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t12597.52019-07-11VN or anime first?I recommend reading the VN before watching F/Zero. Even if it's a prequel, it was written after the novel, so it does have in mind that you already
t12591.22019-07-11The length of this vn.While I didn't think it was that long, I had 14 hours for it. I consider myself a slow reader though, so I would never edit the length to reflect my
t12507.222019-07-08Tagging system improvementsFinally a seiyuu tab! Thanks yorhel, you're great!
t12504.172019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused Tags@14 I knew I was forgetting about something. You're definitely right about the spoilers part. Things like Blood Related/Not Blood Related incest
t12504.122019-06-24Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsIdk Hanafuda seems more useless than Heroine with Baby Complex imho Also agree with kiru's suggestion of marking if a VN is listed in the parent tag
t12343.22019-05-17School Floor Slipping Scenes?The Prison School OVA Mad Wax have quite a long sequence about sliding across the floor xD The girl doesn't end with a bucket on her head, but her
t3617.16472019-04-11Tags suggestions/fixesHmmm, I would vote for otomege to be excluded from the tag, as "hero seducing protagonist" is far far more common than the other way around. Or at
t3617.16442019-04-11Tags suggestions/fixesI'm hardly an otomege expert, but eh I'll try to help. I think it's pretty much how you described. Seduction in these games is usually either a
t12118.112019-03-30Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlylet alone the fact that every single VN showing here in recent votes released on March 29th it's like he's carefully avoiding voting for unreleased
t11884.32019-02-03Ability to check routes that you finishedYou can add notes to the VNs in your list. Just select them, go to the end of the page and select "Set note" in the "with selected VNs" drop down
t3617.15982019-01-06Tags suggestions/fixesMale Protagonist for a Short Time description was pretty much edited from Female Protagonist for a Short Time, but the last sentence: "think more of
t3617.15842018-12-21Tags suggestions/fixes@beliar: thanks for the clarification! I think alto meant games like Danganronpa. There's no routes/romance, and there are hero/heroine tags for
t3617.15802018-12-21Tags suggestions/fixesIt may be a stupid/obvious question, but I'm confused about something. Hero/heroine tags shouldn't be used for any random friend of the protagonist
t5996.422018-12-02Any news?I remember reading somewhere that they said the problem is that the game doesn't run properly on windows 10 and Nitroplus never released a
t11314.42018-09-30Could otome games help to better understand women?They'll give you an idea what's popular among weeb girls, but I don't think that's enough of a good reason to try a game...
t3617.13962018-09-20Tags suggestions/fixes@1395 how about, instead of Hero or Heroine, go with "Love Interest", "Romance Option" or "Romance Candidate"? I agree that going gender neutral is
t11233.22018-09-14Your impressions of the gameVery light spoilers of the content of the second game ahead: Mitsuki's development and smart zombies? It's a shame that the second game throw both
t3617.13732018-08-31Tags suggestions/fixesOnly a tiny typo Only Cross-dressing Heros instead of "Only Cross-dressing Heroes"
t11150.192018-08-31Why rename Shoujo-AI to Female Romance?#18 I'm not that familiar with GL japanese fandom terms, so I don't know how widespread are their uses, but for BL, "shounen ai" is literally
t11150.142018-08-31Why rename Shoujo-AI to Female Romance?iirc the mods didn't want to use Girl's Love/Boy's Love exactly because it's the name of a genre. Like, if a game have only a couple GxG scenes, but
t11108.22018-08-23Where are the save files located?I don't own the english version to confirm it's the same location, but the japanese version saves are on C:/User/Username/AppData/Roaming/seacoxx
t11103.32018-08-23my mistakeOh, I left him for last because I didn't even know his route existed, so I didn't know I had to play Arden's first (what makes sense because spoiler
t11103.12018-08-23my mistakeSorry for bothering you, but it was I that made that edit that you quickly undo. I thought that hidden heroes/heroines with side routes could be
t11051.32018-08-13Official English Localizationapparently the 18+ release won't be sold anywhere, they're doing a steam+patch release only. Here's their tweet about it
t11043.92018-08-11Why Still Picked Up?I think they only picked this up to sell merchandise. I never attended any of the conventions, but in photos I always spot the Room No. 9 dakimakuras
t3617.12662018-07-07Tags suggestions/fixes@1260: I suggested to divide it by genre in a way to separate Bara from BL, but you do make a good point that it would be highly subjective and it'll
t10881.62018-07-05Let's discuss it! \(^o^)/Yeah, I loved Rob and Joshua thing as well. I got so sad about what happened with them on Cecil's route... Good thing it all ended well for them in
t10881.42018-07-03Let's discuss it! \(^o^)/Thank you too, for creating this topic.~ Discussions are the best when we see a lot of different opinions :D And yeah, I didn't know many people that
t10881.22018-07-03Let's discuss it! \(^o^)/Eeeeeh, it's fun to see that your opinion is the exact opposite of mine. I love this game, it's my favorite VN ever, not just as a BL game but
t10878.52018-07-02Official English release!It's Sweet Pool 10th anniversary, so maybe N+Chiral wanted to boost its popularity a bit more ;p They must have a pretty good relationship with JAST
t3617.12562018-06-30Tags suggestions/fixes@1250: as someone who uses the "yaoi" tag to look for VNs, I would like that tag rename as well. I know by now that it's used for "games that have at
t10856.62018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedyeah, I knew you were joking but I wanted to clarify how the site works just in case someone else says the same but seriously ww and could you point
t10856.42018-06-28New VN Recc site launchedFor Sweet Pool, the site work with multiple tags. Yes, it is BL, but it's also a good horror VN that I think can be properly enjoyed by a horror fan
t10822.42018-06-17Strange behaviorConsidering your account was created today, you're mostly like avoiding a ban. If your first edit restriction was temporary, by creating another
t10707.52018-05-27Sex robot VNsI love some robot story, so I'll be using a lot of those recommendations as well >.< As for the ones I read I can add Shikkoku no Sharnoth and
t10594.32018-05-06Boys LoveThey'll probably announce Hashihime's release date first, it's 100% translated and edited after all. And considering they didn't even start working
t10220.22018-02-01Downloadable version?I don't think there's a download edition yet and, knowing Pil/Slash, it will take some years until we see one. Well, if they do announce a download
t10103.42018-01-01Does anybody know from what vn she isShe's not from a VN, she's ONE, a voice bank for a voice synthesizer software link Is this from a MMD video? They usually do it for songs performed
t10054.72017-12-20Thread for the Most Underappreciated VNHow old is your target audience again? We have seen much worse things than this. Also, since bunny1ov3r said it have no votes, guy just had to vote
t9707.22017-09-29Q: Co╬╝ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii OukokuThis VN is... okay I guess? For me at least the fights were good, but the ecchi/sexy parts were very boring and MC is incredibly annoying. This VN is
t9549.32017-08-21VNR Aniclan error update shared dictionaryfirst of all, are you trying to update it with a novel running? If so, you might be updating only it's subtitles, and not the shared dictionary