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r57770.102022-07-25 at 18:51delusionparadoxRance IX - The Helmanian Revolutionlink
r67138.162022-07-25 at 02:29delusionparadoxGin'iro, HarukaProgress
r67138.152022-07-07 at 13:09delusionparadoxGin'iro, HarukaCleaned the description and updated the H scene progress.
r57770.92022-07-04 at 14:36delusionparadoxRance IX - The Helmanian RevolutionInfo from MangaGamer's panel at AX
r92078.62022-06-06 at 02:01delusionparadoxDeus Machina Demonbane: Roar of the Machine GodAdded features
v3144.942022-05-25 at 11:16delusionparadoxSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~Screenshots should be a little more representative of the whole package
r67848.432022-05-02 at 00:05delusionparadoxWitch on the Holy NightNot based on the French translation anymore. All the double-translated scripts have been retranslated from Japanese. link
v3144.882022-03-09 at 19:07delusionparadoxSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~Reverted to revision v3144.86 Sharing a location does not mean they take place in the same universe (which Same Setting means). SubaHibi reuses
r78501.52022-03-06 at 04:27delusionparadoxHeartthrob Memorial: Under the Tree of Legendsreleased
s10581.42022-02-27 at 18:12delusionparadoxToby FoxAdded mention of Deltarune