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t13513.82020-02-13umi route ?sad ..... no kyouko route
t12968.102019-10-23favorite heroinemashiro won in japan poll!? i guess being loli and cute as monkey was good thing by japan standard.... <edit> i'm stuck between asuka or misaki
t7761.52019-09-273 hours of playingyeah . bit disgusting . his personality was equal to fat smelly lolicon oji san.... 'edit' halfway normal route . somehow i have weird desire to
t5426.92019-08-03Majo Koi Nikki Reviewreview? ..... not much. i only can say , protagonist was freakin suck .the entire thing was all that guy shitty personality fault . and i hate that
t10104.222018-03-25Hiroshiplay for 1&2 hours and .......common route was unbearable painful . i will never like this kind of protagonist <edit> finish commonm route . i think
t10262.12018-02-16any news with esaka route?as title said
t10132.172018-01-20Sorcery Jokers -GD-already in mid way in game . you either hate it or love this game . there's 2 protagonist . in mid story haruto always gor manipulated or lose in
t8377.262017-10-22This VN isn't even good (spoilers)sorry with bad english .one thing you can learn from alternativ .never trust time bomb . timer bomb is always fucking error when try to detonate
t9310.222017-07-21Best girlanna (rusalka) , plus sieglinde