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t14295.102020-07-06Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?another I can think of I guess is tokyo babel, got a variety of badass music to sad ones.
t14295.32020-07-05Which VN has your favorite soundtrack?the Umineko soundtracks hands down.
t14266.102020-06-29NTR ruin the entire story.#10 you can say the same for having your loved ones die but tragedy stories have quite a number of people that like it even if they feel pain for it.
t14251.32020-06-26It a waste of time to play itman if this is already considered tedious to you, then you really wouldn't be able to play most VNs at all.
t14246.62020-06-25strange criteria in this databaseid also like to bring up how come Fate/Grand Order doesn't have an entry, while there's an entry for other gacha games for VNs like Taimanin Asagi
t14205.172020-06-23Are Tsundere unusually over-rated ?huh are you maybe mixing up classic from modern ones? cause unless things have drastically change from a few years ago, modern tsundere's from what
t14208.62020-06-19issues regarding the "true ending"(spoilers)I think he's talking about how tohru manages to get yuuko's GPS from the hospital, depending if you see that time she was out was exactly the same
t14207.52020-06-19Favorite heroine#3 thing is that ive seen a lot of other VNs that do it better in having the main heroine seem like the protag is more focused on them than the
t14208.32020-06-18issues regarding the "true ending"(spoilers)I cant read japanese. also to add to what I said, the equivalent method to what tohru does here in another route, would be like him rewriting yayoi
t14205.122020-06-18Are Tsundere unusually over-rated ?also as a side note, just as there are the extreme tsunderes, the popular yanderes are generally the extreme yanderes, there are still some more
t14208.12020-06-18issues regarding the "true ending"(spoilers)this was basically brainwashing right? tohru forcefully changed yuuko's memories in order to make her have the desire to live. sure it was for a
t14207.12020-06-18Favorite heroinekinda surprised no one made this for hapymaher when chrono clock had one. anyways mine is maia, obviously best girl and should have gotten a better
t11085.112020-06-18Similarities to Hapymaher + review *Spoilers*having now done hapymaher, I disagree in saying its "those paths didn't matter" was more tolerable than in chrono clock. in hapymaher those routes
t14205.62020-06-17Are Tsundere unusually over-rated ?I think only older series have the hyper violent tsundere, and occasionally the largely popular ones that are known for being like that, otherwise I
t12385.92020-06-14Endings (spoilers)#8 pretty late reply, you might not see this anymore or already found it yourself, but those last 2 are for the H-scene you unlock for her after you
t9162.152020-06-13Some questions. (Spoilers)its up to the individual's own interpretation, I just formed my own as its not like there's a defined "true end". things are also a bit more muddled
t12451.222020-06-10worst visual novel everdude the summary explicitly tells you its a story of them forming a club to be able to fly, if you didn't expect there to be plane terminologies and
t12451.142020-06-10worst visual novel everprobably bait post considering OP has little to no actual criticism.
t10302.1592020-06-10Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadthis guy seems pretty fishy link
t9162.132020-06-06Some questions. (Spoilers)actually id say its unlikely that takuji did it, because if he did then why was there days he didn't do it even if subconsciously? also as you just
t14099.72020-06-03Visual novels: niche or mainstream?eh id put the video game fan a bit over the anime fan, since there's a few VNs there that are pretty interactive, like some with RPG elements. in
t14033.22020-05-30Wtfyeah probably an account made just to inflate/decrease scores for VNs.
t14075.62020-05-29Playable Without H Scenes ?one of the most hilarious and weird censorship ive seen in VNs, in here there's a scene where lets just say one of the heroine talks about how the
t14072.42020-05-28I can't open this game. Can someone help me?have you switched your language locale to japanese yet? ive found that sometimes that's the problem people face when they cant open VNs.
t14022.62020-05-19VNs where heroines try to interfere other routesguess I should also make it clear that I can't read japanese so I need english translated ones.
t14022.12020-05-19VNs where heroines try to interfere other routeshey can some people give me some suggestions where once you've managed to get into one of the heroine's routes, the heroines will try to interfere or
t13831.442020-05-15Thoughs of the game and questionskureha and mifuyu sort of still have some plot happening that might interest you.
t13982.22020-05-14Requesting help in finding the source of this CGive tried searching with green hair, red eyes and wings but nothing matched really. the wings might just be imagery/symbolism for the character so
t13574.152020-05-14VNs where the MC is a terrible persontaimanin murasaki rougoku no misleat ochiru hitozuma in general id say look into stuff by lilith, there's quite a bunch of those with protagonists
t12334.152020-05-13greatest vn story?maybe only for people who haven't touched any VNs at all and just have superficial knowledge on what they are like.
t13831.392020-04-30Thoughs of the game and questions#37 that's assuming everyone would have played/seen FSN before they played that. do you think every romance drama that deals with the characters
t13831.342020-04-28Thoughs of the game and questionsI would say series has a bit of pacing problems, you can see a bit in the prologue that it was feeling like it was close to dragging before getting
t13802.72020-04-28favorite heroine#6 I thought mifuyu would be quite the stern type based on the main screen background and how their relationship started off, but yeah they started
t13802.52020-04-27favorite heroinemadoka. but otherwise if we're talking about who shinji can actually end up with, mifuyu. both really develop and change across the route while the
t13349.212020-04-01Favorite heroine#20 in most other VNs of this genre id agree since usually the rest of the girls "disappear" from the story the moment you lock into one of the
t13349.182020-03-25Favorite heroinenice to see michiru pulling through most of the others, though still sad to see there's more miu votes than dorothy votes.
t13644.12020-03-07regarding the translation patchwhy isn't it properly listed? I mean even if does seem like machine translated, though there's some edits here and there that make it not fully one
t3992.122020-03-07Suggested Route Order if any?I think as others already stated, yui's route will have spoilers that can make your perspective on the other routes look weaker. also while mayuri's
t13349.152020-01-17Favorite heroineoh yeah cant believe that dorothy has less votes than miu.
t13349.122020-01-04Favorite heroinemichiru, she's prominent and contributes in every route while most of the others don't really matter.
t12871.62019-11-16My humble review>fights here were pretty bad you say that as if episode 1 had any fights at all
t12891.12019-09-21regarding the ending(episode 2 spoilers)so this universe, or at least the main characters, is pretty much screwed right? in the good/true ending, ghost pretty much finds the main
t9598.132019-09-21new history or continuation ?if anyone of you guys have played the higurashi or umineko series, its best to think of it like that. or if you guys haven't, basically you have
t12872.12019-09-16ending and the franchise future(spoilers)So it seems like these current version of the characters are what we'll be going with from now on, or at least until the characters manage to get the
t7288.32019-09-16I regards to prequel or if its reboot, this is technically set after TA3 after Black and Asagi remade the universe
t9162.102018-01-10Some questions. (Spoilers)well if we consider how there's two versions of yuki, one that is tomosane's made up and the "real" yuki(or her actual soul if you go by the hill of
t3015.572017-12-20Subarashiki Hibi Threadbesides the "its my invention" and if you got the "wonderful everyday" ending, I really don't see how this VN is big in philosophy. I feel like a lot
t9620.612017-12-05Is this VN Kusoge now?just read the VN of umineko, the anime sucks. you'll notice it has quite a bit of similarities with subahibi.
t9981.12017-12-04Guide for the Secret Ending and Othersso from what iv'e been noticing in the other threads, there's quite a lot of misinformation going around regarding what's actually happening and how
t9162.82017-12-04Some questions. (Spoilers)Some of you guys might have to check out the "End Sky II" ending, or really the other ending since it looks like most of you only got the "Wonderful