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v24803.322019-07-05 at 19:49maggierobotTsuki no Kanata de Aimashouthe name of the song is 月の鐘, not 月の鏡
c83930.32019-07-04 at 02:18maggierobotKiryuuin Vantypo
c5251.92019-07-04 at 02:17maggierobotCamustrait fix
r64582.22019-06-29 at 18:32maggierobotNie no Machi - Trialprobably should mention it's a trial in the title
r64582.12019-06-29 at 18:28maggierobotNie no Machitrial released
r56142.42019-06-29 at 18:28maggierobotNie no Machiformat
r64371.22019-06-29 at 18:16maggierobotNie no Machi Version 2.0 updateOnly one new ending
r64371.12019-06-21 at 16:42maggierobotNie no Machi Version 2.0 updatenew patch
c71088.42019-06-10 at 17:50maggierobotRobert Callahan+1
c71089.32019-06-10 at 17:50maggierobotJoshua Clifford+1
v25947.32019-06-10 at 17:49maggierobotMedieval TimesThe description field is intended for a brief summary only.
v8074.132019-06-05 at 21:17maggierobotShingakkou The Giftcast
c71089.22019-06-04 at 12:42maggierobotJoshua Cliffordadd VN
c71088.32019-06-04 at 12:40maggierobotRobert Callahanadd VN
c14536.82019-05-29 at 03:11maggierobotUgajin Kenadding group trait
c14537.62019-05-29 at 03:09maggierobotLiu Jienadding group trait
c14485.102019-05-29 at 03:08maggierobotJJfixing group
c82899.12019-05-17 at 00:05maggierobotKomachilast side char of this vn
c82895.22019-05-16 at 23:50maggierobotTotonoeoops, he's not a main character
c82895.12019-05-16 at 23:48maggierobotTotonoethe image is not the best but
c72532.112019-05-15 at 03:41maggierobotSuou Mio+1
c72531.112019-05-15 at 03:40maggierobotKiyozumi Hisora+1
c72533.122019-05-15 at 03:39maggierobotKuchiba Naruomi+1
c82858.22019-05-15 at 03:38maggierobotLandlordwell, since it's not his name, guess it's better to translate it
c82861.12019-05-15 at 03:35maggierobotMan in a Mourning Dressokay, this guy literally is called only 喪服の青年 or similar things, be it in the game's official website or the voice options menu in-game or by the
c82860.12019-05-15 at 03:10maggierobotOtomenew char
c82859.22019-05-15 at 02:00maggierobotAkariforgot a trait
c82859.12019-05-15 at 01:59maggierobotAkarinew char
c82858.12019-05-15 at 01:27maggierobotOoyanew
r63239.52019-04-18 at 18:09maggierobotClosing Spacesresolution
v25657.32019-04-18 at 18:09maggierobotClosing Spacesscreenshots
r63239.42019-04-18 at 18:05maggierobotClosing Spaces+1
r63239.32019-04-18 at 18:04maggierobotClosing Spacesmedia
r63239.22019-04-18 at 16:29maggierobotClosing Spaceslink
r63239.12019-04-18 at 16:28maggierobotClosing Spacesadd release
v25657.22019-04-18 at 16:25maggierobotClosing Spacesmore info
v25657.12019-04-18 at 16:22maggierobotClosing Spacesadded
c72533.102019-03-12 at 22:27maggierobotKuchiba Naruomi+1
c72532.92019-03-11 at 11:52maggierobotSuou Mio+1
c72532.82019-03-11 at 11:50maggierobotSuou Mio+1
c72535.52019-03-11 at 11:49maggierobotKoko+1
c72533.92019-03-11 at 11:41maggierobotKuchiba Naruomi+3
c72533.82019-03-11 at 04:37maggierobotKuchiba NaruomiWell, some were incorrect
c72533.72019-03-10 at 02:00maggierobotKuchiba Naruomioh boy...
c72531.92019-03-03 at 17:12maggierobotKiyozumi Hisora+2
c72533.62019-03-03 at 17:10maggierobotKuchiba Naruomi+6
v434.512019-02-28 at 00:00maggierobotTogainu no ChiArbitro's seiyuu was incorrect
v434.502019-02-27 at 18:38maggierobotTogainu no Chi+1 cast
c81095.12019-02-27 at 18:35maggierobotYukihitoNot the best image, as I got it from the PSP version, but at least he's here.
c72534.42019-02-21 at 20:12maggierobotRokushou Asuku+7