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t12194.22019-04-15Why are they so highly acclaimed?Not sure can convince but I was surprised I enjoyed game. Probably because I played this game before I even knew what escape room was so it was some
t12166.152019-04-10What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?Something I wouldn't put up/enjoy in real life not sure why it would appeal me to playing entire game about it.
t12165.122019-04-09Will it be removed from Steam?Huh never heard the word trap actual use in gay community before personal or really anywhere outside of this community. Closest thing comes to mind
t11029.172019-04-08English translation?So anyway to get English patch besides torrent?
t12146.62019-04-06People that played thisthat is why is I said to "ME" ero its an opinion of how I feel not speaking for anyone else. I suppose saku I was wondering if with english steam
t12146.32019-04-06People that played thisJust feels counter intuitive to the series to me. The charm for me at least was a vanilla nukiga trap that is fairly solid all around for a nukige
t12148.52019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?There intersex people and hermaphrodites who can have both male and female organs while not truly being just male or female. just saying.
t3617.16332019-04-04Tags suggestions/fixesWhen are going to bring back wholesome family entertainment tag, its really brightens the mood around here.
t12141.392019-04-04SJW Sexual VN's?rem seeing this first posted and thought this is probably going to be few pages long. I gotta say its pretty funny as #38 says one of the highest
t12146.12019-04-04People that played thisHow does it compare to past versions. It has kinetic, unavoidable ending, and being sold by steam. Its like a trifecta of things I hate. While I like
t12050.102019-04-01Muscular Girl HeroineShe seems muscular to me. link
t12118.132019-03-30Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyHe could be having a mental break down. Looking through it seems like close to 99% of his 1 down votes has come in last couple days vs his overall
t12120.22019-03-30H-codetry ithvnr it picked H code for me.
t12110.22019-03-28rapeyour the kinky type huh? It has comedy, tentacle and regular rape tag. Haven't played game so couldn't say what scenes involve.
t11240.42019-03-28SPOILERS: DO NOT LOOKI didn't look!
t12100.12019-03-25Broken JapaneseThis is more out of curiosity. I use machine translator and occasional get foreign characters that speak broken or bad Japanese. Half time the VA
t12084.52019-03-24What do you think?didn't USA pull movie about kim jung un getting assassinated?
t9412.152019-03-23Wagahai OC is an expansion rather than a sequal?I guess my question is the game handle similar to say Princes Evangile W happinnes. They give you common route but the main heroines only had after
t12080.12019-03-21GD annoying yaoi routeMan felt like low blow at how bad they handle this or maybe just wasn't my cup of tea. major spoiler and rant below. falls down an gets amnesia
t12078.52019-03-21What happened to the homepage?It looks like a game I would enjoy. Sucks if do like it its one and done with company.
t12075.52019-03-21So where do I implore for a newI think can find rance at gas station he will play some games with you ;)
t12076.82019-03-21Main Heroine vs Side HeroineSorry should have put it in game section and agree with most of points. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! is a charage hopefully using this word right
t12076.12019-03-21Main Heroine vs Side HeroineHaving fun editing war and figure have others input. How determine when a heroine is a main character vs side character. My main point was that the
t12072.12019-03-20Wrong tags?Was looking at Zettai Junshu ★ New Kozukuri World and confused about tags. You have rape and public cum dumpster. Admitted haven't played vn yet but
t12066.42019-03-18netorare?thanks sakurakoi and ravy hopefully no one takes adv of you.
t12066.12019-03-18netorare?Does this have netorare? On some other sites has this tag and its other vn like senpai/kouhai. Its hard to rely on cg as well so wondering if anyone
t12062.152019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual Novels1. Princess Evangile- Had enough of story to keep me interested and not get too bored but also had plenty of sex scenes. 2. Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou
t12064.52019-03-17How do you finish a VN?sounds like might need more hobbies. If something lose interest then let it go and move onto something else. Don't see point in dragging self through
t12050.52019-03-17Muscular Girl HeroineThey are rare, these only 2 come to mind. first has more of fit athletic type as central heroine. Second one probably closer to body builder
t12052.42019-03-16Do you think visual novels are innovative?Its innovative in that was something new was made but its not the most creative or imaginative thing to come around. As said you can compare it to
t12047.52019-03-14Problem with some Otome gamesI don't really read otome and one of big reason is lack of heavy sexual content. The more popular story orientated seem to have little to no sexual
t12037.102019-03-12Netori game without drug or mind control?Its not a bad game for what its worth and how old it is. But having more options these days doesn't appeal to me. I prefer more individual routes
t12037.72019-03-12Netori game without drug or mind control?Only netori game comes to mind that is translated with no drugs or hypno, rape ect. Actual first game I played but looking at it today not sure I
t12037.22019-03-11Netori game without drug or mind control?2007 some people might think its too old.
t12017.432019-03-10Dies Irae offends ChristianityI am genuine curious to where you learned Catholicism pkkodama because it has to be a cultural difference and not a religious one. I was raised
t12017.262019-03-08Dies Irae offends ChristianityI just think its funny the irony of being offend by fictional story and unless said otherwise doesn't reflect creator opinion of real world subjects
t12017.212019-03-08Dies Irae offends ChristianityIt is translated Mass of dead according to google and based on tags doesn't look like its suppose to be a happy vn. To be fair catholic org has
t12016.22019-03-07Are all endings harems?Almost positive its all threesome endings. The only upside at least this time he is ending up with same person just twice I guess.
t12011.22019-03-06What kind of idiot wrote Azumi's route?personal was my least favorite route of franchise, yamato wasted so many years for some one probably still loves him second.
t12005.142019-03-06MG Survey 2019Didn't know they did this, kind of cool that they do. Do they release any results that were influenced by survey or just kind find out next year
t12009.22019-03-05ask about genreI haven't played all the series but almost positive no rape or any real dark themes. I think the women do become more nukige nymphos type vs how they
t12001.212019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)No I don't really know. Once again ignoring couples that don't have kids, don't want or can't have them. Which as said statistically are happier and
t12001.182019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)might want to look in more important factors velo just because a couple stays together and married doesn't mean they are happy. There was a good
t12001.82019-03-04Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)I am with Japan about #6. Science says no virgin women or women are virgins. Just don't understand what trying to say. But it sounds funny so I will
t11981.22019-03-01h-codeDon't have code but most interheart games work with agth with suppression on textractor also works as well. Though think you need to maximize text
t10443.302019-02-24Opinion about the swear words.We need to send arnold back to past to save our future.
t11947.62019-02-23Two Protagonists?some anime adaptions add stuff not in the original so not surprising. Saw anime all about rape and manipulation and hate nothing like that in anime
t11963.32019-02-23BL route?not much cg though, pretty mild
t11951.22019-02-21Trait QuestionNot my forte but have tried proactive protagonist those tend to be people's favorite I think when it comes story lines. I think it might help if you
t11950.22019-02-20H-Code?try ithvnr. Also textexcrator is a little new and is pretty good as far as ive seen.