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t12869.272019-09-26Hope its a huge success.Holy shit. VNDB is just the most toxic place ever. Why the fuck are we angry about a company actually showing interest in "our" part of the weeb
t12451.32019-06-12worst visual novel everOnii-Chan Not that Onii-chan is the worst visual novel ever, but it is definetly worse then this.
t12362.52019-05-21English PatchSorry, didn't really look to much into things as i was busy. From what i can see, the patch doesn't exist. I've found one download link, that might
t12362.32019-05-21English Patchlink Edit: Don't know if it works. Top result on google.
t12232.42019-04-27Asenheim project gone?Quick news to anybody who hasn't noticed yet. Asenheim is up again.
t12232.22019-04-26Asenheim project gone?I've written a little with the website owner and the site will be back again in 3-4 days.
t12220.52019-04-21this is not a VNI would'nt say that this could be called a hybrid. The rules in the FAQ states: The story is told employing one of the known Visual Novel
t12207.22019-04-18Weekly updates?There is a weekly TL status on the subreddit.
t11770.142019-01-08Major problem with VN communityI would argue that vndb is the most nontoxic place there is for VN readers. Yes we are split into groups but we still use this website and we all add
t3617.16012019-01-08Tags suggestions/fixesI don't think that Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ is popular enough to be used as an example.
t11728.72019-01-08Your favorite routeMaya was the best girl. Sad she didn't have a route.
t10842.32018-07-26Common routeWell the game in itself was pretty long, and in my opinion the long common route was justified, just by being humerous, and by making relations with
t10883.92018-07-19Sequel?Rance is a good series, and an example of how to turn something really simple, into a gigantic series. I think that they (AS), have the ability to
t347.212018-01-20do not mess upOh how i hate it when people comment on something that isn't relevant any more