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t11946.22019-02-18Is it possible to limit a trait?probably easier to go with tags instead and just have sister as heroine which should be a guarantee find assuming tagging is right.
t11944.62019-02-18Yume Miru Kusuri Quotefirst eroge? -It was honey pick me or something/cheating house wives combo pack. I was trying to download illegal because I had no idea where to find
t11925.172019-02-18Is this translator a god?I think he just greatly appreciates work that happens to be his own and wants to let others know about it.
t11930.22019-02-15H-Scene Playback from the Extra Menu?Personal a lot and not at same time. I less use them to enjoy vn and more when I want to add new tags or traits in case I forget anything when I am
t11916.72019-02-14Singe fatherI didn't know we had so many daddy chasers on here. also #6 I have seen that. Its looks funny and could maybe see some fun in as a game but not so
t11916.12019-02-13Singe fatherBored looking at some tags and realize down to earth single fathers don't seem to exist at all. The themes are either rape, ntr, incest daughter, or
t9553.42019-02-12/hcodetextractor works! for anyone that has windows 10 and ith/fix doesn't work textractor does indeed have a /h code
t11902.102019-02-12President deserved a route :(#9 My personal lost love is Nishizaki Noriko. She spends an hour and a half falling in love with protag. Only for MC cousin to get jealous who hasn't
t7373.42019-02-10Full Edition version cuts out routes?some people rather have answers then just questions out there Agree never had traditional routes, completed their side story to which has some cg
t7373.22019-02-10Full Edition version cuts out routes?I believe that is correct. I have full edition and sadly made wrong choice :( The tan girl, chinese girl and the teacher don't have original routes
t11904.32019-02-09/h codeIt is a nifty program and might use it for other vn. But no dice. Not sure if its because already has a hook, or because I am copying japanese text
t11902.52019-02-09President deserved a route :(Your thinking of Inui. Ayumi is glasses character she doesn't have a route in fd.
t11904.12019-02-09/h codeThe game has a working hook but for some reason 1 character half time doesn't work. Tend to get ____0. If I copy text in ithvnr while leaving her
t11902.22019-02-08President deserved a route :(Personal think they could have made a few fun routes from side chara. I would have like Ayumi as well but makes sense why she doesn't have 1. She is
t11899.92019-02-08Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)real answer is no. hypothetically with ideal conditions probably no. Under hypothetical it would have be crappy conditions. Lets say avg life span
t11892.142019-02-07Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes#12 personal have no problem with male nudity. I play vn for sex so seems a little silly to me to be weird out by hetero sex that isn't you, hetero
t11892.62019-02-06Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-ScenesI prefer no mosaic if its an option but gotten use it. I don't think I ever seen a game with no mosaic that looks so bad that its unplayable. I am
t11883.12019-02-03Old person fetish?Wondering why appetite seems to be going through old person fetish, have they really been that successful? I always thought Japan had more of
t11880.22019-02-03Good Ending?The person below post says it has 1 good and 1 half good ending. Only one person has tagged it with only bad endings so can't really say how reliable
t10751.62019-02-02Unnacceptable"This type of game is one you read for the story....not the h scenes" This sentence doesn't compute with me. Playing something not to fap to
t11868.822019-02-01Ruka's nameThis would be funny if it was interesting. Personal think mods should close thread. Have them talk it over with Yorhei since it is his site and his
t11868.482019-02-01Ruka's namewho is this luka/ruka she is so popular. Once she figures out her identity crisis I should probably give her a call.
t11864.52019-01-29More than seven love interests tagdepends on definition of heroine a little. I don't know names since so long but a lot of hypnotizing games will have more than 7 heroines or around
t11856.32019-01-27Complaining about Rikka. *slight spoilers*I don't know about morning BJ being a daily thing but kissing isn't as weird. I had one gf that loved making out first thing in the morning. I tend
t11853.22019-01-27Need help finding this VN!!!hara katsu if I remeber correctly. There is 3 of them now and only played the second. I don't know how similar they are but second one sounds like
t11852.12019-01-27only 2 heroinesWas really looking forward to this and then was disappointed. By no mean a bad game for a nukige, love the art. Based on cover and tags was hoping
t11851.32019-01-26How to open this gameSorry illegal download games is frown upon here. I am assuming nyaa is a website based on #2 reaction. My best bet is to go to website and try asking
t11204.62019-01-26Hook CodeI figured it and feel stupid. I was using /h code for other game. One above does work. So just a heads up the Natushi route does not have a /h code
t11204.52019-01-26Hook CodeIs this the only /h code? I can't seem to get it to work. I copy and paste but I don't even get that its registering the new /h code when hit enter
t11829.72019-01-19Tons of fake ratingsnope japanese is norm and those who have been following have been doing it for awhile. I think people that play these are not those looking for vn
t11829.42019-01-19Tons of fake ratingsI agree with this. This is english speaking site with english game target for western market. Anyone that might care probably votes for english and
t11821.32019-01-17Pregnancy FetistI disagree, I think they just don't like condoms which leads to pregnancy.
t11602.472019-01-11Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaSloppy seconds might be your personal turn on not me. Its like hooker with fake hair,tits and tan that is gross to me but a lot of people like that
t11770.152019-01-08Major problem with VN communityDon't entirely understand what is being argued. forget which movie it was from but surmised it up well imo. The day that humans stop fighting and
t11769.102019-01-05Restoration patch?Sounds like the problems might be on other end and not yours for now. If file is corrupted and can't be open that is usually not something you did
t3617.15962019-01-05Tags suggestions/fixesI think it was hypo game a guy was raping his sister and mom. Guy was POS and one of bad endings was him being killed by his mom. He actual said
t11742.242019-01-05Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriI can agree people love drama on tv but real life when it comes to cheating and over top soap operas are not nearly as fun as it looks when living it
t11742.212019-01-02Women's interest in Netorare/Netori#19 The last one sounds hilarious people won't play a game again which is one of major reason I do play vn and not kinetic novels, I want options
t11742.142018-12-31Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriI agree with senior, great place to get quick info on vn. Not as much for some topics, get some pretty stupid replies.
t11747.32018-12-31Your VN reading habit changed through time?I have only been reading past 2 years. But I had interest in early 2000s but had 0 idea what vn really was, how to read and get access to it. It was
t11680.112018-12-31How is this site still up?I personal heard that half the vn are based on yorhel sexual exploits to keep funds coming into to keep this site up.
t11716.112018-12-28[Spoiler] Major gripe with Nene's true endWell regardless it is a moe so assuming they had no intention of having sad ending or screwing anyone over.
t11732.22018-12-28Impossible to playOlder VN have this problem. I have heard that using some windows emulator might work but personal never got them to work.
t11730.32018-12-27Any VN has similar feeling like Majikoi?if translation isn't a problem Tsuyokiss is kind of similar. Not as fighting/martial art center but has samurai like girls setting.
t11602.272018-12-27Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaHas passage of time tag and drama. So I am guessing something bad happens to girl in past which helps make her slutty for some reason. She sleeps
t11716.42018-12-27[Spoiler] Major gripe with Nene's true endHaven't finished mostly because I knew was time travel ending ect and lost interest. But I guess have question on the time paradox. Does time line
t7153.332018-12-27What happenned on the true end??personal I hated it. Nothing fun about having 10 minutes of romance shoved in 3-5 hour story and those last 10 minutes felt rushed to me.
t11314.1092018-12-23Could otome games help to better understand women?Use to to think it was weird how posters on here used word normies which assuming is intend to be insult to others. But with some posters on here
t11708.22018-12-23Opposing traits on one characterTraits are used to simply say what is true about character or has happen to them. No trait is really worthless if it can be proven true. This can
t11698.52018-12-20RIP Hentai HavenHaven't watched hentai in awhile. Mostly because they are based on vn and when you see comparison of 20-30 minute vid vs vn they gut so much of