23The state of VNs on Steam#77 Removing bad quality games isn't something that is protected by the constitution. Steam is a private service owned by a private company, and they
t10413.12018-03-30Best girlPlease put in the comments why you choose the person that you did
t6834.242017-12-26Best voice?Yukina also voiced Chinami from Hoshizora no Memoria